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Style sheet

  1. 1. Style sheet
  2. 2. MOOD BOARD
  3. 3. Mood Board In nearly all of the shots taken of the bands, a medium or medium long shot is used. As this is the normal type of shot for the cover photo, this is also what I will use for my cover photo. Nearly all of the backgrounds for the images have been taken in a studio setting with either a very dark or light background. A few of them have been taken at a location but it is generally quite a blank background. For my photos, I will follow this trend by using either a very light or dark background or using a relatively blank location background. Each of the groups tend to have 4 members in the photo with the lead singer/artist of the band being at the front with the other members spread around behind them. This means that, if my photos include groups of people, I will only use a maximum of five people for the image. In all of the images, the artists are wearing dark clothing like black, grey and blue with all of them wearing a similar style of clothes as well. This means that, for my photographs I will try to get my models to wear similar clothing to this. For each of the photos, they are nearly all staring straight towards the camera which creates a connection with the audience. I will try to do this for my shots by including all or nearly all of the people in the shot looking at the camera. Some of the images include props like musical instruments, microphones or CD’s. This helps to reinforce the type of music they play and how they are a part of the music.
  4. 4. Colour schemes I would like to use this colour scheme on the front cover as each of the colours stand out clearly and they do not merge together. As my target audience is both male and female, these colours are not gender specific so people will not feel discouraged to buy it because of the colours used. Black and red are commonly related to rock music so the audience will automatically associate the magazine with rock music. The colours also contradict each other so when they are used together, it will be easy to read/see what is on the page. By using yellow, I will be able to add in splashes of colour to highlight important details and draw in the audiences attention. This colour scheme is very basic and does not have much of a variation in colour. However, the black and grey contradict one another so they would stand out clearly and the orange could be used to highlight important details. I could use this for my contents page as that involves a lot of text which need to be told apart so it may be useful to have the orange to highlight page numbers and use the black and grey to show the different headlines and articles. This colour scheme has a lot of contradicting colours. However, they may relate more to the pop side of the rock pop genre with the white and blue. I may include the white from this colour scheme with the first one as it could help to contradict with the black and red. This means that both genres of music that I am using will be included so it will appeal to a wider audience.
  5. 5. Colour schemes I am going to use this colour scheme for the front cover and in the articles. I have added the white from one of the previous colour schemes as it worked well with the other colours used. The yellow can be used to highlight important details which will catch the readers attention while the black, white and red can be used for the backgrounds, titles and other important details. As the black, white and red can be clearly seen against each other, they will be good to use for backgrounds and text which the audience will need to be able to see easily. I am going to use this colour scheme for the contents page. The grey and black contradict each other and help bring our the orange to highlight important features. The orange can be used to highlight the page numbers and any other important details which may be featured on the page which are not to do with the articles. The black and grey will be used for the article titles (black) and the brief description of what the article will be (grey). By doing this, the audience will be able to easily distinguish between the article title, what the article is about and which page it is on. As each of the colours can be clearly seen against each other, the audience will be able to clearly read the magazine.
  6. 6. Fonts
  7. 7. Title fonts I like this font as it has a nice effect to it (of the text running down the page) and it can be clearly read. I would use this as the font for the title of my magazine as it is interesting to look at, so it would catch people’s eyes and there wouldn’t be any difficulty in reading it. This font is very unique and people would be likely to remember it. It is easy to read so it would not put people off buying it and it would leave a lasting impression as it is not a font that is used on many other magazines. This font has the effect of being painted on rather than it being printed, which makes it look more personal and as though it has been tailored to the magazine. It is easy to read and
  8. 8. Article fonts I like this font as it is easy to read and is interesting to look at. This may work well as the font for article headings or sub headings because it would work well with “Ace Records” title font as it is quite curved. This font is clear to read and would attract the readers attention due to it being in a bold font type. It is very simplistic and it would be good to use to draw attention to a feature. This is a very simplistic font and mainly uses all straight lines. Though it is clear and easy to read, it does not relate to any of the title fonts which I have looked at before so it may not be the most suitable choice. This font include characteristics from the first two fonts as it has a curved feel to it and also includes the bold font type which could help to get people to look at it.
  9. 9. Final choice of fonts This will be the masthead as it is unique and interesting to look at. The audience is much more likely to remember it as well due to it being a different font to what they would have normally seen. This will be the main article text as it is clear to read and is quite like the masthead. As it is quite curved, it links in with the masthead but it is easier to read and will look much better when used in the articles of the magazine. This will be used for the sub headings and if there are any details which need highlighting or to have attention brought to them. It also relates to the other fonts as they all have the curved feel to them.