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SmilingOne Foundation Annual Report 2012/13

We are delighted to share our Annual Report 2012/13 with our network.

Foreword by SmilingOne Founder:

As a 16-year-old member of the Thug Life gang puts it, “gang life is like a religion to my family. My father and grandfather were in gangs and they have done time in jail – I will probably end up there as well. It is the way of life here; it is where you learn about respect and get status.”

Our year has been one of fine tuning our approach, merging deeper into the resource we are and walking each step true to our hearts. We are all shareholders in the wellbeing of our society – the SmilingOne Team takes this responsibility very seriously and we know how important our puzzle piece is!

What touches me deeply is that 9 million children (48%) are growing up with absent but living fathers! 3.3 million young people are not in education, training or employment. And as of March 2012: 32% of all inmates in SA prisons were under the age of 25. I experience youth in dire need of inspiration and direction!

We have harvested incredible results from our five years pro-active research! It has proven to us that a very effective way to prevent/divert our youth and youngsters from pursuing the path of crime is to shape positive Role Models who meet the youth at risk where they are at and inspire/guide them towards a different path. This is what the SmilingOne Team is deeply passionate about and invest in. We find and educate these potential Change Agents in some of the most challenged SA environments...


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SmilingOne Foundation Annual Report 2012/13

  1. 1.                                                  THE  SMILING  ONE  FOUNDATION  ANNUAL  REPORT  2012/13    Design  by  Karina  Andersen  
  2. 2.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                OUR  MISSION              We  go  to  the  people,    we  live  with  them,    we  learn  from  them,    we  start  with  what  they  have    and  build  on  what  they  know.    When  the  task  is  accomplished    and  the  work  is  done,    the  people  will  all  remark:      We  have  done  it  ourselves!          
  3. 3.                                                                                                                                                      FOREWORD    by  SmilingOne  Founder  ‘Change  Agents  in  the  making’    OUR  APPROACH    MEET  OUR  TEAM    OUR  PROJECTS    Change  Agents  in  the  making      • SA  Prisons    Change  Agents  in  Action      • Re-­‐Integration  Guiding  Self  /  Guiding  Others  in    a  fully  activated  Circle  of  Change    • Guiding  Youth  Unique  voices  and  purposes  unfolding    • Special  Projects  Nyanga  Learning  Village  Phase  1    • Motivational  Talks  City  of  Cape  Town  Wellness  Weeks  South  African  Schools  (high  risk)    • Events      OUR  SUPPORT  NETWORK  OUR  FINANCIAL  REPORT    WE  WELCOME  YOUR  SUPPORT        BACKGROUND  The  SmilingOne  Foundation  has  existed  as   a  voluntary   initiative  since   January   2008.   Due   to   the  huge   success   of   the   initiative   a  trust  was  founded  in  December  2009   and   the   foundation  become   registered   as   a   non-­‐profit  organisation  on  June  14th  2010  –  enabling  the  foundation  to  raise  funds.        CONTENT            
  4. 4.        As  a  16-­‐year-­‐old  member  of  the  Thug  Life  gang  puts  it,  “gang  life  is  like  a  religion  to  my  family.  My  father  and  grandfather  were  in  gangs  and  they  have  done  time  in  jail  –  I  will  probably  end  up  there  as  well.  It  is  the  way  of  life  here;  it  is  where  you  learn  about  respect  and  get  status.”    Our  year  has  been  one  of  fine  tuning  our  approach,   merging   deeper   into   the  resource   we   are   and   walking   each   step  true   to   our   hearts.   We   are   all  shareholders   in   the   wellbeing   of   our  society  –  the  SmilingOne  Team  takes  this  responsibility  very  seriously  and  we  know  how  important  our  puzzle  piece  is!                                  What   touches   me   deeply   is   that   9   million   children   (48%)   are   growing   up   with  absent  but  living  fathers!  3.3  million  young  people  are  not  in  education,    training  or  employment.  And  as  of  March  2012:  32%  of  all  inmates  in  SA  prisons  were  under  the   age   of   25.   I   experience   youth   in   dire   need   of   inspiration   and   direction!      We  have  harvested  incredible  results  from  our  five  years  pro-­‐active  research!  It  has  proven  to  us  that  a  very  effective  way  to  prevent/divert  our  youth  and  youngsters  from  pursuing  the  path  of  crime  is  to  shape  positive  Role  Models  who  meet  the  youth  at  risk  where  they  are  at  and  inspire/guide  them  towards  a  different  path.  This  is  what  the  SmilingOne  Team  is  deeply  passionate  about  and  invest  in.  We  find  and   educate   these   potential   Change   Agents   in   some   of   the   most   challenged   SA  environments...    FOREWORD    BY  SMILING  ONE  FOUNDER        
  5. 5.                                                              We  have  through  our  research  focused  on  prisons   and   rehabilitation   of   male  offenders  from  age  16  to  55  as  well  as  the  phase  of  re-­‐integration  back  into  society.  We   have   identified   the   areas   of  challenge/need   and   tailored   a   solution  oriented   approach   which   effectively  shifts   criminal   behaviour   and   gradually  builds  towards  a  healthy,  supportive  and  dynamic   society     for   youth,   families   and  our  communities!                              In  this  annual  report  you  will  be  invited  on  a  journey  into  our  change  approach,  meet  our   Change   Agents   and   experience   how  our  daily  activities  through  the  year  have  touched  thousands  of  people.        For   each   person   touched   we   have   been  given   tenfold   back.   We   are   nothing  without  each  other.        ‘Umuntu  ungumuntu  ngabanye  abantu.’      Ubuntu  is   one  of  the  threads  we  weave  through   every   single   interaction   and  through   all   our   doing.   Through  Partnerships   that   we   have   been   shaping  and   The   Potential   we   have   been  unlocking,   developing   and   expanding   on  through  our  processes.      “We   are   continuously   developing   as   a  community.  We  thrive  on  shared  values,  shared   challenges   and   equal  opportunities.   We   walk   united   in  diversity  -­‐  each  one  of  us  knowing  that  it  starts   with   a   better   ME   -­‐   individual  responsibility   -­‐   for   a   better   WE   -­‐   shared  responsibility.”      .      
  6. 6.                                                                I  am  deeply  touched  by  how  a  single  seed  planted  in  the  beginning  of  my  South  African  journey   six   years   ago   has   spread   to   multiple   ‘gardens’.   Each   garden   nurtured   and  sustained  by  our  Change  Agents  (gardeners)  in  the  making.  I  am  always  in  awe  of  nature  –   so   many   messages   that   also   apply   to   our   processes   in   life.   Which   is   why   I   regard  ‘gardens’   and   ‘gardeners’   as   meaningful   for   what   we   are   really   all   about.   I   am   also  reminded  that...      ‘Nature  does  not  hurry  –    yet  everything  is  accomplished’.    As  we  continue  to  plant  and  nurture  seeds  of  change  we  are  driven  by  our  vision  of  a  safer  and  socially  cohesive  South  Africa  -­‐  we  are  here  to  unlock  its  potential.          LOVE    ♥  Karina    .        FOREWORD    CONTINUED
  7. 7.                                                              TOGTHER  IS  ALWAYS  BETTER                                          We  are  deeply  grateful  for  our  committed  sponsor  THORP  MOTORGROUP  –  they  make  sure  that  we  are  mobile  and  can  reach  all  community  activities  in  a  branded  Chevrolet  Spark.        
