Jiří Vítek: Budoucnost je mobilní


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Mobilní telefon jako víceúčelové zařízení
Nové technologie v mobilních přístrojích
Technologie NFC
Mobilní telefon jako komunikační kanál

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Jiří Vítek: Budoucnost je mobilní

  1. 1. Telefónica – future is mobile“When a mobile becomesmuch More than Voice & Data”Jiří VÍTEKMobile Tech 2014
  2. 2. 01„Smart“phone
  3. 3. Mobile phone = prefered device for … The mobile phone unequivocally represents the appropriate medium for the smart applications because over time it has become a quite integral, and hardly replaceable, part of the daily life. No other possible alternative for a medium for the NFC technology reaches the advantages of a mobile phone.  Immediate accessibility, the mobile phone is always on hand, comfort  Unification of all fundamental functions in one device (calling, text messaging, camera, diary/calendar, mp3, Internet, payments…) ‘I have my mobile phone with me definitely more often than my wallet, which I sometimes forget. I never forget my phone, it’s in my pocket even when I go for a walk with my dog.’ ‘I am so dependent on my phone that if I forget it, then I have the feeling like a part of me is missing and that I don’t have my life under control.’ ‘I forget my keys, I change my watches, sticker can get unstuck and I probably loose it somewhere… only the mobile phone is suitable for NFC.’ Research indicated a very minimal willingness of the consumers to pay for the new service. The possible charging for the service was evaluated negatively and resulted in a lower interest in the products. The only acceptable charging concerned a one time fee for the setting up of the service (very individual!) 2
  4. 4. Smartphones become leading sales of smartphones encreased dramaticaly 2010 2011 2011EoY 10% 23% 60% smartphones in portfolio 2010 2011 2012(est) 8% 21% 45% 3
  5. 5. Mobile phone as a gateway to customer mobile phone can become effective gateway to customer = mobile phone becomes atractive communication channel from merchant / service provider to customer › merchant application › mobile banking › direct marketing › localization and priority based marketing 4
  6. 6. 02NFC - makes people’s liveseasier
  7. 7. Contactless technology is part of our everyday life Transportation cards • Pilsen Card • Opencard, Entrance, Culture • Ceske drahy - InKarta• Entrance ID card - Buildings• Entrance - Parking• Entrance - cinema, theater, concerts Payment cards • Contactless cards: - Visa Paywave Extra chip (card) - MasterCard Paypass for each service LOYALITNIcards Loyalty KARTY • Věrnostní karty Loyalty cards • Vouchery Vouchers • Coupony etc. Coupons atd.. 6
  8. 8. All in One - Integration of all services into the NFC mobile Transportation cards • Pilsen Card • Opencard, Entrance, Culture • Ceske drahy - InKarta• Entrance ID card - Buildings• Entrance - Parking• Entrance - cinema, theater, concerts Payment cards • Contactless cards: - Visa Paywave Peer2Peer & TAG reading Loyalty cards • Tag reading • Loyalty cards • Data exchange between users • Vouchers • Person2Person payments • Coupons etc.. 7
  9. 9. NFC’s is simplicity of use, intuitive for everyone All in One (NFC mobile) Real time OTA delivery of service Visualisation, Instant validation and interactivity Over The Air Security service delivery PIN protection Benefits for End users Benefits for Service Providers Benefits for End users (Banks, Transport, Merchants…)Convenient - All in One device (in mobile) Cost savings - no physical production and distributionSimple – intuitive for everyone (young or old) Quick – real time delivery of services (cards) to the end userEasy to use – bringing 2 objects together- - to pay for goods and services Near to customers- - to use in public transport - - real time management of services –update, blocking etc.)- - to share data between devices - - direct communication channelRemote delivery and management of - cards / tickets / vouchers / applications Synergy with Mobile marketing: real time offers- - download / updates / blocking (vouchers, coupons, tickets) directly from merchants to customers OTAmWallet – Graphical user interface- - Showing all cards/services in one place Cheaper POS terminals – (NFC phones can play the role of- - Account balance, transaction history, validity POS terminal or loyalty reader)
  10. 10. 03Technology
  11. 11. Mobile Wallet - application where users use their cards, asthey do with the physical wallet WALLET DESCRIPTION User Interface = mobile application + messaging system Customer can interact with own financial services, Telefonica and 3rd party services: - account activation - manage profile - money transfer - make a purchase - activate contactless cards, etc.) The mobile wallet should become an application where users manage their cards, as they do with the physical wallet / purse. OUR VISION The Wallet aims to become the application where Telefonica’s customers can manage their financial services from any kind of channel (mobile handset, Internet, TV,….)
  12. 12. The graphic wallet interface menu tries to replicate thephysical wallet... Help button Help button Contactless icon Main Service Screen Provider with SP Room cards Neutral branding SP VAS Application Launcher (blue General Settings bar) Replicating the physical world wallet experience showing the SP cards in the main screen reduces complexity for users…
  13. 13. 04Summary
  14. 14. Why we interest in NFCIt will happen with or without us.Market signals announcing time to NFC in mobile• Contactless communication – faster , more comfortable• Service providers want to get closer to customer (social networks, applications for mobile)• Contactless terminals - distribution already started,• Issuing of contactless payment cards has already started CZ Q4/2011• Interest of merchants for contactless (now mostly early adopters ), to get competitive advantage• Customers interest for Smart phones increased dramaticaly• mobile payments , premium SMS positively accepted by customers
  15. 15. BenefitsBenefits for users:• All in one (phonebook, diary, camera, watch, mp3, wallet – payment, loyalty cards)• Simply to use (touch screen + wireless , mobile)• Additonal information via GUI such mWallet (ballance, trx. history)Benefits for Merchants:• Competetive advantage at the beginning• Faster delivery process• Cost savings (no extra plastic card, mailing costs)• New interactive communication channel within mWallet
  16. 16. Thank you for yourattention.Questions? Ing. Jiří Vítek Telefónica Czech Republic vitek.j@o2.com +420602719394