Importance of Boundary Surveys


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Smith-Roberts National Corp. ( ) is a nationwide ALTA Land Survey coordinator and the originator of the DesignReady Survey® that specializes in coordinating and reviewing Land Title Surveys for multi-site, multi-state real estate transactions.

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Importance of Boundary Surveys

  1. 1. The Importance of Boundary SurveyReal Estate is one of the largest investments made by an individual or business. Knowingeverything about the property is the first due diligence steps taken by smart investors. Thisenables them to make informed decisions and avoid surprises later on. The boundary surveyholistically determines the legality and integrity of the parcel of land which a property lies uponor is simply the land itself.It is important that an experienced land surveyor who is licensed to survey in that particular stateis chosen. 1. A boundary survey depicts the exact boundary of what you are buying or selling. 2. A boundary survey shows easements for utilities such as water, sewer, power lines, etc. on the property. 3. A boundary survey identifies any encroachments such as driveways, fences or buildings on the property 4. Boundary surveys can identify possible boundary disputes 5. Boundary surveys can also help when dividing the parcel of land 6. During improvements or expanding existing building structures, a boundary survey can be helpful to ensure that the construction or improvements are done on the correct area of land.A boundary survey meets the standards of the regulatory industry of an individual state, whereasthe ALTA/ACSM is comprehensively recognized across the entire nation. For more informationin the difference please read our earlier article titled “ALTA Survey vs Boundary Survey”The process of the boundary survey begins with the research and due diligence of municipal,
  2. 2. local, county and state documentation records. This pre-survey research may also include historyof adjoining lands. These documents may provide clues or gain insights into potential conflictareas where they need to pay attention. The next plan of action incorporates the physical groundsurvey.In many cases, large commercial real estate transactions may span several states and includemultiple property sites such as corporate mergers and acquisitions. This makes it very difficultfor the buyer or lender to complete this process themselves. In such case clients hire SmithRoberts National Corporation to manage and coordinate the entire ALTA Survey process (alsoknown as Land Title Surveys). Please read this article on advantages of Hiring a National ALTASurvey Coordinator for Commercial Real Estate Transactions.