  8. 8.        .                                                      “What  is  planted  in  each  person’s  soul  will  sprout.”    -­‐  Rumi    
  9. 9.                                                              1. PERSONAL   VALUEBASED   LEADERSHIP   -­‐   The   Responsible   Individual   (T.R.I.):  Understanding   of   learned   behaviour,   patterns   and   belief   systems,   re-­‐establish/address  values,  key  roles  and  personal  purpose,  enabling  self  to  make  informed  choices,  taking  into  consideration   how   choice  impacts  on  those  around  us,  shift  awareness  from   ‘I’   to   ‘WE’,  nurturing  and  growing  seed  of  change  within.    2. CIRCLES  OF  SHARING:  Enabled  a  voice  to  speak  and  address/practise  personal  valuebased  leadership:  a. Emotions/Fears/Expectations  b. Unemployment/poverty  c. Crime/Behaviour/Patterns  d. Abuse    e. Relationships/Fatherhood/Reconnecting  with  Families/Community  f. My  Potential    3. PEER   FRIEND   PROCESS:   Identifying   self   as   Role   Model,   planting   seeds   of   change   in  external   environment,   empowered   through   empowering,   strengthening   of   personal  toolbox,  learning  guidance  through  self  guidance.    4. RE-­‐INTEGRATION  /  TRIAL  &  SUPPORT:  Second  phase  of  unlocking  potential  in  a  very  different   setup   than   prison   (new   challenges),   strengthening   toolbox,   strong   enabling  support  system  in  place:    a) Guided/supported  by  our  SmilingOne  Team  of  Change  Agents  –  already  transformed  and  re-­‐integrated  ex-­‐offenders  (Role  Models)    b) Activated  in  personal  Circle  of  Change  (second  phase/re-­‐integration)  i. Continuous  Personal  Development  (Sharing)  ii. Serving  /  Paying  it  forward  (Caring)  iii. Skills  Development  (I  am  a  Resource)    5. UTILIZING   ‘THE   POTENTIAL   AND   ACTIVATING   IT   (Sustainable   Livelihoods):    Change   Agents   guiding   Youth   at   risk   (acting   as   Role   Models),   Families,   challenged  Communities,   high   risk   Schools   (students/teachers)   and   active   in   Small   Business  Development.                    OUR    APPROACH                                              
  10. 10.                                                      BOARD  OF  TRUSTEES  (GOVERNANCE)                                                                                                                                                             Karina       Chris                          Nicky                Vivian                     Andersen         Plam                          Thorp                        Tatschke                     Founder                                                              We  say  goodbye  to  Meeghan  Norwitz  who  is  off  to  exciting  adventures  in  different  waters.  Thank  you  for  your  loving  contribution  to  our  SmilingOne  Foundation.  Meeghan  served  on  the  board  Dec  2009  –  Jan  2013.                                                                        QUALITY  MANAGEMENT    &  TRI  COACH  EDUCATIONAL  TRAINING                       Vivian         Karina          Tatschke         Andersen                         Coach/Trainer       Coach/Trainer                          CHANGE  AGENT  COMMITTEE  (4+  YEARS  TRI  COACH  EDUCATIONAL  TRAINING)  Chris         Franklin                    Farouk                        Karina       Plam         Esau                      Ulueme                                        Andersen       Facilitator       Facilitator                            Facilitator                                                        Facilitator  ASSISTING  TRI  FACILITATORS  (IN  TRI  COACH  EDUCATIONAL  TRAINING)          Meeghan       Ilse       Norwitz       van  Niekerk          MEET  THE  TEAM    Total   quality   management   is   integrated   into   The  SmilingOne   Foundations   management   system.  Project   monitoring   and   evaluation   is   part   of   the  total   quality   management   policy   and   forms   an  integral   part   of   all   projects   and   programmes.  Quality   management   is   reviewed   and  implementation   fine-­‐tuned   regularly,   and   on   a  quarterly  basis  presented  to  the  board  of  trustees.  
  11. 11.            TRI  FACILITATORS  (QUALIFIED  COACHES)       TRI  FACILITATORS  (COACH  STUDENTS)  WITH  5+  YEARS  COACH  EDUCATIONAL  TRAINING       WITH  4+  YEARS  COACH  EDUCATIONAL  TRAINING              TRI  FACILITATORS  (COACH  STUDENTS)       TRI  FACILITATORS  (COACH  STUDENTS)  WITH  2+  YEAR  COACH  EDUCATIONAL  TRAINING      WITHIN  1st  YEAR  COACH  EDUCATIONAL  TRAINING              CHANGE  AGENTS  (RE-­‐INTEGRATED)       YOUTH  COMMUNITY  BUILDERS  WITH  4+    TRI  COACH  EDUCATIONAL  TRAINING     IN  ONGOING  TRI  SESSIONS            Alfred                                      Luyanda                                                                                                          Collin                                                      Andrew                                            Malcolm                                          Ricardo                    Fabian              Brian                Winston          Daniel          Duwayne      Simbongile                            CHANGE  AGENTS  in  the  making....    Thando                                                                    Sibabalo                                                                                                  Bradley                                              Brian                                                        Malixole                          Lumkile                      Daniel                            Pikiso    Mzayifani                    Oscar                          Phindile                        Theo  Norman          Lindela              Xolani                Sipho                Maxwell          Siyabulela                        Vuyiswa                Dawn                  Shawn                        Ivan                        Bukiwe                Bulelwa                        More  D                  Maloh                  Cwaita                        Siya                  Mfesane                Zama                        Mama  Esther    Franklin                          Farouk                                  Chris                              Welcome                        +1   CHANGE   AGENT   in   the   making   in  Re-­‐Integration   ‘Trial   &   Support’  /Daniel  Olyn            
  12. 12.                                                      “When  we  learn  to  understand  that  challenges  are   in   our  lives  to   assist   us   in   becoming  more  whole   and   finding   a   much   better   balance,   we  can  begin  to  embrace  and  trust  our  path  with  everything   we   attract   into   it,   find   peace   and  happiness   and   walk   through   life   as   a  responsible  individual.”                                                            (  T.R.I.)    The   SmilingOne   Team   inspires   change   and  responsible   living   by   availing   themselves   as  Students   and   Explorers   of   life   -­‐   Travel  Companions   -­‐   who   invite   their   programme  participants  to  explore/learn  alongside  them  –  unlocking  potential!    In  each  of  our  projects  we  establish  a  platform  for   personal   valuebased   leadership  development   using   THE   RESPONSIBLE  INDIVIDUAL  (T.R.I.)  as  a  KEY  change  element  in  our  CIRCLES  OF  CHANGE  approach!    We  walk  our  talk!      OUR  APPROACH      OUR  PROJECTS    
  13. 13.                                                  SA  PRISONS      CHANGE  AGENTS    IN  THE  MAKING        This  is  where  we  meet  ‘The  Potential’    OUTPUT    We   have   had   20   inmate   coach  students     in   active   TRI   Coach  Educational   Training   inside   SA  Prisons  –  bi-­‐weekly  sessions.      Each   inmate   coach   student   is    supporting   and   guiding     fellow  inmates   through   T.R.I.   –  facilitating     weekly   sessions.    +   11   inmate   coach   students  transferred  (to  other  prisons)    +   4   inmate   coach   students   re-­‐integrated        These  are  our  35  Change  Agents  in  the  making.      Each  potential  Change  Agent    has  a  unique  journey,    a  special  purpose  unfolding.    We  are  here  to  assist    each  of  them  to  express  it    to  the  fullest!      To  inspire  love    –  BE  LOVE!      OUTPUT/OUTCOME    We  have  been  active  in  7  Western  Cape  Prisons  –  3   of   these   we   have   closed   down   through   the  financial  year  due  to  lack  of  funding.    125   inmates   have   been   active   in   T.R.I.   PART   1  and  PART  2  sessions  of  which  45  have  graduated.  All  T.R.I.  particpants  are  guided  and  supported  by  our  team  of  inmate  coach  students.    
