The Value of a Land Title Survey for Hotels and Motels


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Smith-Roberts National Corp. ( ) is a nationwide ALTA Land Survey coordinator and the originator of the DesignReady Survey®.

SRN conducts nationwide ALTA land title surveys for Hotels and Motels.

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The Value of a Land Title Survey for Hotels and Motels

  1. 1. The Value of a Land Title Survey for Hotels and Motels
  2. 2. • Hotels need to constantly upgrade and renovate their facilities to remain competitive and maintain their franchise affiliations.• Ever changing customer trends and technologies make it necessary to upgrade and stat ahead of the curve.• Any time a new hotel is constructed or existing one upgraded an ALTA survey may be needed.
  3. 3. • When preparing an ALTA Survey for the Hotel and Motel industry, there are a number of important items to consider above and beyond the property boundary and the location of buildings on the subject property.• One of the most common problems with this type of property is the number of parking spaces that are required by local zoning codes.
  4. 4. • When a Hotel or Motel is built, part of the building and permitting process is the number of required parking spaces for the amount of rooms and square footage of other common areas, ie; the restaurant and lobby.• Over time, for various reasons, parking configurations have a tendency to change.• As the manager or owner realize that the traffic flow requires parking spaces to be moved or eliminated and in some cases redesigned all together.
  5. 5. • When this happens often times the number of spaces, both handicap and regular parking spaces fail to meet the minimum standards required by zoning.• Sometimes it is very easy to remedy the situation by simply reconfiguring the parking and placing with new striping but other times it is a bit more costly and time consuming.
  6. 6. • Other points of concerns that arise out of a survey include access agreements and signage.• Depending on the property location, it may include sharing access with others.• Often times this access agreement is unknown to the current owners and allows for more than just access.
  7. 7. • Unknown and unrecorded documents that allow for signage are typically uncovered when the surveyor notes that signs not belonging to the subject property are within the boundary of the subject property.• This finding will create a more in-depth look at the situation leading to the discovery of new easements not of record.
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