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Facebook Marketing - Running Sweepstakes and Social Promotions_4.12


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Sweepstakes are an effective way to boost fan engagement, grow likes, generate a viral buzz AND increase site referral traffic. But there is a right way and a wrong way to run a sweepstakes on Facebook! And, there are special state laws and Facebook rules you need to know before you get started. Download this guide to learn best practices from SnapApp.

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Facebook Marketing - Running Sweepstakes and Social Promotions_4.12

  1. 1. BO OKFA CE ET INGM ARK Running Successful Sweepstakes & Social Promotions
  2. 2. WHY SHOULD YOU RUN A FACEBOOK SWEEPSTAKES? Running a sweepstakes or promotion on Facebook is a popular, and highly- effective way to generate leads, get more likes, and engage your current fans. Why is this important? Fans that are happy and engaged are easier to convert. Companies that run a sweepstakes get a 34% increase in traffic—meaning sweepstakes often drive more traffic than original blog content or videos.1 SnapApp customers are seeing impressive results with sweepstakes. About 70% of people who see a SnapApp sweepstakes click to enter, and a staggering 96% of those visitors complete and submit the lead gen form.2 1 Source: L2 Think Tanks Magazine, Digital IQ Index, July 2011 2 Source: SnapApp Webinar: The Right Way to Run a Sweepstakes to Get More Facebook Fans, 2012 855-Snap-App
  3. 3. Here are just some a few examples of effectivesweepstakes and their results: Magic Beans, a retailer of baby and infant products, ran a month-long promotion, “Magic Beans 31 Days of Giveaways” that featured a different prize each day. The sweepstakes yielded over 100,000 leads and more than 1,400 new Facebook likes. 855-Snap-App
  4. 4. Martha Stewarts flagship television program, The Martha Stewart Show, promoted their season premiere on the Hallmark channel with, "Marthas Ultimate Fan" sweepstakes. The grand prize included a trip for 2 to see "The Martha Stewart Show" live in New York City. The entry form for the sweepstakes also included the option to sign up for "The Martha Stewart Show" or "Mad Hungry" newsletters and to receive a free print issue of Martha Stewart Living magazine. Of those who entered the sweepstakes, 77% also signed up for the optional offers.Sure, leads are great, but maybeyou just want more Facebook likes?CSN Philadelphia used SnapApp tocreate a sweepstakes giving awayEagles season tickets that ran ontheir Facebook page, on the CSNPhiladelphia website and on theofficial Philadelphia Eagles website. The result—a 25% increase in Facebook Likes, more than 5000 new likes, in just 5 days. 855-Snap-App
  5. 5. BEFORE YOU BEGIN After looking at numbers like that, youre probably more than ready to run your own sweepstakes! Before you start, there are a few key things you should prepare in order to ensure your sweepstakes will be a huge success. First, youll want to clearly define and prioritize your goals. Do you just want more Facebook likes? Are you hoping to collect leads for a mailing list or sales pipeline? Do you want to drive traffic and promote your companys brand? Once you have your goals in place, you can begin to put together your sweepstakes.EYES ON THE PRIZE One of the most important elements of your sweepstakes is the prize. What will you use to incentivize your customers and achieve your goals? Knowing your audience is key. You want your prize to not only be well received by your current audience, but attract the right kind of visitors- visitors who will become loyal fans. Generic prizes, like a TV, computer, or mp3 player, might be tempting because theyll generate a lot of interest, but they wont generate an audience who will be responsive to follow-up campaigns. Also keep your budget in mind. A highly-targeted, compelling prize will offer your customers value, and it doesnt need to be expensive. 855-Snap-App
  6. 6. CONTEST FORMAT What will your entry form look like? What will you ask of your audience to accept their entry? Youll need to go back to your goals to help define this. For example, if your goal is to collect leads for a mailing list, you can simply ask for email and home address. Or, if you are looking to engage your audience and promote your brand, try a asking users to submit a photo or video.Keep in mind, it might be best to keep it simple—the less barriers to entry, the better! Adding a like-gate to your sweepstakes is a great way to achieve your goal of getting more likes. 855-Snap-App
  7. 7. KNOW YOUR RULES Facebook has very strict rules and guidelines governing sweepstakes and promotions run on Pages . Under no circumstances can you use Facebook technology to run a sweepstakes.3 Violating this policy could lead to your Page getting shut down, and worst of all, losing ALL of your fans. The solution? Use a 3rd party platform, like SnapApp, to run your promotion. Use our handy Sweepstakes ChecklistThere are also some general sweepstakes to make sure you have everything yourules and regulations to adhere to as well. need to run a fantastic sweepstakes! • Except where explicitly outlawed, anyone must be able to enter. Official rules must be made available at all times. • Register and Bond regulations in RI, if your prize is worth $500 or more and in NY and FL, if the prize is worth $5,000 or more. AZ also has special regulations. Consider excluding these states if you dont have the resources to become registered and bonded. • If your target audience includes children under 13, make sure your sweepstakes is COPPA compliant. If they are under 18, parental or guardian permission is required to accept the prize.3 855-Snap-App
