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What is curation


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This .ppt is a part of my class assignment. Where I present my own imaginary show curated my me.
Photography Theories Learning - Beginning in the class we discussed political topics as a photographer I should always aware with incident which are happening surroundings me & which can be inspiration for my work. These political matters or issues can be my topic from where my ideas derived which can reflect in my work. Not only political matters but social media is also playing huge role regular life. Today it has been become major medium as important source for common public as it is an only medium where people can more access about to share their belongs or any kind of news.
When we started to look earlier photographers work I learned how to read images. I got to know how other photographer think to choose their subject that would be still life or some hummer or anything. Their work inspired me a lot to choose or select my subject what I want to show threw it. Sometimes performance can be an also be a part of our photograph. Class was not only about photographs but also about how other photographers has used text to depict their work.
This class brought me to about the reason behind I photograph. I learned some words like stigmatic & semiotics which I can use later to define my work. When we made ppt on artist I realized how they inspired from their life incident and they apply it in their art work. It was hilarious to see how they used different medias to present their work. I knew how visual media is powerful then words.

Sharing some artist names and work: Ai Wei Wei seeds
alfredo jaar
Allan McCollum
Andres Serrano 1950
andrey fraser
ANDY WARHOL Piss Painting, 1978 Urine on gesso
anish kapoor
Arture Zemijeski
bhupen khkhar
Gilbert & George,
jill magid
Marc Quinn
Nathan Sawaya
Piero Manzoni
Robert Morris on
tracey emin

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What is curation

  1. 1. A Curation Sneha Sarang
  2. 2. Theme: An rtist A
  3. 3. Conceptualize Art Exhibition
  4. 4. Advertise| Mail Invitations
  5. 5. Grand Opening | Snacks | Welcome Speech
  6. 6. Publish Catalogs
  7. 7. Bhupen Khkhar -Two Men In Banaras Gilbert & George - Singing Sculpture 1971-91 - In-the-piss
  8. 8. Gilbert & George - Singing Sculpture 1971-91 Flanagan and Allen's song "Underneath the Arches", - In-the-piss
  9. 9. Jill Magid & Tracey Emin
  10. 10. Jill Magid - Spy Project 2005
  11. 11. Tracey Emin You Forgot To Kiss My Soul 2001Neon Legs 2007
  12. 12. Purple Virgin Sketch 2004 Neon Legs 2007 Tracey Emin
  13. 13. Tracey Emin- Neon work
  14. 14. Tracey Emin
  15. 15. Andres Serrano ‘Shit Show’
  16. 16. Artist's ShitPiero Manzoni
  17. 17. ANDY WARHOL Piss Painting, 1978 Urine
  18. 18. Marc Quinn -Alison-Lapper-pregnant-2005 Arture Zemijeski
  19. 19. Piro Manzoni - Artist's breath 1960 Anish Kapoor - Push-Pull 2008
  20. 20. Nathan Swaya Piro Manzoni
  21. 21. Public Rest area
  22. 22. Art workshops -Drawing-Crafts
  23. 23. Press Conference | Panel Discussion
  24. 24. Thank you