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The shark who didn


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Published in: Education
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The shark who didn

  1. 1. The shark who didn’t brush his teeth.Once upon a time there was a shark, whose name was Bob. He has a friend calledFlopy. They were classmates and always were together.The difference between Bob and Flopy was that Bob loved sweetcandies and hatedbrushing his teeth. But Fopy always washed them.One day, Bob was eating a lot of sweetcandies and lollipops. Flopy, saw him doing that.“Are you going to wash your teeth later?”- Flopy said.“No, I’m not. Because my teeth are very strong”- Bob answered proudly.“If you don’t stop eating a lot of sweetcandies and don’t wash your teeth, they will hurtyou”- Flopy warned him.But Bob, didn’t listen to his friend. He went home while he was watching TV, he atemore sweets.Then, he said crying:“ My teeth hurt!”He ran to his mother, to tell her that he had toothache. She said that they will go to thedentist tomorrow.In the morning, they arrived to the dentist and Bob was frightened. But, Bob saw thatthe dentist was a swordfish and that liked him.“Good morning, Bob! I’m Nick. I’m your dentist.”- He said.“Hello! Good morning, Doctor Nick. My teeth hurt.”“Come here, let’s look at your mouth.”“My mother says that I eat a lot of candies.”“Oh, yes! You have a decay. But don’t worry, we will solve it immediately.”“In fact, you don’t have any decay. You should often wash your teeth.”
  2. 2. “Ok, doctor. Do you think that I should eat less?”“Yes, of course, you should.”- The dentist said.“Thank you, doctor. I feel better now.”From that day, Bob washes his teeth every day.