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Inspiration for Your Next Content Campaign: 13 Quotes From Doug Kessler


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How to create content that resonates from marketing expert, Doug Kessler, brought to you by SnapApp's The Tuning Fork.

Published in: Marketing
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Inspiration for Your Next Content Campaign: 13 Quotes From Doug Kessler

  1. 1. “13 Standout Quotes to Inspire Your Next Content Campaign” From Doug Kessler
  2. 2. It used to be enough just to be doing content marketing… and now it isn’t enough – that just gets you in the game, now.”
  3. 3. “A lot of what resonates in marketing is marketing that breaks convention – that doesn’t look like marketing.
  4. 4. When something looks and feels and smells like marketing, people put up their defenses.”
  5. 5. Put yourself in their shoes – as someone who is bombarded by content.”
  6. 6. “One of the first jobs is can you get someone to lean forward? You’ve got to get them to lean forward.
  7. 7. The more you know about your audience, the more chance you have at making content that resonates.”
  8. 8. Use that insight to look them right in the eye, and say this is for you.”
  9. 9. I think that’s actually the lion’s share of why people make content that doesn’t resonate – it’s that they never actually set out to do so.”
  10. 10. “Today’s B2B voice is different.”
  11. 11. The old B2B voice was to be venerable, authoritative, BIG, and serious.”
  12. 12. “Now the values of a B2B brand come from transparency, authenticity, humanity, and personality.
  13. 13. It’s all the things a person is – it’s fun and interesting.”
  14. 14. You don’t have to be stiff, you can have fun with it, be hard hitting – be yourself, essentially.”
  15. 15. Get your audience leaning forward with interactive content! Download the Demand Gen Marketers Guide Today