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SnapApp Features and Benefits


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Learn how the SnapApp platform enables marketers and agencies to create interactive content for the web, social & mobile that engages users, encourages viral sharing and converts leads. 855-SNAP-APP

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SnapApp Features and Benefits

  1. 1. SnapApp Product Guide @Snap_App 855-SNAP-APP 1
  2. 2. Sample Content Made on SnapApp & Shared Across Mobile, Social & Web 2
  3. 3. On Facebook 3
  4. 4. On a Website 4
  5. 5. On Mobile Devices 5
  6. 6. Product Overview “Big Picture” 6
  7. 7. The SnapApp Product Platform makes it easy to create compelling customer engagements that deliver results Self Service Easy to use self serve platform to create compelling, branded App builder engagements that are easily deployed Multiple SnapApp’s can be deployed wherever your users are: Facebook, Channels Website, Mobile, Ad units, Blogs and email that engage end usersGreat End User Your customers experience your brand in a new and engaging way Experience Complete Analyze every aspect of a SnapApp interaction from hover overs to Analytics social sharing
  8. 8. The “Big Picture”, SnapApp provides an easy to use design platformthat can publish cross-channel providing powerful business analytics Design platform Channel Integration Business Analytics Predefined Multiple Publishing Channels Engagement types Content types Multi-dimensional data Web Poll Videos Impression Images Mobile Quiz Clicks Custom links Microsite Survey Completions Buttons Facebook Personality Share actions Email Share Rate AD UnitAcquisition Methods Design tools Referrals Blog Multiple Creative design tools Lead submits Acquisition Types WordPress Viral lift Themes Leads Image upload Mouse over Likes Text colors Action triggers Tweets Follows Image scaling Likes Subscriptions AD refresh Text Sign-ups Page refresh Follows 8 Sizing Downloads
  9. 9. Features and Benefits-Goal Wizard 9
  10. 10. GoalThe Goal Wizard makes it easy to create Apps based on Wizardbusiness objectivesCampaign Goals• Drive social media interaction with social components• Acquire more customers with acquisition methods• Publish to existing or new channels for more exposureEngagement Types• Create unique and compelling user interaction with fifteen types of engagementsThemes• Create beautiful engagements with our multi-layered themes• Use them as they are or style with your unique brandSnapApp makes it easy for you to create, deploy and engage…No developers required
  11. 11. EngagementsChoose from multiple engagement types that excite anddrive consumer engagementSweepstakes• Drive significant engagement by offering an enticement• Seven kinds of sweepstakes from a simple form to challengesPolls and Surveys• Users love to give their feedbackTrivia Quizzes• Educate and inform by engagementPersonality Tests• Are the most effective engagement type Engagements leverage the attributes of game mechanics driving users to want to interact
  12. 12. ThemesProfessionally designed themes get you off to a fast startand are easily branded and styledCreative themes to choose from• Minimalist• Face-to Face• Blue wave• Many moreMultiple layers and objects• Give you plenty of design choicesOr Create your own masterpiece• You are only limited to your imagination!The purpose of themes are to provide inspiration to you and show you the possibilities!
  13. 13. Features and Benefits-App Manager-App Builder 13
  14. 14. App App Manager, is the central place to easily manage all of Manager your apps Manage • Create applications • Edit, delete, clone • View responses • View Lead data • Search for apps • Tag apps Analytics • Access analytics for all applications View App statistics • Create date • Last publish date • Published or unpublished • Type of App Account • Edit account data • Login / LogoutApp manager is the central place to create, access and manage all of your apps
  15. 15. App App Builder allows you to customize every aspect of an Builder engagement Compose • Create title, introduction, questions & answers for your engagement • Associate images to questions or answers Customize • Size to any dimension you need • Set background colors • Size and color text • Add engagement components • Add additional text, images and video Connect • Add, remove, position social media connectors • Design your lead collection Publish • Generate widget code for you website • Connect to Facebook Page • Configure microsite Live widget preview!We make it easy to create, brand and deploy Apps in literally minutes
  16. 16. Compose The Compose tab gets you started on your SnapApp! Title and Introduction • Start your engagement with a great introduction Questions • Polls are generally one question with multiple answers - add as many or as few as you want • Surveys allow as many questions as you would like Answers • Create images associated to particular answers, resize and scale • Enable write in answers • Randomize answers • One click answering • Click answer for a response • Create columns Answer selection types • Multi-select checkbox • Slider bar • Dropdown listQuestions and Answers allow flexible ways for you to interact with your customers
  17. 17. CustomizeCustomize virtually every element in your App…Color, Layouts and Fonts• Size your widget to any dimension• Change your Theme or add a background image• Optimize for mobile display• Change text size, color and placementAdditional Components• Turn Splash page on or off• Turn response totals on or off• Display a time limit• Limit repeat usersAdditional Text Image and Video• Add videos• Add images• Add additional textTheme Elements• If you have applied a theme you can remove, replace of resizeSnapApp’s design is highly flexible allowing you to optimize for your brand and channel
  18. 18. Connect allows you to add social connections and methods Connectof acquisitionSocial Sharing and Integration• Include a “Like” button to drive likes to your business or page• Include Twitter “Follow” button to follow your Twitter• Include Google “+1” button to +1 your App or the page it is on• Include custom button code from other sites as wellQuiz results and sharing• People love to share results of their quizzes to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or other apps• For Facebook and Twitter you can customize the text or share the link to the appDrive social interaction and more users by adding social elements
  19. 19. Lead generation can be customized for your lead collection, Lead Gensubscription of data collection needsLead Form• Add and delete fields• Use Facebook connect to allow users to automatically fill in the form with data directly pulled from Facebook• Allow user to skip the formAdditional Lead data• Append Question and answer data to each lead to add incredibly rich data for each participant• Fixed fields can be added for static data for each record• Hidden fields can be used to pass data about the page where the widget is locatedDelivery Options• Email batch• Real time HTTP post or getSnapApp design is highly flexible allowing you to optimize for your brand and channel
  20. 20. SnapApp allows you to publish where your customers and prospects Customizeare - website, Facebook, blog, mobile, email or micrositePublish Settings• Allows you to set an end date for your app that will end payment for the App• It also allows text to be displayed when the app has ended• You can also redirect to a linkPublish Methods• Changes can be to your App at anytime and then Updated when you are ready• Login to your Facebook account and Deploy in four easy steps• Grab the widget code JavaScript and paste into your site• Install a WordPress plugin and install the App on WordPress• Deploy a microsite• Grab HTML and put the engagement in email creative Reach your customers where they are!
  21. 21. Analytics provide data on every aspect of your engagement AnalyticsDashboard• Allows you to see graphical trending of leading indicatorsDetailed reporting• Which channels are having the greatest impact and results• Which apps are the most effective• Impressions to conversion ratios• App completion rates• Lead submissions• Social interaction, results and share ratesData viewing• Set date ranges• Set reporting columns• Drilldowns• Export data Deep and wide analytics provide insight to the effectiveness of your apps