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The connected visitor | Chris Chambers | #SoMeT15AU Sunshine Coast, Australia


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The DMO’s role in promoting a destination has changed. The future “place” for a DMO in the holiday cycle will shift significantly from being focused on campaigns promoting a destination to connecting with a consumer across the full cycle of a holiday. Every destination wants a larger digital audience than their competitors.

In his presentation, Chris Chambers discussed how Tourism and Events Queensland (‘TEQ’), sees the real value to be offered from their digital marketing efforts. He will also share Queensland’s Digital Marketing Strategy and the thinking behind TEQ’s new smart phone application to explain how TEQ is adapting to the connected visitor.

Chris has been working in tourism marketing for nearly 20 years and has held digital marketing positions at Tourism and Events Queensland since 2000. In that time, he has witnessed how the internet has transformed destination marketing and has been involved in leading the organization through an unprecedented period of innovation. Tourism and Events Queensland has embraced social media, overcome digital challenges and demonstrated how DMO’s can effectively leverage social media.

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The connected visitor | Chris Chambers | #SoMeT15AU Sunshine Coast, Australia

  1. 1. @ckjchambers @teqld The connected visitor
  3. 3. THE CONNECTED VISITOR “This is Queensland” application #thisisqueensland social + show you a little bit of @queensland
  4. 4. The DMO’s role is to extend the connection between people and place.
  7. 7. APP FEATURES -
  8. 8. GEOFENCES Location based services – Geo-fences and beacons
  9. 9. USER STORIES - GEOFENCES I have just arrived. What are the best things to do around here? Geofence Triggered This is Queensland Welcome to Tropical North Queensland. Find out what is trending in this amazing region. Slide to view Destination Hot 5 Screen
  10. 10. USER STORIES - BEACONS I am in Cassowary Country, North of Chebanabang, what’s a Cassowary? TEQ ContentGeofence Triggered This is Queensland Welcome to Tropical North Queensland. Find out what is trending in this amazing region. Slide to view
  11. 11. USER STORIES - BEACONS I am at the PGA. How do I find out more? Beacon Triggered Event Website
  12. 12. THIS IS QUEENSLAND APP Results to date: • Downloads – nearing 20,000 • Usage – 33,980 sessions • Android users far more engaged • Media – CPA – facebook advertising targeting Qld eDM subscribers generated DL at greater $$ • #learning = beacons going to advance quickly
  13. 13. #THISISQUEENSLAND Percentage increase MOM #thisisqueensland Cumulative images #thisisqueensland
  14. 14. #sqcountry
  15. 15. @theplanetd Digital Influencers Ensure relevant hashtags are included in travel documentation Engage with a dual purpose. Yours + Theirs. Vet. Vet. Vet. Have a clear purpose.
  16. 16. @piggystingray DMO Staff Organise training sessions Feature their content
  17. 17. Take a road less travelled and connect in new and inspiring ways….
  18. 18. @youngadventuress
  19. 19. 1. The DMO role has changed. We must connect with visitors right the way through the holiday planning cycle. 2. Work with stakeholders to share the heavy lifting. We don’t need to do ALLLLL of the works. 3. Build your own audience. But work across other platforms effectively! 4. Take the road less travelled. Nobody notices mediocrity.