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Iceland questionare


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Iceland questionare

  1. 1. Iceland questionaire
  2. 2. 29% 69% 2% What gender are you? Male Female Other
  3. 3. 33% 6% 30% 2% 29% What kind of enviroment do you prefer to study in? A general classroom A smaller classroom Library Computer room Outside At home Other
  4. 4. 28% 2% 2% 48% 20% How do you like the distance learning program? I'm not in distance learning and don't have any distance learning classes I'm in distance learning and I like it I'm in distance learning and it could be better I'm not in distance learning but it distracts me in the classroom I'm not in distance learning but it does not distract me in the classrooms
  5. 5. 18% 70% 10% 2% Which of the following would you prefer sitting on in class? The chairs that are already in the classrooms Office chairs Pillow Benches Yoga balls Other
  6. 6. 24% 24%32% 8% 10% 2% How do you prefer studying? Working in groups practical lessons Taking notes Listening to lectures Reading on my own Other
  7. 7. 28% 8% 22% 30% 5% 7% What is a distraction for you in classrooms? My phone My computer Distance learning program The other students Music Other