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  1. 1. The instant online people booking systemfor work and volunteeringSlivers-of-Time is the online platform for creating talent pools ofpeople for work or volunteering.Our platform helps you get access to vetted people with the rightskills that can be booked instantly and precisely for the timerequired.
  2. 2. We positively transform the way organisations recruit, manage and utilise theirpeople. You can manage your people better with Slivers of Time to deliver betterservice levels to your customers.It takes just 4 Easy Steps2Slivers of Time l About us
  3. 3. The Slivers-of-Time platform is a web-based application that can be customised to your brandingand linked from other websites.Secure, robust and reliable.3Slivers of Time l About us
  4. 4. Slivers-of-Time helps you create private or shared talent pools of people ready to work orvolunteer.These people can be from your existing staff, approved partners and agencies or new webapplications. This is done through defining roles, rules and the approval process for workers orvolunteers.4Slivers of Time l About us
  5. 5. Administrators can be given full management of live data such as registrations, bookings andvettings.Slivers-of-Time enables approved people to update their hour-by-hour availability to work orvolunteer. This enables truly flexible working or volunteering.Approved people or organisations can then search for and book people from your talent pool forspecific requirements.Once a request has been made online, workers and volunteers are alerted instantly and canconfirm the booking by text or email.5Slivers of Time l About us
  6. 6. Our system also transforms itself so it is optimised for use from the PC at your desk, a tablet onthe shop floor, or from a smartphone on the move so you are always just a click away frombooking the best available people when you need them.6Slivers of Time l About us
  7. 7. Who does what?There are three major roles that make Silvers of Time work:• An administrator creates the roles and rules that everyone else will follow during set up• A person who needs a task done makes a booking for people to perform the task• A person who is willing to use their talents to do this task accepts the booking.7Slivers of Time l About us
  8. 8. Key FeaturesSelf-service online bookings• Timesheet approvals and management• Merged paid and volunteering platform• Support for multiple users and advocate accounts• Multiple area or agency managementWorkers and Volunteers• Update hour-by-hour availability to work or volunteer• Set location and role preferences• Worker and volunteer profiles• Timesheet and booking schedules• Live email and text confirmationsPowerful Talent pool administration tool• Manage all work or volunteer activity and information• Web portal to publish opportunities• Vettings and approvals• Schedule re-occurring bookings• On-costs and agency mark-up management• Extensive reporting available• CSV and Excel data exporting8Slivers of Time l About us
  9. 9. Fully configurable and customisable system• Web-based. No Installation required• Secure hosted web services• Responsive design for mobile and tablets• Timebanking functionality9Slivers of Time l About us
  10. 10. Business CaseOur technology helps employers, agencies, charities and the public sector to save costs andachieve their goals by:Delivering new business models and services• Facilitating flexible working and volunteering• Creating person-to-person e-marketplaces• Enabling live self-service web and mobile opportunitiesIncrease customer experience• Managing urgent and irregular staffing requirements• Provide relief bank staffing• Reduce number of “empty” service pointsReduced the cost of recruiting• Avoid paying premiums for “last minute” shift bookings• Hiring precisely by the hour – pay for what you need not agency minimums• Enables an employer to manage competitive multiple-agency recruitment• Generate more competitive pricing from suppliers through pricing transparencyEnhanced brand value for employees and in the community• Increasing the use of volunteers in your organisation• Ensure employee volunteering is only given to authorised levels and approved charities10Slivers of Time l About us
  11. 11. New Model = New competitivenessWe saw the same trend in PC’s with Dell,We saw it with books with Amazon.It’s the “internet effect” on most industries.It generates more competitive pricing from suppliers through pricing transparency11Slivers of Time l About us
  12. 12. 12Slivers of Time l About us
  13. 13. A fast solution to launch and integrateOur platform can interface with existing HR/Workforce Management systems so an organisationcan have one payroll and reporting system even for temporary and flexible work andvolunteering. All data stored on our systems belongs to the relevant customer. It can beexported to them at any time.A Slivers-of-Time system is easily launched. Unless local hosting is specifically required, it canbe run from our highly secure data centre but configured, branded and coloured to yourrequirements. It is available over any internet connection from a PC, Mac, tablet or smartphones for users to access anywhere at any time.We know that getting the Slivers platform off the ground is not just about the technology. It’sabout the people who will use it, processes to support it and getting it going. Our teamcombines technical developers, operations managers, project managers and marketingexpertise. We have the team who can help you. We have been at the heart of implementationsby corporates, councils and charities.13Slivers of Time l About us
  14. 14. About UsWe are focused on helping our clients achieve their goals better by transforming the way organi-sations recruit, manage and utilise their people.As a social enterprise though, we would add the words “with a heart”. We think that the bestway to help our clients as well as our society and economy to improve is by untapping the mas-sive available talent pool eager to work – flexibly and at the last minute.Our approach is by helping people to build their experience by combining any amounts of workor volunteering from multiple organisations. The more people we can get building their experi-ence, even a sliver at a time, will help them, and our businesses, charities and public organisa-tions to pull together to build a strong economy and community.Call us now to get started. 0207 954 9295Or visit www.slivers.com14Slivers of Time l About us
  15. 15. Slivers-of-Time WorkingThe Slivers model enables you to create talent pools of vetted and approved people that areright for your organisation, right for your roles, in anticipation of you needing them for anindividual opportunity.15Slivers of Time l About us
  16. 16. Today when you need someone to work or volunteer you publish a listing inviting people to ap-ply. Sometimes you go to an agency that might already have these people, or know how to getthem better than you do. Or perhaps a general listings website and hope someone sees your op-portunity.No-one is anticipating your demand in this model. The result is usually a higher cost and lowerservice levels:• Cost for the agency to search• The time lost when they do so• Cost for repeated interviewing and on-boardingWith Slivers there is no more waiting for that important task to be completed. No more wonder-ing if they will find someone. No more wondering when they will be on-boarded or vetted.Our platform searches the talent pool of approved and vetted people, and matches the role youwant, the time and duration you need, the remuneration level or volunteering level, and thelocation, to find your best choices.• You make the final selection.• You book them. Instantly.If you have ever booked a hotel room, or a flight, or bought something online … you alreadyknow how to use Slivers. Instead of an inventory of hotel rooms or flights, you will pick from aninventory of available people.16Slivers of Time l About us
  17. 17. It’s that easy.Slivers of Time’s instant online staff booking and timemanagement system can positively transform the way youcurrently source and manage temporary, agency andzero-hour staff.It streamlines the process of engaging and managing multiplepreferred staffing partners, agencies and even the generalmarket, and levels the playing field with open and transparentcompetitive pricing.17Slivers of Time l About us
  18. 18. A large employer can:• Put a listing on your own site and recruit directly• Create your own talent pool and save money• Partner with specific agencies, all at different commission rates to use their resources• Book people working for outside agencies at pre-approved rates• General office staff, Marketing, PR, web development, catering, office services etc.• Source people from temp agencies at pre-approved fees, even at the last minute• Short term or longer term can be booked and managed• Manage staff on zero hours contracts• Enable existing workforce with spare time to be used for overtime or sickness coverage• Partner with Charities to facilitate and track employee community outreach programs• You approve the charities• You see and control the time your employees give• Take some of the people from the charities into your talent pool18Slivers of Time l About us
  19. 19. Effectiveness Analysis – Quantifying the benefits19Slivers of Time l About us
  20. 20. 20Slivers of Time l About usCase Study:Booking Practical Support,Personal Care or a Carer Break: GreenwichGreenwich P2P marketplace is a brand new way for people to take control of organising theirhome support services which has been developed by Greenwich Council and the GreenwichCarers Centre.Who is this for?This service is available to all vulnerable adults living within the London Borough of Greenwichand their families/carers. It is funded by the local Authority and managed by The GreenwichCarers Centre using software, under licence, from Slivers of Time. It is very important thatCarers and vulnerable adults have the flexibility to choose the right care worker to attend totheir personal care needs.How does it work?To start shopping on the Marketplace you will first need to be registered as a P2P Customer bycompleting our Customer Profile and signing a Customer Agreement. If you wish to purchaseDomiciliary or Respite care you will also have to have had a recent and valid risk assessmentcarried out by a Risk Assessor (this can be arranged for you).
  21. 21. 21Slivers of Time l About usWhat can this service do for them?• Once you have registered you will be able to:• See all the Care Workers who are qualified, available and willing to do your booking.• Book your Care Worker within a couple of clicks.• Let the marketplace take care of any payments and administration.• See how much you have spent.You (or someone on your behalf) can then log into the system, select the type of service yourequire, the times and dates that you want to have that service and then choose a worker fromthose showing as available and that you think are competent to meet your needs.To help you decide which worker to book, workers have provided a personal photograph and fulldetails of their qualifications, training, skills and personal attributes. You can also identify andmark your preferred workers to make future bookings easier to manage.Once you have chosen a worker you simply select them on the system and the worker isimmediately informed of your request. They will contact you to let you know that they haveaccepted the booking.In some circumstances P2P Customer Services are able to make bookings on your behalf if youdo not have access to the internet or are unable to make your own bookings.
  22. 22. Slivers-of-Time Volunteering22Slivers of Time l About us
  23. 23. We enable Charities to deliver massive amounts more from volunteers and deliver more valuethan they can do today.Charities can create a talent pool of vetted volunteers that can be instantly booked to performa volunteering task.We open the whole model to new ways of volunteering, unleashing the power of thousands ofpeople who want to volunteer but who are not being used. Slivers-of-Time gives volunteers thechoice of when they want to give time hour-by-hour around their other commitments.23Slivers of Time l About us
  24. 24. We will enable:• Tracking the vetting of volunteer candidates• Self-service booking of vetted volunteers for tasks• A productivity tool for charity administrators• Employee volunteering outreach in the community for companies with CSR programs• Mobile access to the platform so we can provide faster, “on the road” services• Inbuilt reports and integration into external systemsThe payback for any organisation using this platform is:• Reduced volunteer management overheads• Improved service: Immediate booking of the right available resource• Detailed reporting to funders and trusteesIncreased utilisation of volunteersMany charities are limited in the number of volunteers they can actively use because of themanagement burden for their administrators. With so many charity budgets and donations beingsqueezed this really helps make the budget go further and help even more people who need it.Improved experience for volunteersSlivers-of-Time gives volunteers the choice of when they want to give time hour-by-hour aroundtheir other commitments. We open the whole model to new ways of volunteering. Unleashingthe power of thousands of people who want o volunteer but who are being under-used.24Slivers of Time l About us
  25. 25. Case Study:Breakaway for Carers, Hertfordshire.A system for carers to book breaks is showing how the internet can help personalise care.The idea fits neatly with the personalisation of social care, by enabling service users to purchaseservices online directly from care workers at mutually convenient times. Tim Anfilogoff, head ofcommunity well-being at Hertfordshire Council, came across the slivers of time concept whenhe was bidding to become one of the Department of Health’s demonstrator sites for testing newways of providing breaks for carers. “It became blindingly obvious when we looked at sliversthat it was a mechanism that would turn something complicated into something easy,” he says.The council’s Breakaway for Carers service says would-be volunteers now know that they onlyneed to give up time when they can. “It has helped because we can tell people they can givethe time they want when they want to,” says Breakaway manager April Parrott. “And the carerslike it too. At first I thought we’d struggle to get people online because of the amount of olderpeople we have but I have been surprised by the number who choose to use it.”25Slivers of Time l About us
  26. 26. As more volunteers are attracted by the flexible approach, more carers can be given a break.“The costs of running a service like this are minimal compared with the benefits of keeping 100or so clients in their home, even for just six months longer,” says Parrott.One of those who has taken to the online approach is Jeanette Grenby. She says booking avolunteer sitter online has “made the most fantastic difference” to her life. She cares for her77-year-old husband Trevor, who has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. “I use it on an ad hocbasis if I want to go to the hairdresser or go out in the evening,” she says. “I can book sometime on the computer and get out of the house and stop thinking about Trevor for a few hours –the alternative is being imprisoned here.”26Slivers of Time l About us
  27. 27. Case Study:WRVS Care Bank SchemeSlivers-of-Time and WRVS launched the Care Bank pilot to provide ‘time credit’ rewards forthose who use their time to help older or vulnerable people, bringing the community together tohelp each other.Volunteers who register with CareBank help out with things like shopping, driving, houseworkand gardening. In return for this, they gain time credits that can be used for the volunteers’own or their family’s support in the future.27Slivers of Time l About us
