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Video recommendations somazi

  1. 1. VIDEOe& SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING“Brands are moving further away from direct advertising, whosemetrics are hard to calculate, and into original video content –content that is created not to sell but to engage” Kerrin Sheldon, founder of
  2. 2. Social Media High-Flyer Series2 Working with brands such as News Corporation, EE, BBC Worldwide, Ogilvy Group, Sky and Chelsea FC, for a decade. We are constantly gaining experience and expanding our understanding of the socialsphere. We’re also connecting with others’ ideas, backgrounds and viewpoints. The act of sharing enriches us all. The SoMazi Social Media High-Flyer series – a regularly curated collection of tips, guides and thought pieces – is distilled from our hands-on experiences in the socialsphere. It’s designed to help you amplify the impact, reach and value of all your social media efforts. Maz Nadjm, Founder, SoMazi @mazi "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin
  3. 3. (Video) Content is King3 Opportunities to use video for marketing“The average viewer watched nearly 22 hours of video in a single month.”• 50% of tablet users watch video content• 48 of the top 50 online retailers feature videos on their websitesWhat are the benefits?• Easier to consume than text• Evergreen videos can stay relevant for many years, for example video testimonials are valuable assets showcasing the company’s expertise.• Once created, a video can be repurposed to serve different campaigns and can be reused, including across different social media channels,• Short videos are perfect for mobile consumption. With more users on an “all-you-can-eat” data plan, it’s not the size of content, but limited screen space that’s an issue in mobile content consumption. An engaging video showcasing the product or service can provide all the necessary information without the need for scrolling down and viewing many different pages.• A good smartphone with is enough to get started for taking your first videos and will let you build up more confidence before expanding the budget SundaySky, 2012
  4. 4. New Players4 Keek is a video social networking platfrom that allows friends to share videos up to 36 seconds-long. There are no edit options, but the “keeks” can be shared easily via Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  5. 5. New Players5 Is it worth it to get involved? • There is an opportunity to reach new demographics. According to the Keek COO, Lamont Wilcott, “65 per cent of the audience is between 13 and 24 years of age and 20 per cent are between 25 and 34 years of age”. • There aren’t many brands who’ve really given Keek a try yet, which leaves a lot of room for experimentation. • It could be a great chance for individuals who wish to build up their own personal brand – sharing expertise and personal opinions – to build trust among future customers. • Keek lets you respond nimbly to news and marketing opportunities – quickly creating content that can be rapidly consumed and shared.
  6. 6. New Players6 BBCVine is “the Instagram of the streaming video” - aniPhone-only app that allows you to share videos up to6 seconds long, which can be edited frame by frame.Many companies have embraced Vine, attracted bylow cost and ability to share instant updates on the go.How to convey your brand message in 6 seconds?- Decide on the key message- Simplify it- Decide on a call to action – Do you want the viewers to visit your site? Comment on Facebook?- Visualise your message – think creatively how can you express the message in a fun and visually Armani attractive way- Use hashtags to string related videos together- Post and share! GAP
  7. 7. New Players 7 Viddy.comViddy is a video sharing app that allows you to recordand share videos up to 15-seconds long. Unlike Vine,there is a version for Android, as well as iOS.The Android version of Viddy includes 10 new videoeffects (similar to Instagram effects, but for the movingimage) and 16 soundtracks, and takes advantage ofAndroid smartphones’ HD features.Another advantage over Vine is more family-friendlycontent: the app’s rating is 12+ (you need to be over 17to download Vine).These advantages of Viddy mean that using it couldallow you to reach a broader audience than theplatform- and age-restricted Vine.Brands who’ve managed to build up a considerablefollowing on Viddy include Southwest Airlines, WarnerBros Records and Redbull UK. (TheVerge, 2012)
  8. 8. Content Ideas8 If you really want to benefit from video marketing, make them a part of your content strategy. Decide on how often to post, who’s responsible, what formats you are going to use. It is also useful to have guidelines in place to avoid inappropriate content. There are many formats you can try: 1. Testimonials 2. Vox-pops 3. Expert answers 4. Whiteboard videos 5. Mini-series 6. Competitions, for example: guess a location, send “keekbacks” with ideas for a new product name 7. Meet the team 8. Comment on news stories 9. Tips and how-to 10. Tour of your location 11. Business trip reporting
  9. 9. Find the Context Beyond the Hype9 Experimenting with new platforms such as Keek or Vine can help to reach new customers and give your brand a human face. Remember, platforms come and go, but the opportunities for using video in business are much broader, for example: - Customer support - Loyalty building through personalization features such as: preferences, transactional history, social data and communication. - Liaising with your sales team, so they’re sending engaging video as part of their day- to-day sales communications to new prospects and potential customers. - Internal communications - Employee education - Legal & safety Comscore, 2012 ; SundaySky, 2012
  10. 10. 10 THE SOMAZI EFFECT Authors This presentation is a part of the SoMazi Social Ewa Media High-Flyer series. For more presentations, @Ewajoan reports and learning materials, go to SoMazi has offices in London, New York, Bergamo and Geneva. We’d love to hear from you. Marlies @MsSpijker E-mail: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Clementina @CGZatSomazi