  14. 14.                                                  OUTCOME      We   have   nurtured   and  strengthened   our    relationship   with     DCS  Partners   through   our  focused   high   quality  service   delivery.   Our  program  and  approach  is  valued   and   makes   a  measureable     difference!  We  walk  proudly  hand  in  hand.    
  15. 15.                                                        Session  notes....            Change  Agents  in  the  making!      “If  you  look  at  the  book  The  Responsible  Individual  you  are  invited  to  brainstorm  your  life.  That  is  how  it  all  begins.”                                                                                                                                                        “You  know  -­‐  this  process  never  stops.  Also  when  you  are  not  in   a   guided   session,   everyone   around   you   is   part   of   your  journey.”                    “In  life  there  is  mission,   values  and  key  roles.  This  is  what  makes   me   who   I   am.   It   was   very   hard   to   come   to   know  myself.   I   found   change   difficult.   Look   around   you   –   many  don’t   feel   comfortable   to   let   people   know   them.   I   kept  saying  that  I  know  myself.  But  when  it  comes  to  mission  and  values   –   I   didn’t.   It   us   really   up   to   ourselves.   When   I   was  introduced  to  SmilingOne  it  opened  a  new  ‘file’  in  my  life.  I  made  a  choice  and  now  live  by  my  values,  my  roles  and  my  mission.”    -­‐ Collin  Duda      -­‐    • “Outside   the   prison   there   is   a   big   tree.   That   tree   has  probably  been  there  for  many  years  -­‐  faced  with  storm  and  rain.   Why   doesn’t   the   tree   fall?   The   roots   ensure   that   it  doesn’t   fall.   Sometimes   we   come   from   good   homes.   We  were   taught   values.   We   meet   others.   We   start   to   neglect  our   values.   We   allow   the   environment   to   change   us.   But  that  tree  doesn’t  allow  the  weather  to  make  it  fall.  Let  us  look  at  ourselves  as  trees.  Our  values  are  our  roots.”      • “I  have  been  in  T.R.I.  for  5+  years  now  –  the  most  important  thing  is  to   know  your  values  and  to   LIVE  THEM!   That  tree  will  never  fall  coz  values  will  hold  it  tight.  Values  make  you  strong.   My   values   are:   trust,   honesty,   living   it   –   not   just  talking  it!.  You  must  know  yourself  first  to  really  understand  your  values.”  -­‐ Luyanda  Mboniswa        -­‐    SA  PRISONS        CHANGE  AGENTS      IN  THE  MAKING        
  16. 16.                                                  OUTCOME  SA  PRISONS        continued    T.R.I.  HAS  IMPROVED  /  STRENGTHENED:  -­‐ understanding  and  caring  of  Self    -­‐ healing  processing  -­‐ communication  skills    -­‐ team  building  /  behaviour    -­‐ diversity  and  change  management    -­‐ fear,  anger  and  stress  management  -­‐ understanding  power  of  choice  -­‐ implementation  strategies  for    active  personal  development  (PBP)  -­‐ clarity  in  Self  Identity  (mission,  values,  key  roles)                                                            30  graduates  -­‐ clarity  in  direction  (vision,  focus,  actions  &  improvements)                                15  graduates  -­‐ interpersonal  relations  -­‐  sense  of  Ubuntu,  merging  from  ‘I’  to  ‘WE’  -­‐ ability  to  align  Self  with  a  task,  job,  assignment  and  any  situation      CHANGE  AGENT  IN  THE  MAKING  -­‐ A   responsible   Guide   that  through   his/her   own   personal  journey   transforms   theory   into  experience,   daily   aligns  him/herself   with   his/her   values  and   who   offers   this   window   of  opportunity   as   a   travel  companion   and   as   the  Guide/Mentor   that   always  remains  the  Student.  35  in  the  making                4      ......                Re-­‐integration    A  CHANGE  AGENT  is  activated  in  all  THREE  PILLARS  in  his/her  own  unique  CIRCLE  OF  CHANGE    –  THE  RESPONSIBLE  INDIVIDUAL  is  a  KEY  Change  Element  in  each  Pillar.                                        
  17. 17.                                                  After  successfully  completing  the  DSD  Special  Project  for  40  Parolees  &  44   Families   (Dec   2011   –   May   2012)   described   in   our   previous   annual  report   we   have   focused   on   and   invested   in   the   re-­‐integration   and  activation  of  our  Change  Agents  in  the  making.    OUTPUT:   Four   CHANGE   AGENTS   fully   activated   in   their   CIRCLE   OF  CHANGE.  See  their  detailed  C.O.C.  Highlights      OUTCOME  -­‐ Guiding  Self  -­‐  Continuous  personal  development      -­‐ Paying  it  forward,  giving  wholeheartedly    -­‐ Guidance  of  Parolees  previously  in  T.R.I.  inside  prison  (Role  Models)  -­‐ Guidance  of  Youth  at  Risk  on  the  T.R.I.  platform  (Role  Models)  -­‐ Project  Management  (Special  Projects)  -­‐ Job  Activation/Contracts  (Sustainable  Livelihoods)  -­‐ Family  Support    Described  in  detail    throughout  this  report.        