  8. 8. KNOW YOUR RULES (Continued)FACEBOOK SECRETS Make sure your sweepstakes is optimized for Facebook with the following tips: • Name Your Tab…Smartly • Only a few letters show on sidebar. Consider what will get attention quickly. “Sweeps: Name of Sweeps” or “Prize: Enter to Win" • Like-Gating – will it help achieve your goals? • If you have Facebooks new Timeline layout enabled, be sure to include a custom image. • Mobile Optimize Your App for the Best User Experience • Design Your App to Fit • 44% of Facebooks 800M members access • 520 × 650px will show your full app on most the site through their mobile devices 4 browsers. • Youll need a third party to develop this for you4 Source: 855-Snap-App
  9. 9. LAUNCH & PROMOTE The duration of your sweepstakes depends on a number of factors, including:How much did the prize cost? How interested are people in How vast is your network?The more expensive the prize, the prize? The broader your network, thethe longer you’ll need to run your If the prize has a high value take less time it will take to get buzzsweepstakes. advantage of people’s continuing for your sweepstakes. interest and get as much return as possible by running the sweepstakes for as long as possible. If you’re not sure, a month is a great starting off point! This will give you enough time to make back your money while retaining the interest of your fans. Sweepstakes Channels Social Media should never be your only marketing strategy—you’ll need to support your viral efforts via multiple channels. Send an email blast, buy facebook ads to promote it, etc. And don’t forget to tweet and post on your page about your sweepstakes often – you can’t assume that your entire network saw it the first time. It’s important not to over promote – one post or tweet a day seems about right but consider the size of your audience and adjust to higher frequency the larger your network & reach. Community Management Make sure you have someone dedicated to responding to questions and comments about the sweepstakes. It’s important to make the sweepstakes a positive experience for fans of your page. The most often question youll get is, "How do I enter?" It might seem obvious to you, but keep in mind fans have a short attention span, make sure it is really clear how to enter your sweepstakes! 855-Snap-App
  10. 10. ANALYZE YOUR RESULTS After looking at numbers like that, youre probably more than ready to run your own sweepstakes! Before you start, there are a few key things you should prepare in order to ensure your sweepstakes will be a huge success. First, youll want to clearly define and prioritize your goals. Do you just want more Facebook likes? Are you hoping to collect leads for a mailing list or sales pipeline? Do you want to drive traffic and promote your companys brand? Once you have your goals in place, you can begin to put together your sweepstakes. 855-Snap-App
  11. 11. KEEP THEM ENGAGED Once your sweepstakes has ended, and And dont stop engaging with your the prize is fulfilled, make sure to audience, especially now that youve announce your winner on your social gained a whole new following. Some of media networks. Make the most of this the best strategies include posting announcement—fans will be eager to see videos and photos, asking interesting who has won—and tie in a teaser for an questions to illicit replies, sharing polls, upcoming sweepstakes or other event personality tests, and trivia quizzes. that you want to promote next. Take, for example this personality test If you collected permission to email posted on Figments Facebook page them, consider an email to all entrants as which allows for quick and easy well. This can be a great way to ignite response using SnapApps In News communication in a new channel but be Feed Answering feature. explicit about what and how often you plan to continue your email conversation. 855-Snap-App
  12. 12. CONTACT US TO LEARN MORE Are you thinking about running a sweepstakes? SnapApp can help your sweepstakes be a huge success! If youd like to learn more, contact us, or register for your free SnapApp account and start creating your sweepstakes today! EMAIL PHONE TWITTER FACEBOOK 1–617–923–0000 @snap_app snapapp 1–855–SNAP–APPWHY SNAPAPP?SnapApp is a comprehensive marketing platform that facilitates high-value audience interactions through thecreation and distribution of interactive content. With the SnapApp platform, you create engagingsweepstakes, quiz apps or custom pages that can be shared not only on your Facebook page but also acrossthe web, social and mobile. SnapApp’s Facebook apps enable you to monetize your social lead generation,extend your reach through viral sharing activities and drive higher engagement with your hard-earnedFacebook community. Learn more at www.snapapp.comSNAPAPP’S FACEBOOK SPECIFIC FEATURES INCLUDE: • Facebook mobile optimization • In News Feed Questions & Answers • Facebook connect integration • Rich Analytics to track your apps performance • Multiple app support (run many apps at the same time)   • Multiple engagement types: quizzes, polls, surveys, sweepstakes and more | | 1-617-923-0000 | | @snap_app Brought to you by Pangea Media Engage and Acquire Customers