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Blepharoplasty  View our full comprehensive range       of treatments online           or call u...
BlEphaRoplasty? For a more youthful facial appearanceWhat is BlEphaRoplasty?                                              ...
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Blepharoplasty Brochure


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Sagging skin and wrinkles around the eyes can make us look and feel old – but with eyelid/eyebag surgery at Snowberry Lane Clinic you can turn back the clock.

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Blepharoplasty Brochure

  1. 1. Blepharoplasty View our full comprehensive range of treatments online or call us today 01225 700072 to see how we can help boost your confidence and make you look and feel great. Reclaim your youth and diminish the signs of aging around your eyes with a simple Eye Bag Removal procedure.
  2. 2. BlEphaRoplasty? For a more youthful facial appearanceWhat is BlEphaRoplasty? aRE thERE aNyBlepharoplasty, also known as eye bag removal has a dramatic effect siDE EFFEcts?in determining the overall youthful appearance of your face. the eye area will show slight Before bruising for a week or two, afterthe procedure uses state of the art radio frequency applications to which there will be hardly anyremove the excess skin and fat that develops with age around the visible scarring or marks of anyeye area. kind which eventually disappear. afterDoEs BlEphaRoplasty huRt? your eyelids may feel a little uncomfortable for the first coupleNo. the whole procedure is carried out under local ‘twilight’ anaesthetic of weeks but this will soonwhich means that you will be sedated throughout the treatment, yet settle down.remain conscious. there is no discomfort whatsoever. Before hoW loNG DoEs thEBEFoRE suRGERy pRocEDuRE takE?you will be examined prior to surgery to assess the condition of the surgical procedure itself canyour skin and the eye. in addition, the position of your eyebrows and take approximately one hour for after eye lids will be measured and marked to just the upper lid surgery and maintain careful control of the surgical approximately three hours for both upper and lower lids after which procedure. you will have pads on both eyes. you will then be required to apply cold packs to your eyelids to aid recovery and reduce any swelling or bruising. it is important therefore to make arrangements for a friend or relative to drive you home. iN saFE haNDs Blepharoplasty is performed by our consultant oculoplastic surgeon Mr tariq amin MBBs MBacD FRcs (ophth) who will be supported by a team of highly trained professionals dedicated to providing the best possible care before, during and after your treatment. you will receive more detailed information at your first consultation. call us today on 01225 700072 to arrange an initial no-obligation consultation. S N O WBE R R Y L ANE CLINIC, M E LKS HAM