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In case you missed us at the Tableau Customer Conference this week, learn more about SnapLogic Elastic Integration and our new data joiner for Tableau users. Elastic Integration leaves no data behind!

To learn more, visit: http://www.snaplogic.com/.

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  • A new solution required for the new world whereData gravityElasticity, a key requirement
  • 1990sValuable data was being generated but was really living in silo’d environments. The term MDM was not even coined till 2003As long as you could connect different systems together via a nightly, or sometimes even a weekly feed, that was pretty darn awesome!Technologies like ESBs, EAIs, ETLs… flourished.Data was mostly structured. Sitting in RDBMS systems2000sNetwork speeds increasedCosts went downPlayers like Salesforce and NetSuite started getting traction from SMB marketImmense value on cost and agilityFlexibility of to subscribe vs. perpetual licenses2005: Consumer / Social dataFB, Twitter, LinkedIn, amazon.com consumer reviews…Humans generating massive amounts of preference data, likes and dislikes, Data was different: Non-relational unstructured. Real-time dataHuge volumes: PetabytesProviding immense value to the business on their customers2010: MachineRFID tags. Various other sensors, weblogs. ArcSight got bought out for $1.5B by HPMassive amounts of dataExabytesSplunk had a successful IPO last monthSnap LogicThese 4 sources create an Impendence mismatch!Good luck doing all of this with an ESB Structured vs. unstructuredStreaming vs. batchPetabytes and Exabytes vs. GigaBytesPull vs. pushHub and spokeUnprecedented opportunity & desire to use dataData silos (data fragmentation) unavoidableLegacy Apps, Cloud Apps, and Hadoop are driving thisDifferent locations, protocols, formats, and architecturesData is more distributed & less accessible (less useful)Compounding due to volume & variety of apps & dataESB is just another connectionEnterprises must share data between their appsCollect, combine, process data into valuable informationCompetitive advantage will become necessity for survivalsnapLogic = data sharing platform
  • Easy to buildA kid out of school built snaps in 4 daysContainerazationAbstraction of the end point – so you do not need to know everything
  • 3rd day on the job2 Dozen customers in a variety of industries,IT because that’s great for start ups – IT companies are early adopters and risk takers.Media (web architecture), Retail (Facing disruption from Amazon looking to increase their competitive advantage using software solutions and better access to informationWe are being managed by the security group at GE – GE Security: Apptio performed an independent security assessment on us before going live. RBC, AMEX took that further and performed even more rigorous data plane and control plane security analysis. (Single channel, port usage.)
  • Empower Yourself for Faster and More Accurate Decisions

    1. 1. http://jnr.io
    2. 2. Join (match “Zip Code”) Leads Income By Zip .TDE http://jnr.io
    3. 3. Online Desktop Enterprise Data Warehouses .TDE .TDE
    4. 4. ANY Variety Location Volume Velocity In Real-Time
    5. 5. N (N-1) / 2 where N = # of nodes 8 (8-1) / 2 = 28 connections N + 1 where N = # of nodes = 8 connections Option 1: Point-to-Point Option 2: Hub-N-Spoke
    6. 6. BUY • SnapStore • Certified and supported by SnapLogic BUILD • SDK + API • Java, Python • Customer, Partner or SnapLogic
    7. 7. Corporate and Power
    8. 8. • Use SnapLogic’s extensible “Snap” architecture to connect to the variety of data sources. • Snaps “introspect” the data source. Snaps can automatically adjust to changes in data structure at the source • Use prebuilt commercial snaps wherever possible. • When prebuilt snaps cannot be used, Snap SDK was used to build custom snaps. Using Snap SDK, any Java developer can write snaps that allows any data source to plug into SnapLogic • Build the snaps for all data sources upfront. Once snaps are built, marketing team can build the data flows using “pipelines” • Use SnapLogic’s built-in scheduler and notifications to manage and monitor the data flows APPROACH • Foundation for a one on one relationship with its customers using Social Media and targeted Advertising Campaigns • A uniform simple way to consume data irrespective of the technical complexities of data source. Marketing analysts consume data directly from Facebook, Google, Vindico, Kenshoo etc. in the exact same • Drag-n-drop approach to building pipelines. Implementing an actual data flow very similar to sketching out the data flow using a tool like Visio • Marketing can retrieve and manipulate the ever- changing data directly without IT involvement • Marketing can now see the data from a Web Browser allowing them instantly see where their dollars are being most effective BENEFITS BACKGROUND • The second largest discount retailer in the country. As of 2012, its ranked #38 on Fortune 500 and is a member of S&P 500 index • Uses its digital presence as competitive advantage. Rich metrics sourced from a variety of providers like Google Doubleclick, Facebook etc. • Marketing knows what the data “means”. However, they cannot interact directly with the data due to technical complexities in gathering data. Need to empower the Marketing to retrieve and manipulate metrics directly without IT involvement • Need a solution that abstracts the technical details behind data access Fortune 50 Retailer
    9. 9. • Deployed SnapLogic in the Cloud as an integration platform • Use out-of-the Box Snaps to connect to multiple social media, unstructured data sources including Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics, Youtube, and Bing • Leveraged comprehensive set of pre-built transformations in SnapLogic and our drag-n- drop User Interface to create Business and data processing logic • Reduced Time to Value by using prebuilt connectivity to 160+ endpoints including social media, SaaS, Enterprise, and BI applications. • Improved business agility by leveraging business users to build integrations using an intuitive graphical (no-coding) UI • Reduced IT cost by using a platform instead of hard to maintain hand coded scripts • Reduced operational maintenance cost and increased reliability and security by using the SnapLogic platform BENEFITS • A British-Dutch multinational consumer goods company is a major producer of health, hygiene and home products. Market cap £31.6 billion. • This will require them to pull data from sources such as Google Analytics, Facebook and Twitter. • The data will be loaded to a visualization tool for reporting and analysis to radically improve marketing and targeting to consumers. APPROACH BACKGROUND British Multi-national Consumer Goods Company
    10. 10. 10x Faster Access to Data  Zero coding necessary  Rich drag, drop and configure user experience  160+ prebuilt Snaps for rich pre-built connectivity 6x Cheaper Access to Data  Rapid development and deployment of integration pipelines  Rapid assimilation of new data sources  Avoid vendor lock-in with flexible subscription pricing Puts the Citizen Developer in the Driver’s Seat  3-6x faster time to solution
    11. 11.   
    12. 12.     snaplogic.com/semi-monthly-tech-talks Webinars Whitepapers Case Studies
    13. 13. http://jnr.io