Southington community cultural arts march 2012


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Southington Community Cultural Arts is a non-profit organization that seeks to renovate and restore a 1925 building across from the town green into a vibrant arts center for the community.

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Southington community cultural arts march 2012

  1. 1. A Community Arts CenterA Proposal for the Reuse of the George M. Gura Building March 27, 2012
  2. 2. Southington Community Cultural Arts is a non-profit organization incorporated in Connecticut.
  3. 3. Our mission: Southington Community Cultural Arts willcreate and sustain a unique environment inwhich people of all ages and abilities can feelfree to create, exhibit and welcome the arts into their lives; and will give artists the opportunity to share their talents with the community.
  4. 4. Our Board of Directors• Mary DeCroce , Chairperson• Dawn Miceli, Vice Chair• David DeCroce, Treasurer• Melinda Otlowski, Secretary• John Myers• Tony Sheffy• Jane Keller Herzig• Tom Horanzy• Linda Deluca• Diann Thomson• Peter Veronneau• Christina Simms• Dr. Joe Erardi
  5. 5. We propose to utilizethe George M. Gura Building 93 Main Street as it once was…
  6. 6. We propose to utilizethe George M. Gura Building 93 Main Street as it is now…
  7. 7. We propose to utilizethe George M. Gura Building 93 Main Street as it is could become… (
  8. 8. Historical Significance“The buildings of the Southington Center HistoricDistrict form a classic late18th- and 19th-century town center. Themunicipal, service, religious, andresidential buildings here are well preserved andstand without major intrusions,giving large sections of the district theappearance they had 100 to 150 years ago.This undisturbed visual and functional identity iswhat gives the district itsprimary significance architecturally.”Source: National Register of Historic Places RegistrationForm, by the United States Dept. of the Interior, Nov. 21,1988.
  9. 9. Current Conditions
  10. 10. Is this possible?
  11. 11. • Renovations estimated at $200 per square foot = $1,200,000.• Building maintenance and operating expenses are estimated to be $117,000 per year.
  12. 12. • Renovation of the exterior• Reconfiguring the interior to house new classroom & studio spaces, a gallery, a performance area, a small office, a retail area for art supplies and artists’ work, a soundproof room for music, and a catering kitchen.
  13. 13. • Move In - Remediation & code work $ 120k• Phase I – Interior renovations & restore street façade $ 750k• Phase II - Elevator, some exterior work and specialties $ 330k
  14. 14. Arts Centers around Connecticut Vernon Arts Cheney Performing Arts Center, Manchester Center Windsor Arts Center
  15. 15. Preservation Around the Recent Headlines:Country The Green Dividend from Reusing Older Buildings - NRDC Switchboard "The study shows that, for most building types, adaptive reuse of older buildings produces measureable - and sometimes impressive - green benefits. The findings with respect to energy impacts for most buildings and adaptations are overwhelmingly positive, and effectively remove one of the arguments that is sometimes made against preservation and adaptation." Is It Time to Stop Constructing New Green Buildings? - Fast Company "No matter what LEED-certified credentials the building can offer, retrofitting the teardown that came before would probably have made more environmental sense." LEED From Behind: Why we should focus on greening existing buildings - TIME blog "A study by the Preservation Green Lab of the National Trust for Historic Preservation shows building reuse almost always has fewer environmental impacts than new construction— which means we’d be smart to spend at least as much time renovating existing buildings as we do lionizing fancy new green construction." Why Historic Buildings are Greener Than LEED-Certified New Ones - GOOD "Though the conclusion may seem counterintuitive in an age of ambitious LEED standards in many new buildings, consider that it uses more energy and creates more impact to construct an entirely new building than to fix up one of the same size for the same purpose.“ Lionel Lofts, Sustainability Round-Up: The Greenest Building Edition Washington, DC Posted on: February 10th, 2012 by National Trust for Historic Preservation
  16. 16. We don’t need state of the art space – we just need arts space!
  17. 17. Our Capital Campaign and fundraising efforts are underway.
  18. 18. Private Funding Sources• The Calvanese Foundation• The Depaolo Family foundation• Main Street foundation• The Greater New Britain Community Foundation• Southington Education Foundation• Target Grants and Funding for the Arts• Wal-Mart state grant• Private businesses and Investors• Projected Amount $ 200,000
  19. 19. Public Funding SourcesCT DECD Confirmed Historic Contributing Building Historic Restoration Fund $200,000CT Trust for Historic Preservation Feasability Study - Approved Historic Preservation Technical Assistance Grants $20,000Kresge $400-$850k Kresge $600,000NEA Conservative Estimate -Range $20-$75k Our Town $30,000NEA Foundations and Federal Agencies Creative Placemaking ArtPlace $350,000US EPA / CT DEP Real Property ; I.e. Asbestos Lead contamination - up to $200k EPA Remediation Grant $70,000CT DECD Consider securing Loan w Private & Local Funding Sources CEDF -Community Economic Development Fund $250,000CT DECD Matching Grant avl w loan CEDF -Community Economic Development Fund $250,000SUBTOTAL $1,770,000Wells Fargo Likely $100k, strong history in Arts Wells Fargo TBDXerox Likley $50k Strong History in CT Xerox TBDDECD, COA, CCT Currently Setting Guildelines - Hi Priority! Creative Placemaking TBDGrand Total PROJECTED $2,000,000
  20. 20. Estimated Annual Revenue• Studio rental space for 3 artists - $ 9,000• Classes - $ 27,000• Summer Art Camps - $ 4,600• Membership Fees - $ 7,000• Retail, Art Supplies, Gallery Artwork Sales - $ 28,000• Spring and Fall Fine Art Show - $ 25,000• Rental of Performance Area - $ 2,500• Special exhibits and performances - $ 2,500• Birthday Party rental - $ 6,000• Rental of Gallery for larger parties - $ 5,000• Wall space rental to Artists - $ 2,500 $ 119,100/year
  21. 21. Estimated Annual Expenditures• Custodial services, building maintenance, telephone, utilities, supplies $47,000 (current expenditures)• Marketing - $ 18,000• Website, Internet, security, insurance & supplies - $ 10,000• Director - $ 30,000• Secretary - $ 12,000 $ 117,000/year
  22. 22. Our vision: Southington will be avibrant arts destination for central Connecticut and beyond.
  23. 23. “Great art makes great places. Great placesattract great talent. Great talent creates great jobs.” CT DECD Deputy Commissioner Kip Bergstrom
  24. 24. For more information, find us on Facebook search:Southington Community Cultural Arts Thank you!