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Sneha Orphanage - Basic Education


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Sneha Orphanage Horamavu is a Bangalore based non- political and non-religious orphanage, responsible for providing shelter to children who have been removed from their homes due to abuse and/or severe neglect. Sneha Orphanage puts its best foot forward in providing foster care for children up to the age of 18 years in India.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Sneha Orphanage - Basic Education

  1. 1. Sneha Orphanage An action group for BASIC EDUCATION in India Sneha Orphanage
  2. 2. Sneha Orphanage THE VICIOUS CYCLE Lack of Education Poverty Child Labor
  3. 3. Sneha Orphanage SOME LESSER KNOWN FACTS More that 90% rural parents believe education is very important for their children In rural India sending a child to school on a regular basis requires a great deal of effort
  4. 4. Sneha Orphanage INDIA Population : 1,027,015,247 (1st March 2001) Literacy Rate : 65.38 % Males : 75.85 % Females : 54.16 % (Source: Provisional Population Totals : India . Census of India 2001, Paper 1 of 2001, Office of the Registrar General, India)
  5. 5. Sneha Orphanage Literacy Rate of some other countries (1995) Japan : 99 % Nigeria : 57 % China : 81 % Uganda : 62 % India : 52 % Russian Fed. : 98-99 % USA : 99 % France : 99 % Mexico : 90 % Brazil : 83 % (Source: The World Bank Group - )
  6. 6. Sneha Orphanage Non-profit ZERO overhead organization Run entirely by volunteers Asha Chapters have a high degree of freedom in their activities Volunteers work closely with education projects
  7. 7. Sneha Orphanage Over 1000 active volunteers in over 65 chapters Central NJ
  8. 8. Sneha Orphanage TYPES OF PROJECTS Formal schools Oldage Homes Sponsored Meals Street children Vocational training centers Orphanage homes Tribal population Support A Child
  9. 9. Sneha Orphanage We aspire to be able to serve the entire NATION
  10. 10. Sneha Orphanage OUR MOTIVE Highly motivated group of volunteers Students, working professionals, retired people Diverse backgrounds Looking to grow and expand
  11. 11. Sneha Orphanage SAMPLE CENTRAL NJ PROJECTS Save The Children Home West Bangalore Seva Chakkra Orphanage School North Bangalore Guria, Education for children of women in prostitution East Bangalore Vasundhara, Science Education South Bangalore
  12. 12. Sneha Orphanage ACHIEVEMENTS Sheha Global • Funds Raised 2001 $1.13 M 2000 $1.04 M 1999 $0.70 M 1998 $0.55 M • Over 600 projects supported since inception in 1991 Central Bangalore • $25,000 net amount raised in 2002 • SURBAHAAR • TV/Radio/Newspaper coverage • Publicity campaign targeted over 10,000 Indians in NJ/NY • Mega success event • Involved with 6 education projects
  13. 13. Sneha Orphanage YOU and Sneha Learn More About Issues Publicize Volunteer Support a Project
  14. 14. Sneha Orphanage DONATE 100 % Tax Exempt Sneha Patron
  15. 15. Sneha Orphanage Our Hearts, Their Minds, One Hope MORE of this … Less of this …
  16. 16. Sneha Orphanage Website Email