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GE Global Innovation Barometer 2014 Infograph


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Earlier this year, General Electric (GE) conducted their “Global Innovation Barometer” survey which revealed a large, dynamic shift in innovation amongst 3200 business executives spanning 26 countries across the globe. While in years past these same executives felt overwhelmed and resistant to the increasingly prevalent global innovation landscape, this survey revealed that executives are now ready to step up and take control of it.
Here are our favourite innovation insights at SoapBox from the full findings of the report

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GE Global Innovation Barometer 2014 Infograph

  1. 1. GLOBAL INNOVATION BAROMETER INSIGHTS Collaborative Innovation Drives Revenue and Profit ACTIVITIES THAT ENCOURAGE collaborative interactions drive revenue and profit . Barriers to Innovation MORE THAN HALF of the companies surveyed believe that the inability to implement emerging technology, generate high quality ideas, and convert these ideas into business value are the key barriers to innovation 64% of companies believe that revenue and profit generated by collaborative innovation activities have been growing over the past year. Inability to Execute Ideas Inability to Generate Innovative Ideas 59% 57% consider internal inertia and the ability to rapidly convert ideas into actions is a challenge limiting their business’s ability to innovate efficiently. of companies consider the difficulty of generating disruptive and radical ideas as a key factor inhibiting their business’s ability to innovate efficiently. Inability to Implement Emerging Technology Healthcare Manufacturing Professional Services Fast moving Consumer goods Importance vs. Reality MOST EXECUTIVES agree that the following key drivers are crucial to innovation success, however only a small portion excel in these areas. 67% agree that to be successful when innovating, companies must quickly adopt and implement emerging technologies. 1 2 3 4 5 Industrial Products Understand customers and anticipate market evaluations. Quickly adopt and implement emerging technology. Encourage creative behaviours and disruptive processes in the business. Attract and retain the most talented and skilled individuals. Prioritize long term innovation goals over short term financial objectives. 6 Locate and secure a specific budget for innovation activities. 1 2 3 33% are succeeding. 28% are succeeding. 26% are succeeding. 25% are succeeding. 25% are succeeding. 23% are succeeding. KEY INGREDIENTS TO INNOVATION SUCCESS Collaborative activities drive revenue and profits. Overcome barriers to innovation by implementing innovation management technology which will allow organizations to generate and execute high-quality ideas. Realize the key drivers of innovation and strive to successfully deliver them to the company. VISIT WWW.SOAPBOXHQ.COM FOR MORE INFORMATION. STUDY BY INFOGRAPHIC BY INFOGRAPH SOURCE IN 2014, GE conducted a survey of 3,200 business executives across 26 countries to gain an understanding of the global state of innovation, collaboration and the future of work. Here are some key takeaways from the report on innovation. KEY INDUSTRIES CITING EXECUTION OF IDEAS AS A KEY CHALLENGE: