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Social Media: A So Sticky Story

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Social Media: A So Sticky Story

  1. @sosticky Social Media: A Story
  2. Once upon a time, brands were king Their images were created & activated through one-way [brand  consumer] marketing communications
  3. And then social media exploded - T WIT ZAM ! - FACE ! M BOO Customers talking about and interacting with brands on their own terms, in real time [customer  brand  customer]
  4. - T WIT ZAM ! - FACE ! M BOO And everyone flipped the eff out
  5. Brands were used to having complete control over their messages And then...
  6. Social media pulled back the curtain
  7. And things changed
  8. So brands began exploring new spaces
  9. Some brands are doing this well But many are not
  10. They’re unfamiliar with how to use social & digital media
  11. And hopping on the wagon without asking where to sit,
  12. Following a “If you build it, they will come” mentality…
  13. No, actually … they probably won’t
  14. How will people find out about it? How will they get there? Will there be beer? Ergo:
  15. Building a social media strategy Brought to you by: Jackie Prince of So Sticky Define your goals Locate your Evaluate target audience Listen to Drive to your what they’re content saying Implement Know your measurement competitors’ tools activities Invest in & create some Stay Current sweet contet
  16. Media is not social
  17. People Are
  18. Digital media are the vehicles for communication and engagement Always consider your passengers first
  19. Open up. Don’t be afraid to lose control.
  20. The conversation is happening with, Or without you
  21. Where do you fit in? Get in there and show us your sweet nunchuck skills
  22. Be: Useful, Relevant, Entertaining
  23. Marketing with the Stars Some Case Studies
  24. Reach out to your customers
  25. Vitamin Water: Flavor Creator
  26. Vitamin Water: Flavor Creator •  Vitamin Water’s Flavor Creator application leveraged the crowd sourcing function of social media to engage with consumers in a fun way  Facebook Page has 1,090,874 (end of Dec ‘09) •  Encouraged users to submit and vote for a new flavor and vitamin combination, as well as package design, with a $5,000 incentive •  A‘buzzmeter’ (an aggregation of Twitter, Foodgawker, Google and Flickr feeds) to monitored which flavour was being spoken about the most •  Ability to share widgets and games and post to profile encouraged pass-along potential
  27. Have fun & champion your advocates
  28. The Marsh: Foursquare “Special Mayor Offer”
  29. The Marsh: Foursquare “Special Mayor Offer” •  The Marsh Café in San Fransisco spotted a business opportunity on Foursquare, and implemented a “special mayor offer” whereby the mayor of the café drinks for free •  As a result, The Marsh has experienced a surge in demand, and has hired more staff to serve their growing community •  Created a socially competitive atmosphere and loads of subsequent buzz
  30. Start a movement
  31. Nike Plus: “The Human Race”
  32. Nike Plus: The Human Race •  The Human Race is an international movement, uniting all runners (from amateur to professional) in a series of global events •  Different strategies for different markets, but with the same overall enthusiasm and vigor •  Created a community around the brand, encouraging users to support, challenge and share with each other online •  Promotes passion around running and associates the sport with the brand
  33. Crowdsource
  34. Starbucks: “My Starbucks Idea”
  35. Starbucks: My Starbucks Idea •  Starbucks created their own community and invited users to help shape the future of the brand with their ideas •  Submissions are voted on by other customers and the most popular ones are considered by the brand •  The site showcases the ideas that Starbucks has selected  [There’s currently 475 pages of submissions, with up to 25 ideas per page…] •  Also leverages Twitter [10,190 followers]
  36. Be Transparent
  37. McDonalds: “Make up your own mind”
  38. McDonalds: Make Up Your Own Mind •  McDonalds was being attacked for suspicion of their restaurants, food and practices •  They created an open online environment and invited people to ask them questions about their organisation •  Enlisted “real people” as Quality Scouts to examine, document and share every aspect of the food process •  Since it launched in 2006, the site has received over 20,600 questions and visitors spend between 4-10 minutes on the site
  39. Facilitate a conversation
  40. Best Buy: Twelpforce
  41. Best Buy: Twelpforce •  Best Buy illustrates their commitment to their customers by building online relationships through forums, blogs, video and Twitter •  Created the “Twelpforce” [@twelpforce] as a customer service engagement platform [currently 16,045 followers] •  Best Buy employees address issues and promotions via Twitter •  TV ads drove to “Twelpforce” instead of the Best Buy site
  42. Make it easy to share
  43. Adidas: Star Wars Death Stat Superlaser
  44. Adidas: Star Wars Death Star Superlaser •  Adidas Star Wars Death Star application integrates Google Maps and Street View with Facebook Connect, for a personalized experience •  The app locates you (based on the city specified in your Facebook settings) and shoots a laser at you, leaving behind a giant Adidas-shaped hole in your place •  You’re then encouraged to join the Adidas Facebook Fan Page, view their Star Wars collection, and blow up your friends, which encourages a viral pass-along
  45. And they all lived happily ever after…
  46. Say hello @sosticky