Hadoop for Humans: Introducing SnapReduce 2.0


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In this webinar, we talk about Hadoop, big data and SnapReduce 2.0 with SnapLogic Chief Scientist Greg Benson, Professor of Computer Science at the University of San Francisco. This webinar features a dive into SnapReduce, and a discussion about how SnapLogic delivers big data acquisition, better big data preparation and universal big data delivery.

To learn more, visit: http://www.snaplogic.com/snapreduce

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  • Greg, why is Hadoop / BD such a hot topic in enterprise IT?
  • You mentioned data warehousing – what’s your take? SQL on Hadoop is certainly getting a lot of attention right now.
  • Our focus is on these 3 pilars
  • Orchestrations, schedules, connections and security details are managed by the cloud-based Designer, Manager and Monitoring Dashboard. The Snaplex streams data between applications and data sources, and can run in the cloud or behind the firewall.

    We like to say that the SnapLogic Integration Cloud “respects data gravity.” If most of your apps that are being integrated in the cloud, why would you want your integration to run behind the firewall?
    On the other hand, if you’re primarily integrating SaaS apps with on-premises databases and applications like SAP and Oracle, you’ll mostly likely want to run the Snaplex as close to the data as possible.

    The Snaplex is a self-upgrading execution grid that streams data between applications, databases, files, social and big data sources. When running in the cloud, the Snaplex is able to scale up and down elastically based on the volume of data being processed or the latency requirements of the integration flow. The Snaplex can also be configured to run behind the firewall for hybrid deployments involving on-premise enterprise applications. The Snaplex allows data and process flows to be triggered based on events or scheduled jobs, called via REST APIs, or invoked programmatically via the SnAPI.

    No data is stored or cached in the SnapLogic Integration Cloud. It streams data. It is 100% standards based and elastically scales out to meet your capacity requirements.
  • Magnify the containers? May it magnify out.
  • Introducing SnapReduce 2.0 from SnapLogic – bringing the power of a fast, multi-point and modern integration platform as a service to Hadoop.
  • With an easy-to-use cloud-based designer, SnapLogic delivers massive data integration productivity and connectivity gains to organizations investing in big data platforms.
  • With SnapReduce, big data customers are able to see 10X performance gains thanks to our scale out, elastic integration architecture.
  • Hadoop for Humans: Introducing SnapReduce 2.0

    1. 1. Hadoop for Humans: Introducing SnapReduce 2.0
    2. 2. 2 Today’s Agenda Darren Cunningham VP Marketing Craig Stewart Sr. Director, Product Management Greg Benson Chief Scientist  The Big Data Promise and Reality  Introducing SnapReduce 2.0  Demonstration  Discussion and Next Steps
    3. 3. 3 About Greg Benson  Professor of Computer Science at the University of San Francisco  Worked on research in distributed systems, parallel programming, OS kernels, and programming languages for the last 20 years
    4. 4. 4 Big Data Hype: Go Big or Go Home…
    5. 5. 5 Hadoop and the Data Warehouse “Where you stand depends on where you sit…”
    6. 6. 6 Big Data Integration
    7. 7. 7 SnapLogic Elastic Integration A single platform to connect data, apps and APIs Data Applications APIs We’re 100% focused on delivering faster application, process and data integration in a single cloud platform. - Gaurav Dhillon, SnapLogic Founder and CEO ““
    8. 8. 8 Key Components of the SnapLogic Platform “Control Plane” Designer, Manager, Dashboards (Multi-tenant cloud service) 1 “Cloudplex” “Groundplex” “Hadooplex” “Data Plane” Snaplex (Elastic execution) 2 New! Snaps (Buy or Build) 3
    9. 9. 9 SnapReduce 2.0 Snaplex YARN Application MapReduce Generation MapReduce Snaplogic iPaaS + Hadoop YARN YARN MapReduce MapReduce MapReduce MapReduce MapReduce MapReduce MapReduce = Snaplex Container
    10. 10. 10 Snaplex YARN Application = Snaplex Container
    11. 11. 11 Snaplex Generating MapReduce MA P YARN MA P MA P MA P REDUCEMAP MAPREDUCE SnapReduce Compiler Map Reduce
    12. 12. 12 Bringing it Together: Hadoop, Workday, API
    13. 13. 13 SnapReduce 2.0 Demonstration
    14. 14. 14 SnapReduce 2.0: “Hadoop for Humans” SnapReduce Map Reduce Vs.
    15. 15. 15 SnapReduce 2.0: Elastic Scale Out “SnapReduce 2.0 enables customers to leverage Cloudera Enterprise’s massively parallel processing capabilities for their big data integration initiatives.” Tim Stevens VP Corporate and Business Development, Cloudera
    16. 16. 16 Why SnapLogic SnapReduce 2.0  Acquire: – Improved Information Access with +160 Snaps – Scale Out Architecture – Respect for Data Gravity  Prepare: – Double Your Data Scientists – “Hadoop for Humans”  Deliver: – Statisticians, BI Analysts, Visualizations
    17. 17. 17 SnapReduce 2.0 Availability  Early Access Program has started – http://www.snaplogic.com/snapreduce – Certified on Cloudera, HortonWorks  Working with some large customers on their use cases  GA targeted for end of September
    18. 18. 18 Discussion www.SnapLogic.com/BigData Darren Cunningham Craig Stewart Greg Benson