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CMS-Garden 2013 - How we brought Joomla! to the CeBIT


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<p>The CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, is the world largest IT traidfair. In 2012, a few guys from Joomla and Drupal started a project to organize a joint booth of all interested OpenSource CMS at this fair to present the strengths of the different systems and to create a better understanding and cooperation between the systems. The project, now called CMS-Garden got a huge success with 13 participating CMS and more than 10000 visitors at the booth. I will give you a look behind the scenes of this project.</p>
<p>In this session, we will take a detailed look on:</p>
<p>- the idea and objectives</p>
<p>- the financing</p>
<p>- organizational details (accomondation, food, promotion)</p>
<p>- the results</p>

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CMS-Garden 2013 - How we brought Joomla! to the CeBIT

  1. 1. How we brought Joomla! to the CeBIT
  2. 2. David Jardinfreelance webdeveloperboardmember of the J&Beyond e.V.Joomla!holic
  3. 3. World largest IT traid fair
  4. 4. The Idea
  5. 5. Attendees
  6. 6. 15 Systems
  7. 7. 105 "Ambassadors"
  8. 8. Financing
  9. 9. Planned budget100000€Booth, Printing, Clothing, Accomondation, Technics, Party,Food, Transportation
  10. 10. Real income73389€180 sponsors
  11. 11. Real expsenses72250€
  12. 12. Accomondation
  13. 13. 32€ per person / night
  14. 14. Food
  15. 15. IT Environment
  16. 16. Program
  17. 17. Results
  18. 18. David