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Tweetsteria deck of Mississauga trivia questions for 24 May 2017


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A new Singles event that pays people to play trivia and research branded content. The hysteria created by giving twenty dollar bills away in a live restaurant or bar works to make the perfect setting for couples to interact and indeed co conspire to win cash.

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Tweetsteria deck of Mississauga trivia questions for 24 May 2017

  1. 1. ROUND ONE
  2. 2. Question One According to the 2016 census, what is the population of Mississauga today?
  3. 3. Question Two The 2014 film Robocop was filmed in Mississauga which was made to look like what American City in the year 2028?
  4. 4. Question Three How many people Like Modern Mississauga magazine on Facebook? SPONSORED QUESTION
  5. 5. Question Four Who is the closest Master Mechanic? Tweet the owner’s full name. SPONSORED QUESTION
  6. 6. Question Five Who is the Vice President of Operations at Direct Response Media Group?
  7. 7. Question Six Solanum nigrum is also known as… ? SPONSORED QUESTION
  8. 8. Question Seven Name two toppings on Cagney’s ‘flatbread’ appetizer. First Tweet wins the money and the dish!
  9. 9. ROUND TWO
  10. 10. Question Eight Who was the retired British Navy sea captain that built the 1830s era farm house that is today Bradley Museum?
  11. 11. Question Nine Before ending her career in politics, Hazel McCallion was the world’s oldest Mayor. How many years did she serve as Mayor?
  12. 12. Question Ten What is the RC# of the Canada Revenue Agency – Marital Status Change Application form?
  13. 13. Question Eleven How many Aire One locations are there? SPONSORED QUESTION
  14. 14. Question Twelve Square One is Mississauga’s largest shopping mall. How many parking spots does it have?
  15. 15. Question Thirteen Name one of two menu items at Cagney’s that’s cooked in Sambuca? First answer wins cash and cuisine.
  16. 16. Question Fourteen What type of cheese is used in Cagney’s famous Saganaki? Tweet accompanying garnish to win the dish!
  17. 17. ROUND THREE
  18. 18. Question Fifteen DRMG is the largest direct mail distributor in Canada. How many co- op direct mail options does DRMG offer? SPONSORED QUESTION
  19. 19. Question Sixteen Name either of two Canadian universities where Joseph Zayouna of Zayouna Personal Injury Law got his education? SPONSORED QUESTION
  20. 20. Question Seventeen What is the ten digit ISBN number on Laura Bilotta’s book, Single in the City: From Hookups & Heartbreaks to Love & Lifemates: Tales & Tips to Attract Your Perfect Match?
  21. 21. Question Eighteen How much are two tickets to the next Burlington Singles Speed Dating event with the 10% bring a friend discount? Don’t forget HST!
  22. 22. Question Nineteen What element is the most popular insulation inside thermal insulated windows?
  23. 23. Question Twenty Mississauga is one of how many Canadian cities that reside on Lake Ontario?
  24. 24. Question Twenty-One Cagney’s Restaurant has GPS coordinates 43.58323 (Latitude) and ? (Longitude).
  25. 25. That’s All Folks Thanks for playing Tweetsteria!