RE-­‐INTEGRATION                                      CHANGE  AGENTS    IN  ACTION            CHANGE  AGENT  WELCOME  WITBOOIs  ‘CIRCLE  OF  CHANGE’  (C.O.C.)  HIGHLIGHTS:                    1ST  PILLAR  IN  MY  C.O.C.  (SHARING)       3RD  PILLAR  IN  MY  C.O.C.  (I  AM  A  RESOURCE)              THE  RESPONSIBLE  INDIVIDUAL  T.R.I.     TRI  FACILITATOR  TRAINING  –  SMILING  ONE            Enrolled  January  2008  in  Brandvlei  Max  Prison   Enrolled  Sept  2008  /  Skills  Development            Graduated  TRI  1+2:  December  2008         Qualified  TRI  Module  2  June  2011              Frequent  sessions  2008-­‐2012         Ongoing  TRI  coach  educational  training                2ND  PILLAR  IN  MY  C.O.C.  (CARING)     LIVING  MY  POTENTIAL            T.R.I.  PROGRAM  MONITOR/FACILITATOR   I  AM  A  RESOURCE  2009-­‐2012 Goodwood  Prison       -­‐  Prison  Care  &  Support  Educational  Programs  (2012)  .               -­‐  Zonke  Gender  Justice  /  PR  (2012-­‐13)     .  One  Man  Can  Facilitator  (ongoing)                                                            
  18. 18.                                                        CHANGE  AGENT  CHRIS  PLAM’S    ‘CIRCLE  OF  CHANGE’  (C.O.C.)  HIGHLIGHTS:                      1ST  PILLAR  IN  MY  C.O.C.  (SHARING)       3RD  PILLAR  IN  MY  C.O.C.  (I  AM  A  RESOURCE)              THE  RESPONSIBLE  INDIVIDUAL  T.R.I.     TRI  FACILITATOR  TRAINING  –  SMILING  ONE            Enrolled  October  2008  in  Goodwood  Prison     Enrolled  Sept  2009  /  Skills  Development            Graduated  TRI  1+2:  September  2009         Qualified  1st  educational  Module  July  2012            Regular  TRI  sessions  2008-­‐2013         Ongoing  TRI  coach  educational  training                   JOBS  /  SKILLS  DEVELOPMENT  .               -­‐  Dream  Worker,  Interviewer  (2010-­‐11)            2ND  PILLAR  IN  MY  C.O.C.  (CARING)     -­‐  LRMG,  HR  Administrator  (2012)            T.R.I.  PROGRAM  MONITOR/FACILITATOR                  2009-­‐2010  Gugulethu  /  TRI  facilitation     LIVING  MY  POTENTIAL                2010-­‐2012:  Nyanga  YOUTH  /  TRI  facilitation     I  AM  A  RESOURCE                2012:  Parolee  Support  /  TRI  facilitation     -­‐    Change  Agent  Committee  (SO  Foundation)  current              2012/13:  Serving  as  Trustee  on  SOF  Board     -­‐  Facilitator  of  TRI  (SO  Foundation  +  PTY)    current                   -­‐  Small  Business  Development            CHANGE  AGENT  FAROUK  ULUEME’S    ‘CIRCLE  OF  CHANGE’  (C.O.C.)  HIGHLIGHTS:                    1ST  PILLAR  IN  MY  C.O.C.  (SHARING)       3RD  PILLAR  IN  MY  C.O.C.  (I  AM  A  RESOURCE)              THE  RESPONSIBLE  INDIVIDUAL       TRI  FACILITATOR  TRAINING            Enrolled  October  2008  in  Goodwood  Prison     Enrolled  September  2009  /  Skills  Development            Graduated  TRI  1+2:    Sept  2009         Ongoing  TRI  coach  educational  training            Bi-­‐weekly  sessions  2009-­‐2013                        2ND  PILLAR  IN  MY  C.O.C.  (CARING)     LIVING  MY  POTENTIAL            T.R.I.  PROGRAM  MONITOR/FACILITATOR   I  AM  A  RESOURCE            2010-­‐2012:  TRI  Sessions  Nyanga  Youth     -­‐    Change  Agent  Committee  (SO  Foundation)                            2010-­‐2012:  Youth  Workshops  Nyanga     -­‐    Facilitator  of  TRI  (Foundation  +  PTY)            2012:  Family  Support  (reintegration)       -­‐    Project  Management  SOF  Special  Projects            2012/13:  Nyanga  Learning  Village  /  UTE  FORCE   -­‐    Small  Business  Development                            WE  HAVE  WELCOMED    HOME    Franklin  Welcome  Daniel      
  19. 19.                                                      CHANGE  AGENT  FRANKLIN  ESAU’S    ‘CIRCLE  OF  CHANGE’  (C.O.C.)  HIGHLIGHTS:                                        1ST  PILLAR  IN  MY  C.O.C.  (SHARING)         3RD  PILLAR  IN  MY  C.O.C.  (I  AM  A  RESOURCE)    THE  RESPONSIBLE  INDIVIDUAL  T.R.I.       TRI  FACILITATOR  TRAINING  Enrolled  August  2009  in  Brandvlei  Max  Prison   Enrolled  May  2010  /  Skills  Development  Graduated  TRI  1+2:  May  2010           Qualified  1st  educational  Module  July  2012  Bi-­‐weekly  sessions  2009-­‐2013           Ongoing  TRI  coach  educational  training      2ND  PILLAR  IN  MY  C.O.C.  (CARING)       LIVING  MY  POTENTIAL  T.R.I.  PROGRAM  MONITOR/FACILITATOR     I  AM  A  RESOURCE  2010-­‐2012  in  Brandvlei  Medium  +  Juvenile  Prisons     -­‐    Change  Agent  Committee  (SO  Foundation)                  2012/13:  Uitsig  Primary  School  Gardening  Project     -­‐    Facilitator  of  TRI  (SO  Foundation  +  PTY)  2012/13:  TRI  Sessions  in  Uitsig  Community       -­‐    Motivational  Talks  (SO  Foundation  +  PTY)  2012/13:  TRI  Sessions  for  Youth  Community  Builders   -­‐    Performing  Artist  (SO  Foundation)  2012/13:  TRI  Guidance  /  House  Visits  Parolees     -­‐    My  own  Music  (recording/performance)  .   2013:  School  Pilot  at  Uitsig  Primary  School       -­‐    Small  Business  Development          THANK  YOU  TO  RUC  FOR  YOUR  KIND  SPONSORSHIP  OF  FRANKLIN’S  CHANGE  AGENT  STIPEND    Franklin  has  inspired  hundreds  of  youth  the  past  year  by  BEING  THE  CHANGE!    He  is  living  his  potential  and  each  day  discovering  more!    
