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Matt Bron: The Outback Promise

Matt Bron, presented a case study about a social program that was conducted in Outback Queensalnd.

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Matt Bron: The Outback Promise

  1. 1. The Outback Promise Promise to visit the Outback at least once in your life6me #Outbackqld @OUTBACK_QLD
  2. 2. Let me take you on a journey Once upon a 6me, 18 months ago………..
  3. 3. We got 6red of following the beaten track
  4. 4. So we went bush
  5. 5. AEer several Coopers Creek cordials, the sun rose and this is what happened.
  6. 6. We decided we wanted to build powerful rela6onships for Outback Queensland
  7. 7. Empowering people to become our advocates
  8. 8. Today we have a community of 31,900 people
  9. 9. Who ac6vely promote Outback Queensland on their networks
  10. 10. Through social media
  11. 11. We have put Outback Queensland into the spotlight
  12. 12. HOW ?
  13. 13. We began with a simple proposi6on “The Outback is part of our heritage, and as Australians, the Outback is part of us.” “Every Australian should visit the Outback at least once in their life>me”
  14. 14. We asked Australians to make a promise to visit the Outback Using a special Facebook app.
  16. 16. The Promise appears on your Facebook wall For all your friends to see…
  17. 17. And you get a nice liQle
  18. 18. En6cing your friends to make a promise …and their friends, and theirs I MADE MY PROMISE I MADE MY PROMISE I MADE MY PROMISE I MADE MY PROMISE I MADE MY PROMISE I MADE MY PROMISE I MADE MY PROMISE
  19. 19. We even got the PM of the day
  20. 20. The new PM is s6ll thinking about it
  21. 21. We’ve grown a community …of people on our Facebook and on twi>er who absolutely love Outback Queensland
  22. 22. …now we can stay top of mind “We build relaFonships with brands the same we build relaFonships with people.” “We don’t suddenly become close friends overnight. We become close friends through many lightweight interacFons over Fme.” – Paul Adams
  23. 23. “38% of travellers make their des>na>on choice based on recommenda>ons of their friends and family, 22% did so based on informa>on from the web” -­‐PhoCusWright
  24. 24. We use it showcase events in Outback Queensland
  25. 25. Our fans let us know when they are fulfilling their promise
  26. 26. And they tell their friends
  27. 27. And share our content
  28. 28. This way we reach more people Their Friends 5,000,000 or so Our Fans 31,981
  29. 29. “92% of people trust recommenda>ons from people they know and trust, 70% trust recommenda>ons from other like minded consumers ” -­‐Nielsen, 2012
  30. 30. But it doesn’t end there !
  31. 31. Our team is on the road
  32. 32. And if our promise keepers find us at one of our events
  33. 33. You can grab your badge of honour. A special t-­‐shirt to thank you for keeping your promise. So far….. just a few have found us
  34. 34. What’s it all worth
  35. 35. For the Digi experts Since we launched the Outback Promise campaign: ü Over 240,000 Facebook stories* created by 155,000 users. ü More than 8000 promises made ü Our posts have reached 2.7 million on Facebook ü 34.9 million Facebook impressions from 10.4 millions users ü Activity from our Facebook page has reached 10,435,941 million people (Total Reach)
  36. 36. For the CEOs Treasury, Audit commiQees, Boards, Governments, cri6cs, non-­‐ believers, accountants, strategists, bureaucrats, crea6ve agencies, public servants, media and any one else who may be scep6cal to the value earned, we have this unques6onable algorithm
  37. 37. Since we began………….. 5,000 people have promised through Facebook to visit the Outback Visitor Profile studies undertaken by Tourism Research Australia in the Outback showed us: • Ave. length of stay is 4-­‐7 days • Ave. spend $90 pp per day
  38. 38. So…. When everyone keeps their promise And we know you can’t break a promise!
  39. 39. A conserva6ve $1.8 million Into the Outback Economy 5,000 Promise keepers Staying 4 days Spending $90 per day
  40. 40. But wait there is more
  41. 41. We also know that Outback Qld has approximately a 50% repeat visita6on rate That’s a further $900,000 from the same people
  42. 42. And more…….
  43. 43. Welcome to the New Bush Telegraph
  44. 44. To summarise we asked the John Butler Trio to make us a short video. This is what they came up with.
  45. 45. Ques6ons ?