Top 10 snikiddy fan quirks


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Top 10 snikiddy fan quirks

  1. 1.   Top 10 Snikiddy Fan Quirks  We asked our Snikiddy fans to tell us about their quirks. Below are some of the responses that we liked the best. Hope you enjoy and remember it is always good to be persnikiddy about your snacks! I can't stand it when the different foods on my plate touch each other, yet I'll mix them on the fork/spoon before putting it in my mouth. Oh yeah...and when someone drinks from a can and leaves a little bit of backwash in that little area right next to the opening....GROSS!!! - Brandina Vines Only picking one of my quirks: I hate miss matched closet hangers. They all have to be the same color and facing the same direction. - Erica Connell   One of the things that drives me crazy is the need that people have to "dress up" my food. My husband puts hot sauce on everything, my kids put ketchup on everything, drives me crazy!!! - Danyell Dunn-Morse   Purple candy! I don't eat anything that is artificially colored purple. No grape juice unless it's 100% grape juice, I pick all the purple skittles out of a pack, no purple anything. Lol -Sarah Miklos Smith   Jello for some reason creeps me out. Food should just sit there, it doesn't need to wiggle and jiggle all over my plate. I remember my aunt making those giant Jello molds for holidays. Through the whole meal, there sat the Jello constantly rippling. - Leann Lane  
  2. 2. When someone bites into string cheese. It's not called bite cheese!! - Emily Nielsen   I only like 4 ice cubes in my drink, and I only want diet coke from a bottle, not a can. I can drink just about anything else from the can, but diet coke has to be from a bottle poured over 4 cubes of ice. I also sort my M&Ms and eat one from each color at a time, I have to make sure all the colors have the same amount and they have to be in a pattern. - Ciara Underwood   When my cans are not facing w/ label so I can see it. The newest bought stuff goes behind the stuff I already have, so the stuff I already have gets ate first. Same w/ freezer food-gets put on bottom. Same w/ clothes in a dresser the clothes that just got washed get put on the bottom. I’m getting a little better as I get older & my teen does not care about my process as my 4 year old lines up her shoes-I laugh cause she's going be the same way! I think boys/men don’t really care about much! - Arlene Pyka-Laskowski   Before putting ice into a glass of coke... it must be run though water first! - Jill Roberts Alvarez My newest quirk happened the other day. I tried your Cheddar Cheese flavor Baked Fries for the first time. Loved them! And my 9 year old son proceeded to eat the entire bag without me realizing and left none for me. It's just not right! - Debbie Pendleton Barden