  20. 20.                                                    OUTPUT      Youth   and   Community   Members   in   NYANGA   &  SURROUNDS   activated   in   CIRCLES   OF   CHANGE.    -­‐ C.O.C.  PILLAR  1  /  SHARING     Weekly   T.R.I.   Sessions   have   been   facilitated     by  our  Change  Agents  within  the  community:     I  attend  to  my  personal  development.  -­‐ C.O.C.  PILLAR  2  /  CARING  We   have   encouraged   and  supervised   weekly  Youth   Workshops   facilitated   by   three   Youth  Community  Builders  as  well  as  the  cooking  of  food   by   community   members:     I     pay   it  forward   by   sharing   my   skill   with   60+  youth/kids  within  my  community.  We  are  tapping  into  the  talent  of  the  youth:  I  pay  it  forward  by  sharing  my  skill  with  others.  -­‐ C.O.C.  PILLAR  3  /  SKILLS  DEVELOPMENT     We   have   offered   an   active   Empowerment     Platform   for   the   participants:   I   continue   to     learn  and  expand  my  toolbox  as  I  make  use  of     the  opportunities  that  opens  up  to  me.                    GUIDING  YOUTH          CHANGE  AGENTS    IN  ACTION  
  21. 21.                                                  OUTCOME    13  youth  community  builders  in  Nyanga  &  Surrounds  have  intensified  their  focus  on   their     own   unique   Circle   of   Change   (C.O.C.)   and   have   added   value   to   their  personal   development   -­‐   explored,   practised   and   deepened   their   voices,   unique  purposes  unfolding…    -­‐ I  understand  and  care  about  myself.  I  feel  worthy.  I  have  a  purpose.  -­‐ I  consciously  participate  in  my  development,  making  myself  a  priority.  -­‐ I  communicate.  I  listen  beyond  perception.  I  add  more  angles.  -­‐ I  embrace  diversity.  Each  one  of  us  is  a  valuable  puzzle  piece.  -­‐ I  merge  from  ‘I’  to  ‘WE’  –  I  weave  UBUNTU  into  my  tapestry  -­‐ I  align  myself  with  any  task,  job,  assignment,  situation  –  each  challenge  is  an  opportunity  to  truly  understand  and  live  the  resource  I  am.                                      GUIDING  YOUTH      CHANGE  AGENTS    IN  ACTION        
  22. 22.                                                  OUTCOME        SHAWN   WANA   HAS   PAID   IT  FORWARD   AND   MERGED  DEEPER  INTO  THE  RESOURCE  HE   IS   BY   FACILITATING  DRAMA  WORKSHOPS  KINDLY  SPONSORED   BY   GM  CHILDLIFE  FOUNDATION    I   work   in   the   department   of  performing   arts   looking  mainly   at   teaching   drama   to  the  kids  who  live  around  this  area.      My   philosophy   of   working  with  children  is  to  work  while  playing,   as   they   have   many  stresses   and   I   understand  these.   The   activities   in   my  weekly   workshops   have  helped   them   alleviate   their  stress   through   play,   singing,  dancing  and  improvising.    My  key   role   is   to   guide   these  children   to   become  harmonious   people   in   body,  mind  and  soul.        
  23. 23.                                                  OUTCOME      IVAN   MAKULANI   HAS   PAID   IT   FORWARD   AND   MERGED  DEEPER  INTO  THE  RESOURCE  HE  IS  BY  FACILITATING  ARTS  &  CRAFTS  WORKSHOPS  KINDLY  SPONSORED  BY  GM  CHILDLIFE  FOUNDATION    My  weekly  workshops  have  helped  the  children  in  Nyanga…    • to   learn   about   themselves,   their   families   and   their  neighborhood  • to  respect  themselves  and  each  other    • to  share  and  play  together  • to  concentrate  • to  follow  “rules”  • to  learn  about  nature,  people  and  social  things  • solve   problems   by   asking   questions   that   help   them  think  out  for  themselves  • to  plan  and  finish  what  they  started    • to  develop  their  memory  skills  • learn  new  words  and  describe  and  share  their  ideas  • to   communicate   through   what   they   make   i.e.  drawings,  paintings,  clay  and  creative  activities    • to  learn  about  the  relationship  of  colour,  shape,  size  and  numbers    I  have  found  it  important…    • to  provide  opportunities  for  the  children    • to  be  available  when  they  need  me  • to   develop   a   good   relationship   with   each   of   the  children,   being   fair   and   assisting   them   to   express  their  feelings  responsibly  • to  guide  the  children  by  being  an  example  myself    -­‐  a  role  model.          
  24. 24.                                                  OUTCOME    MALOH   HENDRICKS   HAS   PAID   IT   FORWARD   AND   MERGED   DEEPER  INTO  THE  RESOURCE  HE  IS  BY  FACILITATING  KIDS  ENTREPRENEURIAL  WORKSHOPS  KINDLY  SPONSORED  BY  GM                  We  shared…  • prioritizing   skills   with   the   kids   –   the   importance   of   knowing   the  difference   between   a   need   and   want.     When   buying   something,  they  should  be  aware  whether  what  they  are  buying  is  a  need  or  want  for  their  livelihood.    • how   to   save   money   -­‐   for   every   1R   they   get,   30c   should   be   for  saving  before  thinking  spending  it  on  something  else.    • the  importance  of  loving  each  other,  to  respect  and  being  honest  not  only  to  volunteers  but  other  kids  within  the  SmilingOne  Family,  at  school  and  in  their  streets.      • how   to   listen   to   their   inner   peace   –   where   the   kids   come   from,  there’s  a  lot  of  noise.  By  taking  a  moment  to  be  silent  gave  mind  peace  to  the  kids.  My  growth  with  the  Kids  Class  of  Entrepreneurship  came  every  time  I  stepped  through  the  gate  of  Ivy  Nyovane  Crèche.  At  first,  I  never  really  thought  I  would  make    a  difference  in  the  lives  of  the  kids;  but  as  I  spend   more   time   with   them   I   realized   that   I   didn’t   have   to   make   a  difference  -­‐  I  just  needed  to  make  a  contribution  to  their    lives.  I  just  needed  to  part  of  the  class.  I  have  also  learnt  that  by  allowing  space,  time  and  love,  you  can  make  a  contribution  to  life  for  growth.  The  kids  were  and  still  are  my  growth  valley…  it  is  in  their  valley  that  I  grow.  
