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Implementing reusable software components for SNOMED CT diagram and expression concept representations


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SNOMED CT is a vital component in the future of semantic interoperability in healthcare as it provides the meaning to EHRs via its semantically rich, controlled terminology. Communicating the concepts of this terminology to both humans and machines is crucial therefore formal guidelines for diagram and expression representations have been developed by the curators of SNOMED CT. This paper presents a novel, model-based approach to implementing these guidelines that allows simultaneous editing of a concept via both diagram and expression editors. The implemented extensible software component can be embedded both both desktop and web applications.

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Published in: Software
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Implementing reusable software components for SNOMED CT diagram and expression concept representations

  1. 1. Implemen'ng reusable so0ware components for SNOMED CT diagram and expression concept representa'ons Roland Porció Balázs Bánfai Medical Informa6cs Europe Conference, 2014.09.01
  2. 2. Problem statement • Future of seman6c interoperability • Formal guidelines for communica6on – For humans and machines – Diagram and expression • Edi6ng? – Simultaneous edi6ng – Concurrent modifica6on – Locally and remotely – Embeddable – Extensible
  3. 3. Overview • SNOMED CT • Formal guidelines for representa6on • Framework architecture • Expression edi6ng • Diagram edi6ng • Web solu6on • Embedded desktop solu6on • Conclusions
  4. 4. SNOMED CT
  5. 5. Formal guidelines for representa'on
  6. 6. Framework architecture
  7. 7. Expression edi'ng • Text based edi6ng • DSl parser and serializer – Input valida6on – Error indica6on – Extensible
  8. 8. Diagram edi'ng • Diagram editor – Add/remove rela6onships – Zoom in/out, print – Change diagram type
  9. 9. Web solu'on
  10. 10. Embedded desktop solu'on
  11. 11. Conclusions • Edi6ng func6onality – Both diagram and expression – Simultaneous edi6ng – Concurrent modifica6on • Embeddable – Both in desktop and web applica6ons • Extendable – Accommodate future requirements
  12. 12. Ques'ons? Thank you for your aYen6on.