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Webinar: SnapLogic Winter 2015


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In this webinar, we talk about our Winter 2015 release, which introduces enhanced security and lifestyle management capabilities for integration platform as a service (iPaaS) deployments, new and updated cloud and on-premises connectors, called Snaps, and a continued focus on productivity and self-service features for "citizen integrators."

We also discuss what's new and go through a series of demonstrations by SnapLogic product management including pipeline lifecycle management, improved developer productivity, big data integration and more.

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Webinar: SnapLogic Winter 2015

  1. 1. SnapLogic Winter 2015 • Enterprise iPaaS Deployment Features • Pipeline Development Productivity • Big Data Integration • New and Updated Snaps
  2. 2. Enterprise Deployment Updates • Enhanced security options • Lifecycle management phases (Dev/Test/Prod) • Performance gains throughout the platform
  3. 3. Pipeline Development Productivity • Auto-documentation of pipelines • Snap Pattern projects for saving, sharing repeatable patterns • Many UX updates such as copy / paste Snaps
  4. 4. Big Data Integration • SnapReduce and the Hadooplex are now GA • Updates with this release: • SnapReduce supports JSON Parser and Formatter Snaps • Run-time stats in the design environment Snaplex YARN Application MapReduce Generation MapReduce Snaplogic iPaaS + Hadoop YARN YARN MapReduce MapReduce MapReduce MapReduce MapReduce MapReduce MapReduce = Snaplex Container
  5. 5. New and Updated Snaps • New: SumoLogic, SAP HANA, Salesforce Analytics Cloud • Updated: Directory Browser, Google, HDFS, File Writer, Aggregate, Database write, SAP Execute, NetSuite OpenAir HANA
  6. 6. Demonstration
  7. 7. Next Steps • Subscription Features: • Enhanced Security (Platform Edition only) • Lifecycle Management (Platform Edition only, Additional Dev/Test Nodes required) • SnapReduce (Platform Edition only, Add-on required) • Contact your CSM or Account Manager to enable new Org Admin features • Enhanced Security • Lifecycle Management (beta) • SnapReduce • Be sure to check out the TechTalks and join the Developer Community:
  8. 8. Connect With The Team @SnapLogic Facebook/SnapLogic