  25. 25.                                                                GENTLY  GUIDED              WE  FEEL  SPECIAL        WE  FEEL  HEARD        
  26. 26.                                                  OUTCOME      Siya   is   one   of   the   youth   at   risk   in   Nyanga   –   also   he   has  activated  his  own  Circle  of  Change  and  has  attended  our  sessions  every  Saturday.  It  has  been  a  challenge  for  him  to  attend   to   his   educational   path.   His   family   is   struggling  financially  and  there  is  a  lot  of  peer  pressure  to  withstand.    • Siya  has  build  confidence.  He  now  speaks  up  –  he  is  finding  and  practising  his  own  voice.    • Siya  has  discovered  that  education  begins  with  self-­‐education   –   knowing   who   you   are   and   what   you  truly  want.  Siya  is  tapping  into  his  potential  and  is  focused   on   learning   and  adding  more   tools   to   his  toolbox.  He  is  committed  to  his  education.    • We  are  deeply  grateful  for  being  able  to  assist  Siya  and   his   family.   We   have   received   several  sponsorships   to   cover   his   school   fees,   his   transport  fees,  equip  Siya  with  school  uniform  and  all  needed  for  his  tuition  as  well  as  lunch  money.          EDUCATION  IS  KEY        IT  BEGINS  WITH  ME      
  27. 27.                                                                IT  BEGINS  WITH  ME                                                                          FOR  A  BETTER  WE      OUTCOME  Mama   Esther   and   Vuyiswa   from   IVY   NYOVANE   CRECHE   are   both   fully  activated  in  their  Circle  of  Change  and  strengthening  their  ECD  toolboxes  as  they  attend  their  Montessori  Training  every  Saturday  (C.O.C.  Pillar  3).  They  apply  the  learning  with  85  children  at  the  creche  on  a  daily  basis.  Vuyiswa  the  principal  of  the  creche  shares:    We   have   chosen   the   Montesorri   training   to   develop   our   skills.   It   helps   us  guide   our   children   to   be   independent   and   have   self-­‐confidence,   to  concentrate  on  tasks  at  hand  and  to  be  responsible.  We  learn  that  children  are  doing  activities  at  their  own  speed.  We  are  there  to  gently  support  and  guide   them.   They   learn   to   love   themselves   and   understand   more   about  nature,  weather,  arts,  beliefs  etc.  My  daily  preparation:  The  creche  is  a  sensitive  environment.  I  make  sure  my  mood  is  balanced  to  be  able  to  give  warmth,  love  and  support  at  all  times.  I  make  sure  that  the  children  feel  at  home.    
  28. 28.                                                                    SPECIAL  PROJECTS          CHANGE  AGENTS    IN  ACTION  
  29. 29.                                                    LAND  &  LEASE  –  We  have  had  incredible  support  from  Sheree  Rayfield  from  City  of  Cape   Town   who   has   assisted   us   in   our  research  and  planning  phase  in  regards  to  land,   ownership   and   lease.   Thank   you  Sheree.  You  have  literally  walked  an  extra  mile  for  us!    We  have  assisted  the  Ivy  Nyovane  Crèche  to  enter  into  a  10-­‐year  lease  with  City  of  Cape   Town.   This   was   finalized   mid  October   2012.   The   lease   agreement   was  key   to   any   further   development   in   our  planning.    OUTPUT/OUTCOME  We   have   taken   action   on   the   Nyanga   Community’s   Learning   Village   Vision.   We   have  researched,  drafted  and    planned  Phase  1:  Renovation  of  the  Ivy  Nyovane  Creche    GETTING  PARTNERS  ONBOARD    • GENERAL   MOTORS   UTE   FORCE  DISPLAY   COMPETITION   -­‐   Thorp  Claremont   &   SmilingOne   won   the  display   competition   amongst   all   GM  dealers   in  South  Africa.  The  R200,000  Award   goes  towards  building   the  first  phase  of  the  Nyanga  Learning  Village.    • GM  CHILDLIFE  FOUNDATION  -­‐  granted  us   R100,000   towards   the   building  project   plus   a  monthly   grant   to   assist  payment   of   stipends   for   creche   staff,  food,  sundries  etc.          
  30. 30.                                                                      RENOVATIONS   BEGIN   MARCH   2013.   PROJECT   WILL   BE   MANAGED   BY  CHANGE   AGENT   FAROUK   ULUEME.   WE   LOOK   FORWARD   TO   SHARE   OF  THE  AMAZING  JOURNEY  OF  LEARNING  AS  WE  TAKE  ON  THE  RENOVATION  CHALLENGE  TO  GIFT  THE  CHILDREN  OF  NYANGA  WITH  A  HEALTHY  AND  SAFE  LEARNING  ENVIRONMENT.  IN  OUR  2013/14  ANNUAL  REPORT.    • DRAFTS   &   ARCHITECTS   TEAM   –   Many   qualified  and   helping   hands   have   assisted   us   during   the  preparations.   Thank   you   Dennis   (Cocoon  Architects)   for   your   guidance   and   support,   Vukile  (local   draftsman)   and   Selina   (German   Architect  Student).   A   special   thank   you   to   Sibu   (local  architect)  and  Etienne  (Green  Architects)  who  have  spend  a  lot  of  time  guiding  us,  measuring  the  site  and   existing   buildings,   and   doing   the   final  masterplan   for   the   renovations.   It   has   been   an  incredible  learning  process  for  all  involved.      • BUILDERS  WAREHOUSE  (TOKAI)    has   committed   to   giving   us   cost   price   on   all  materials  and  offered  us  guidance  and  weekly  site  visits   once   we   begin   the   journey   through   the  project.   Thank   you   Stephen   Viljoen   for   your  valuable  contribution!  Thank  you  Faeem  Hamid!  
  31. 31.                                                                      TOGETHER  IS  BETTER!    We  establish  and  nurture  relationships  with  existing  and  new  partners  in  community  building.    We  all  own  a  share  in  the  shaping  of  our  society!  Thank  you  to  all  for  your  loving  contribution.        
  32. 32.                                                                      CITY  OF  CAPE  TOWN  WELLNESS  WEEKS…                          SOUTH  AFRICAN  SCHOOLS    “...I   felt   that   I   was   really   connecting   with  them.  We  shared  a  few  emotions  as  I  shed  a  tear  and  they  became  very  silent.  They  were  relating   to   me.   I   asked  them   questions   and  they  responded  really  well.  They  were  lovely!  My   biggest   motivation   was   that   I   went   to  prison  so  that  they  dont  have  to  go.  I  asked  them  not  to  follow  my  past  but  to  look  for  their  future.”    Franklin  Esau              Change  Agent                    MOTIVATIONAL  TALKS        CHANGE  AGENTS    IN  ACTION  NEWS:  TRI  SCHOOL  PILOT  START-­‐UP  MAY  2013    
  33. 33.                                                                      OUTPUT    9  amazing  days  on  stage  with  a  daily  audience  of  100-­‐150  employees  from  City  of  Cape  Town  Revenue  Department.      Beresford  Williams  shares  on  Twitter:      “SmilingOne   doing   fantastic   work.   Your  change   agents   were   simply   outstanding.  Thank  you  for  the  great  work  you  do  every  day.”        ”Transformed  individual@SmilingOne  made  a   great   impact   at   event.   We   cannot   undo  the  past,  but  we  can  help  shape  the  future.”      OUTCOME  • Standing   ovation   –   deeply   touched   audience   –  every   single   day   for   nine   days.   Change   Agents  delivering  life  changing  messages.  • Building  and  nurturing  relationships.  • Planting   seeds   for   furture   bookings   of   our  motivational  talks.  • The  Revenue  Department  ordered  50  of  our  TRI  Books  (100%  non  profit).    