  28. 28. Slivers-of-Time CommunityWe believe the whole community works better when it all works together.A real Community not a virtual oneSocial networking for social good.28Slivers of Time l About us
  29. 29. A large employer in the community:• Manage both employment needs and volunteering initiatives in one place.• To put social value at the heart of all their ‘people-resourcing’ and put the localresidents who most need work first• Partner with anyone helping people find work, all at different commission rates, to usetheir resources• Book these people working for outside companies at pre-approved rates• General office, marketing, PR, web development, catering, office services etc.• Source people from multiple temp agencies at pre-agreed fees even at the last minute• Short term or longer term can be booked and managed• Partner with Charities to facilitate and track employee community outreach programs• Approved charities only• See and control the time employees give• Take some of the people from the charities into their talent pool29Slivers of Time l About us
  30. 30. A Charity in the community:• Link to major employers to enable their employees to donate their time• Already registered, all employers have to do is specific vetting for their roles• Take in unemployed people so they can build their experiences• Make their limited resources more productive• Use as an admin productivity tool, as well as self service• Better report back to companies and donors about the value each has donatedIndividuals in the community:• Register with the community using the platform and tell everyone what they can do andwant to do• Make themselves available for either or both volunteering or paid work• Be available for as little or as long as they want• Build their CV by being active through volunteering and working30Slivers of Time l About us
  31. 31. Case Study:A Local Council engagesin Slivers of Time initiativeFirst there was the nine-to-fiver, then the part-timer, but now the council is at the forefront ofthe newest workplace revolution – the Slivers-of-Time employee.Walford Community residents who have a few spare hours can now market their free hoursthrough the website “Walford Local”. Walford Council is launching the new initiative to increaseopportunities for local people and employers. And the council has already got on thebandwagon, by hiring qualified and vetted individuals who are booked for 60 or 90 minute shiftsto take children in care to and from school, or medical appointments.As the Council Leader says, “There are always employers who want extra staff to work oddhours or cover peak times or absences. And there are always residents with a few hours to sparein need of an extra income. Now we are matching these two groups.”Research has proved that many residents struggle to get jobs because of commitments likechildcare, studying or health issues. But these residents also have thousands of free hours ayear. The ability to sell slivers of your time allows residents to enter the workforce on their ownterms at times of their choosing. Residents can list the hours they wish to work, which are thenbought by employers.31Slivers of Time l About us
  32. 32. As one Slivers-of-Time worker says, “I have been booked for the NHS through Slivers-of-Time todo health promotion to people in the street. I have also worked for a cinema, which I loved. Ihad to check tickets and people’s ID. Right now, I am still building my experience. I hope I canalso work in shops and offices through Slivers.”Local employers enjoy the system because they are able to engage extra workers forshort-notice requirements rather than relying on overtime or muddling through understaffed.They also gain access to a pool of individuals who have chosen to work in a way that expectsflexibility and rewards reliability.The leader added, “I am committed to localism. There is much power that Local Authorities candelegate but they do have a role in tackling worklessness in their area. We have an unusuallyhigh incidence of lone parents in the borough. I believe many of these people want to work butcan only do so around the ever changing demands of child care.We acted as a catalyst for Slivers-of-Time Working. We, and other Councils, use this new kind ofworker for tasks such as: peak time library help, park wardens on sunny days, taking minutes atschool governor meetings, security, electoral office duties at election time, taking children incare to/from school, handling peak periods in the registrar’s office and so on.32Slivers of Time l About us
  33. 33. Our demand enabled the market to start here. Other employers then joined the market. Thelocal Primary Care Trust uses Slivers-of-Time Workers for public health outreach, for examplesigning up members of the public for anti-smoking classes. Housing Associations in our area havealso started to deploy this very efficient, cost effective, pool of motivated local people.Typically they use Slivers-of-Time workers for tasks such as: cleaning, resident outreach, callcentre duties and property handovers.”33Slivers of Time l About us