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List of tools for digital teaching and learning.

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Tools 4 teaching

  1. 1. DIGITAL TOOLS FOR TEACHING AND LEARNING A) *SHARING, PLATFORMS & SOCIAL NETWORKING 1/ GOOGLE APPS FOR EDUCATION: 2/ BLOGGER Creating a blog for collaborative working. 3/ eTwinning 4/ TWITTER 5/ EDMODO Edmodo is a free social learning platform for students, teachers and parents. It looks a little bit like Facebook so it is a familiar format for students to use. But before you run for the hills, it is very different to Facebook in that it's completely controlled by the teacher and specifically designed for educational purposes – one of my classes has affectionately named it "Fakebook". It has a shared timeline as a homepage where you and your students can interact and you can allow students to interact with one another, if you wish. Both teachers and students have a library where they can store documents and share them with others if they want to. The teacher can set assignments, students hand in assignments and teachers feedback on the work all within Edmodo. Two particularly useful functions are the quizzes and polls, and there's also a built-in grade book that houses your teacher-assessed grades and quiz results for each student. 6/ PINTEREST Pictures/images (you can follow walls) spx 7/ DOTSTORMING Dotstorming takes the process of dot voting online to allow groups of people to collaborate on a topic.
  2. 2. *THESE ONES & MORE: B) SOCIAL BOOKMARKING 1/ DIIGO 2/ TWITTER *GROUPTWEET: multiple users- 1 account TWITDOC: to share documents with Twitter 3/ PINTEREST Pinterest was the breakthrough website of 2012 and now ranks as the 15th most visited website in the US. Pinterest is for sharing pictures, not links – a medium that makes it perfect for the current image-centric nature of the internet. You can create ‘pin-boards’ on particular subjects and themes and pin any image from across the internet on it. 4/ SCOOP.IT C) COLLABORATIVE WORKING (Students) 1/ MAGAZINEFACTORY MagazineFactory is an easy publishing tool which provides school groups an opportunity to work as editorial staff and to publish their own webzine!
  3. 3. 2/ STORYBIRD It is a collaborative storytelling tool. Students can create short art inspired stories that can be shared or printed. Students can pair their writing with images to bring their stories, poetry, songs, etc. to life! 3/ FAKEBOOK "Fakebook" allows teachers and students to create imaginary profile pages for study purposes. 4/ VOICETHREAD Transforming media into collaborative spaces with video, voice, and text commenting. 5/ COLLABORIZECLASSROOM learning.html#.WAe1KzXVvm4 Education platform with a highly developed discussion component. Perfect for engaging students in structured discussions (using a variety of question types) about the curriculum. Create study groups, facilitate collaborative group work and flip your classroom with this platform! D) PUBLISHING BOOKS/MAGAZINES 1/ ISSUU
  4. 4. 2/ YUMPU Yumpu offers a digital platform for publishing your magazines, brochures or catalogs. 3/ CALAMEO E) VIDEOS 1/ AMARA To subtitle videos. 2/ MORE TOOLS TO SUBTITLE AND EDIT VIDEOS 3/ YouTube/TEACHERTUBE/SCHOOLTUBE One way to collate the videos created by a screencast tool is to start a YouTube channel and upload them all there. This is simply your own YouTube home page – you can style the background, upload profile information and follow other channels of interest. You can also create playlists within your channel to organise videos into topics and allow students to find them easily. If creating your own videos is not for you then you can create playlists of videos that are already out there that relate to the topics you are studying. 4/VIMEO 5/ SCREENCAST Capture your computer or device screen and allow you to record your voice while you do so. F) RESOURCE SHARING 1/ GOOGLE DRIVE 2/ DROPBOX 3/ PINTEREST
  5. 5. G) PRESENTATIONS 1/ PREZI a cloud-based presentation software that has the ability to zoom in and out to show relative importance of ideas and group concepts together. Prezi is visually stimulating; a great alternative to Power Point which can feel static. 2/ PHOTOPEACH 3/ SLIDESHARE 4/ GLOGSTER An online interactive poster/collage maker. Students can combine text, music, pictures and video to create a dynamic poster or collage online to share. This is an alternative to the classic scissors, glue and magazines approach to poster and collage making. H) ORGANIZE 1/ PADLET 2/ SYMBALOO 3/ WALLWISHER 4/EVERNOTE A way to capture, index and remember information using a computer, phone, and web. Students can take notes, capture favorite videos, save webpages, and collaborate on projects using Evernote. It is the notebook of the 21st century. I) PICTURES/PHOTOS 1/ PICASA (GOOGLE) 2/ FLICKR J) UTILITIES 1/ WORDLE A fun online tool for creating colourful word clouds from text you provide. This is an easy way to highlight the main points from an online conversation, speech, article, etc. 2/ MAILVU Email and video.
  6. 6. 3/ LYRICS TRAINING Learn with songs. 4/ SCRIBD Insert documents in blogs. 5/ QUIZSNACK Polls/surveys (can be embed) k) WEB EXERCISE CREATION 1/ ESL video 2/ Jclick 3/ Hot Potatoes L) DICTIONARIES 1/ VISUWORDS maps of words M) COMICS 1/ PIXTON An online comic maker that allows students the creativity to design their own characters, add sound, upload pictures and images, use a variety of speech bubbles, and print, download or embed the finished comic. TONS OF TOOLS:
  7. 7.