  34. 34.                                                                                        EVENTS          MANDELA  DAY    OUTPUT/OUTCOME    Cape  Media  spend  Mandela  day  with  us  in  Nyanga  East  Community.  200+  children  from  Linge  Primary  spend  their  67  minutes  cleaning  the  environment.              LIGHT  IN  DARKNESS  EVENT    OUTPUT/OUTCOME    Sharing  motivational  Change  Agent  Journeys  with  the  RUC  congregation.  We  invited  RUC  to  support  our  vision  as  a  sponsor.  RUC  is  sponsoring  part  of  Franklin’s  Change  Agent  Stipend.          CHRISTMAS  PARTY  NYANGA      OUTPUT/OUTCOME    In  preparation  for  our  UTE  FORCE  Project    GM  decided  to  give  a  special  christmas  treat  to  the  children  of  the  Nyanga  Community.  More  than  200  children  enjoyed  a  stunning  party.      CAPE  ARGUS  PICK  N  PAY  CYCLE  TOUR    OUTPUT/OUTCOME    We  have  been  gearing  up  to  the  March  2013  event  and  30  riders  have  joined  our  charity  group  racing  awareness  and  funds.  Our  official  Cape  Argus  sponsors  are  Thorp  Motorgroup  and  GM  UTE  FORCE.    CHANGE  AGENTS    IN  ACTION  
  35. 35.                                                                        NOTHING  IS  IMPOSSIBLE!  CHANGE  IS  POSSIBLE!    
  36. 36.                                                        OUTCOME  -­‐ THORP  Motorgroup  sponsored  vehicles  throughout  our  whole  financial  year  and  sponsored  our  entry  to  the  Cape  Argus  Pick  n  Pay  Cycle  Tour.  Thorp  &  SmilingOne  won  the  GM  competition.  Thank  you  Nicky  &  Warren!  -­‐ GM  Childlife  Foundation  has  sponsored  our  Nyanga  Project  –  stipends  towards  Creche  Staff  and  Youth  Community  Builders,  EDC  education,  food  &  sundries,  workshop  material,  security  and  will  be  sponsoring  a  portion  of  renovations  of  the  Ivy  Nyovane  Creche  from  March  2013.  -­‐ GM  UTE  FORCE  sponsored  and  hosted  our  Christmas  Party  December  2012  in  Nyanga  and  sponsored  a  portion  of  our  Team  SmilingOne  Cycle  Jerseys.  Thank  You  Bridgette!  GM  UTE  FORCE  is  one  of  our  Ivy  Nyovane  Creche  Renovation  Partners  –  renovations  begin  March  2013.  -­‐ LRMG  PERFORMANCE  AGENCY  has  assisted  us  with  advice  and  guidance  in  regards  to  SETA  accreditation.  They  offered  skills  development  opportunity  through  a  temporary  job  to  one  of  our  Change  Agents.  They  booked  TRI  processes  which  generated  funds  (20%  of  contracts)    towards  our  foundation.  Thank  you  Ricky  &  LRMG!  -­‐ FAMILY  DAVIDS  came  on  board  to  sponsor  one  of  our  Prison  Processes.  Thank  you  Faiek  &  Yaasien!  -­‐ ABC  PRESS  donated  print  of  pamphlets/flyers  and  our  previous  annual  report,  paper  for  creative  activities  and  were  always  helpful  with  transporting  and  delivering  at  short  notice.  Thank  you  Michael!  -­‐ UPSTARTVENTURES  sponsored  office  furnitures  and  a  brand  new  computer  (incl  software)  for  our  new  Change  Agent  office  in  Gugulethu.  Thank  you  John!  -­‐ ASSIGNMENT3  donated  three  banners  and  a  1.5m  puzzle  for  our  TRI  workshops.  Thank  you  Eben!  -­‐ RED  BULL  Studios  in  Cape  Town  sponsored  a  week  of  recording  two  of  our  Change  Agent  songs  in  their  studio.  Our  Fundraising  Album  will  be  released  in  second  half  of  2013.  Thank  you  Steve  &  Richard!  -­‐ LIONEL  BASTOS  sponsored  his  producer  and  song  writing  skills  to  assist  recording  and  fine-­‐tuning  of  two  of  our  Change  Agent  songs.  Thank  you  Lionel!  -­‐ RONDEBOSCH  UNITED  CHURC  (RUC)  has  contributed  with  monthly  donations  towards  our  Change  Agent  Portfolio  and  donated  seeds  for  Franklin’s  Gardening  Project.  Thank  you  Robert,  Don,  Roger,  Vic,  James  &  Ros.    -­‐ GLOBAL  HARMONY  CHOIR  held  a  Christmas  Benefit  Concert  for  our  foundation  in  the  UK  and  raised  funds  for  us.  Thank  you  dear  Susie,  Hazel  and  Liz.  Thank  you  to  the  choir!  -­‐ SHOPRITE  sponsored  waste  food  for  the  Nyanga  Project,    occasionally  toys  etc.  Thank  you  Brandon!  -­‐ LEGAL  RESOURCE  CENTRE  donated  legal  services  to  assist  us  in  all  legal  matters.  Thank  you  Mandy  &  Charlene!  -­‐ GEOREALITY  donated  assistance  in  building  a  SmilingOne  Database.  Thank  you  Gabri!  -­‐ HG  PAGE  ACCOUNTING  has  supported  us  and  offered  financial  expertise.  Thank  you  Hilton,  Damian  &  Sam!  -­‐ Community  Policing  Forum  (CPF)  has  shown  great  support  of  our  projects.  Thank  you  Hanif!  -­‐ CONSTANTIA  WALDORF  School  donated  monthly  stands  at  their  night  market.  -­‐ GAS  APPLIANCE  CENTRE  donated  gas  for  use  in  the  Nyanga  Crèche  Kitchen.  -­‐ PARADISE  TOURS  donated  transport  of  team  to  different  outings.  Thank  you  John!  -­‐ CAPE  MEDIA  sponsored  our  Mandela  Day  Celebration  in  Nyanga  for  the  Linge  Primary  School  Children.  -­‐ AMANDA  KROPMAN  donated  an  entry  for  one  of  our  Change  Agents  to  ride  the  Cape  Argus.                                OUR  SUPPORT  NETWORK  
  37. 37.                                                  
