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Hotel Data and Analytics News - July 2016

SnapShot's monthly recap of the most relevant, important, and interesting news in hotel data and analytics.

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Hotel Data and Analytics News - July 2016

  1. 1. This month’s must reads in Hotel Data & Analytics News @snapshot_demand Kurfürstendamm 212, 10719 Berlin
  2. 2. We’re more than halfway through the year and the hotel tech industry seems to be moving faster than it was even just this time last year. There’s certainly lots of activity in the space, especially around what analytics are actually useful to hotels or in cloud-based tech. Even Google is getting further in on the action with Google Destinations. Beyond our great 2016-so-far recap, we really enjoyed a couple reads on how data is influencing guests’ expectations. With so much happening in our industry and so little time, we hope this monthly recap helps keep you up-to- date. We hope you enjoy the read! Regards, Clay, Martin, and the SnapShot team. Editorial A monthly recap of hotel data and analytics news
  3. 3. Find out more about what we do: visit us at
  4. 4. Our in-house Demand and Revenue Management Consultant, Linda Girrbach's practical guide to developing a modern, effective segmentation strategy for hotels. Read on our blog How to Set Up Hotel Segmentation: Tips on Modern Segmentation
  5. 5. There is no doubt that Google tends to overshadow other apps, but so far they've shied away from Travel Apps (aside from Maps, of course, and their Flights website, used by advanced travel hackers). Google Destinations seems to be their first major contender in the space. Must say, it looks pretty cool. Read on Travel & Leisure Everything You Need to Know About Google’s Crazy New Travel Planner
  6. 6. Guest satisfaction has reached a record high in 2016. Keeping in mind that guests are expecting more from hotels than ever, here are 5 tips that have kept the highly ranked hotels on top. Find out on Skift J.D. Power Hotel Guest Rankings 2016: What Hotels Should Know
  7. 7. Interviewed by Tnooz, Snapshot’s CEO Stefan Tweraser and COO David Turnbull explain what SnapShot Analytics offers hoteliers: Your hotel’s important information, displayed simply and accurately. Plus what’s new in the company. Read on Tnooz What Is SnapShot Up To with Hotel Data Analytics?
  8. 8. Another great excerpt from the "Modern Hotel Tech Stack" piece by Skift last month or so. Get a better idea how mobile habits are impacting hospitality. Read on Skift How Guest Expectations and Changes in Mobile Habits Impact Hotel Tech
  9. 9. It's been a while since we touched base with SnapShot COO and co-founder David Turnbull and a lot has changed since then. Cloud-based tech, advanced data analytics, and other digitally-enabled trends are revolutionizing the industry. So we figured it'd be a good time to sit with with David and chat about current trends in hotel tech and what these changes mean for hotels in the future. Read on our blog Current Trends in Hotel Tech: 2016
  10. 10. THE NEW ITB BERLIN - HALL 8.1 / 127 HOTEL ANALYTICS BOOK A DEMO Hello. My name is Toni. I’ve been a Director of Sales and Marketing in hotels for more years than I can remember. I recently came across SnapShot and loved the Analytics tool. So much so that I’m now giving demos and helping hundreds of hotels learn about it. If you want to find out more about analytics book a demo and I promise to give you an excellent walk- through of how it can help you better manage your hotel.
  11. 11. opensmjle put together a great list of Internet Booking Engines AKA IBEs for our educational enjoyment. You have to sign up for the full list but you can still get a good idea from the article here (though it's worth the sign up!). See on opensmjle IBE Provider Overview July 2016
  12. 12. A very important read on recent changes made in tripadvisor that may influence your web traffic, and what you can do about it. Read on LinkedIn Pulse Has Your TripAdvisor Traffic Plummeted Recently? If So, This May Be Why.
  13. 13. Data can be complex, so data analytics is important to reveal the story data has to tell. It is up to hotels themselves to give them a clear and useful meaning. More often used for marketing purposes, how does data also empower employees? Read on Skift Data and Analytics are Defining the Future of Hotel Employee-Guest Relations
  15. 15. Here is a nice read that outlines the do's, don'ts, common mistakes, and best practices for customer data collection. It's a good reminder on the importance and sensitivity of customer data and how to use it and treat it with respect. Read on Entrepreneur 10 Questions to Ask When Collecting Customer Data
  16. 16. “ ” 4 Ways Independent Hotels Can Get Ahead with Cloud Technology The trend is undeniable: Many hotels are moving to cloud-based tech. Here are some reasons to consider making the leap via our friends at StayNTouch. Read on StayNTouch Image Source:
  17. 17. A new app that allows users to book hotels by the minute or hour. Interesting proposition. Another cool example of how technology-enabled innovative thinking is changing our industry. Read on TechCrunch Recharge, Used to Book Hotel Rooms By The Minute, Raises $2.3 Million
  18. 18. In case you missed it, here’s our recap of the top stories in hotel data and analytics from last month. Some great reads in here including articles on visualisation tools, social media metrics, hotel asset management, and tips on how to improve guest experience and operations (plus much more). Until next time. Read on our blog Hotel Data & Analytics News - June 2016 Our Recap from Last Month
  19. 19. At SnapShot, we believe hoteliers should have a right to their data, and a right to use it intelligently. That's why we built SnapShot Analytics. Analytics is a cloud-based hotel analytics tool that presents a comprehensive overview of your hotel data on a powerful yet intuitive dashboard. Everything you need in one place: PMS data, benchmarking, pricing, web analytics, and social media stats. Dig as deep as you want, or keep it surface level for immediately actionable intelligence. Click below to learn more about us. Learn more About Us Everything you need to see, nothing you don’t. HOTEL ANALYTICS This Hotel Data and Analytics monthly news roundup is brought to you by Clay, Martin, and the SnapShot team. BOOK A DEMO Did we miss something? Feedback always welcome at