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Considering Land Title ALTA Survey as a Tool to Protect Your Commercial Investment


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Smith-Roberts National Corp. ( ) is a nationwide ALTA Land Survey coordinator and the originator of the DesignReady Survey®.

Land Title ALTA Survey is a great tool to protect your commercial investment. Please call us today.

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Considering Land Title ALTA Survey as a Tool to Protect Your Commercial Investment

  1. 1. Considering Land Title ALTA Survey as a Tool to Protect Your Commercial Investment
  2. 2. • Smart investors today are considering the ALTA Land Title Survey a very important property due diligence tool.• To use the commercial real estate property as planned, it is critical that the purchaser finds out about all current and future use restrictions.
  3. 3. • How would a purchaser feel if after buying the property he discovered that the piece of land having 50 lots could yield only 46 lots because of the existence of an undocumented easement?• What if an office complex did not have sufficient parking provision to accommodate the indented business use?• That would have been a major loss and a simple ALTA Survey during the feasibility study would have revealed all that and much more.
  4. 4. • Buyers of commercial property can protect their investment by using an ALTA survey as part of their due diligence and feasibility study for the project.• No matter what kind of commercial project you have plans for, an ALTA survey will disclose information early on which can empower you to make informed decisions and avoid surprises later.
  5. 5. Some of the information shown on an ALTA Survey would be:• Easements that may encumber or benefit the property• Possible encroachments across boundary lines or easements• Access to a public street or lack thereof• Zoning of the property along with setback requirements• Flood Zones that may affects the subject property• Evidence of any use by other parties• Location of any water boundaries on the subject property• Evidence of cemeteries• Names of adjoining property owners
  6. 6. Encroachments, easements and boundary conflicts take time to resolveand can also adversely affect your plans; getting an ALTA survey donebefore committing to a transaction is a worthwhile investment.
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