  38. 38.                                              !                                                                                                                                                            FINANCIAL    REPORT    It   has   been   an   incredible   year   of   maturing   as   a  foundation.   It   feels   like   rooting   into   a   core  strength   which   is   fueled   by   our   values   and   a  deepened  understanding  of  the  share  we  own  in  the  whole.      What  always  stands  at  the  forefront  for  us  is  the  relationships  we  nurture  with  our  donors  –  we  are  deeply   committed   in   all   we   do   and   focus   on  strengthening   partnerships   with   equally  committed   sponsors.   We   have   experienced   how  our  heartfelt  investment  in  this  arena  has  opened  further  doors…    One   example   is   how   our   relationship   with   our  long-­‐term  sponsor  Thorp  Motorgroup  has  opened  the  door  to  General  Motors.  This  has  allowed  us  to  reach   further   and   deeper   into   the   Nyanga  Community   and   fueled   multi   faceted   activations  through  our  Circles  of  Change  Approach.      Another  example  is  how  our  relationship  with  RUC  has  opened  the  door  to  great  mentors  like  David  Harrison   from   DGMT.   David   has   helped   us   align  our   approach   in   regards   to   how   we   present   our  proposals.   And   the   list   goes   on!   Every   single  connection  matters!  Each  one  plays  a  vital  role  in  our  growth.  As  we  have  allowed  each  process  to  ripen  naturally  -­‐  open  and  available  to  our  learning  -­‐   we   have   welcomed   many   new   connections,  supporters  and  sponsors.      FINANCIAL  MANAGEMENT  POLICY    The  SmilingOne  Foundations  financial  management  is  done  in  terms  of  the  South  African  Auditing  standards  and  audited  financial  statements  are  available.  External  auditors  provide  oversight  and  monitoring.  The  SmilingOne  Foundations  auditors  are:  HG  PAGE  and  Company  Practice  No  964700.  It  shows  significantly  in  our  numbers  compared  to  last   year   and   it   echoes   through   each   project   as  well   as   each   networking   and   media   campaign.    Our  work  is  recognized  and  valued.    We  have  focused  on  sustainability  and  the  health  of  our  organisation.  This  has  also  led  us  to  re-­‐align  many   of   our   activities.   We   have   closed   some   of  our  processes  and  intensified  our  focus  on  Change  Agents   in   the   making.   Too   much   on   our   plate  serves  no  one!  We  are  all  about  Quality!      We   have   discovered   new   and   exciting   angles   in  the  world  of  funding.  We  have  attracted  funding  for  prison  processes  through  families  of  inmates.  We  have   furthermore  focused  on   generating  our  own   funds   through   selling   T.R.I.   coaching  processes,  our  book    as  well  as  Motivational  Talks.  We  ensure  that  funding  has  maximum  impact!    I  am  always  in  awe  of  what  can  be  achieved  when  you   know   and   trust   in   who   you   are   (firmly  rooted),   know   what   you   are   deeply   passionate  about   (strong   vision)   and   know   and   trust   in   the  value  you  can  add!    We  have  an  incredible  year  ahead  of  us!      
  39. 39.                                                                                                                                                                                                            RAISED  FUNDS:  291,799.82    +    DONATIONS-­‐IN-­‐KIND  SPONSORSHIPS  R50,000  ABOVE          1:  THORP  MOTOR  GROUP           Sponsorship  of  vehicle      SPONSORSHIPS  R10,000  ABOVE        2:  LRMG  PERFORMANCE  AGENCY       Guidance  SETA  Accreditation        3:  Y.  DAVIDS             R47,475.00      4:  GM  CHILDLIFE  FOUNDATION       R40,000.00      5:  TEAM  SMILING  ONE  ‘CAPE  ARGUS’     R27,600.00        6:  D.  THORPE             R23,900.00      7:  CHANGE  AGENT  PORTFOLIO       R23,570.00  • Koos  Pretorius  (5000)  • Investec  Community  Fund  (5000)  • Various  others  (13570)      8:  GENERAL  MOTORS  UTE  FORCE       R20,000.00      9:  H.  JONES               R20,000.00      10:  LRMG  PERFORMANCE  AGENCY       R15,600.00        11:  UPSTART  VENTURES           Office  furnitures  +  Computer        SPONSORSHIPS  R5,000  ABOVE  12:  ASSIGNMENT3  &  EBEN  HUMAN       Banners  &  Workshop  Puzzle  13:  GLOBAL  HARMONY  CHOIR         R    7,000.00  14:  A.  BAVA               R    6,000.00  15:  D.  WATSON             R    6,000.00  16:  R.  ROBINSON             R    5,000.00          17:  LEGAL  RESOURCE  CENTRE           Legal  Service  18:  HG  PAGE             Accounting/Auditing  Service    VARIOUS  OTHER  DONATIONS   R49,654.82          Thank   you   Christine   Hansen,  Shawn  McGee,     Roger   &   Vic   Fall,   Cathy  Carstens,   Ridwaan   Adams,    Louw  van  Eeden,  Lionel  Bastos,  Don  Shay,  Harris,  RUC  &  Robert  Steiner,  Amanda  Kropman,  Red  Bull  Studio   (CT),   Marilyn   Robinson,   Ilse   van   Niekerk,   Mike   Curry,   Bridgette   Middleway,   Judy   Swan,  Paradise  Tours,  Cape  Media,  Faiek  Davids,  Maria  Liebbrandt,  Ellen  Skalla,  Jacqui  Braunlich,    Jo-­‐Ann  Von   Willingh,   Selina   Ahmann,   Sibu   Monese,   Etienne   Bruwer,   Dennis   Spaeth,   Marguerite  Holtzhausen,   Georeality,   Linda   Dippenaar,   Lizanne   Gouws,   Michele   Macfarlane,   Gas   Appliances,  Constantia  Waldorf  School  Night  Market,  Luis  Taylor  and  anonymous  sponsors  for  your  donations.  
  40. 40.      WE                                                                    WE  WELCOME  YOUR  SUPPORT    It  is  with  the  loving  support  of  many  fellow  community  members  such  as  yourself  that  we  can  truly  succeed.  Each  one  of  us  a  valuable  puzzle  piece!      THE  SMILING  ONE  FOUNDATION    NPO:  Registration  080-­‐470       18A  Tax  Certificates  PBO:  930034417           Earn  BBBEE  Points      Change  Agent  Office:         Contact  us:    NY22,  24A  –  Unit  10         Phone   +27  (0)21  837  1741  Gugulethu             Fax:       +27  (0)86  617  5020  7750               Email:    Board  of  Trustees:         Contact:  PO  Box  31153           Karina  Andersen  Tokai  7966   Email:                Cell:       083  235  6555          DONATIONS    Trust    account:          Email  us  for  our  PayPal  details  The  SmilingOne  Foundation        First  National  Bank            Tokai  Branch  200409        Account  6225  925  3898  SWIFT:  FIRNZAJJ    
  41. 41.                            THE  TASK  is  not  to  seek  for  love,    but  merely  to  seek  and  find    all  the  barriers  within  yourself    that  you  have  built  against  it.      RUMI