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Fire in Downtown Milton/Sara Surber


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News story, for Media Relations class, about the Imogene theater burning down.

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Fire in Downtown Milton/Sara Surber

  1. 1. Sara M. Surber<br />Professor Scott<br />PUR 4990<br />February 8, 2011<br />On Deadline<br /> Fire in Downtown Milton<br />A fire was reported at 12:30 p.m. Thursday to the Santa Rosa County Communications Center in downtown Milton. The first units arrived on scene at 12:40 p.m.<br />The fire started in a small shed owned by the Santa Rosa Historical Society and Imogene Theatre which has been completely destroyed. The theatre has suffered an unknown extent of fire, smoke and water damage. <br />The fire spread to two adjacent buildings, one housed the administrative offices of the Santa Rosa Republican Club (Green Club) – the other a coffee house. The Green Club suffered a partial collapse. The coffee house suffered significant water damage but is reportedly salvageable.<br />Upon initial notification seven fire departments responded. Within a hours, 16 fire departments arrived on site with more than 75 firefighters to contain the fire. Raymond Burns, one of the first firefighters on scene from the Skyline fire department, was taken to the Santa Rosa County Medical Center for heat exhaustion where his condition was stabilized.<br />A young female was also taken to West Florida Hospital for a pre-existing condition triggered by inhalation of smoke procured by the fire. She is expected to make a full recovery.<br /> “We have over 16 departments in the area working to contain the fire and investigate the cause of this incident,” said Santa Rosa County Media Relations spokesperson Rick Scott.<br />Investigators haven’t had the opportunity to determine the cause of the fire but it was reportedly contained at 1:10 p.m. Tuesday. An Estimate of damages is still underway.<br />“It’s a fluid situation. It depends on how much water is put on the fire. We’ve been able to knock the fire back to the point of no longer spreading,” added Lt. Daniel Akerman.<br />Carolina St./Highway 90 through Milton is closed from Willing to Canal Street until further notice.<br /> <br />