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Letter from the CEO:
As I write my inspiration to you today I am reflecting on the seeds we plant in this very special garden of life.

One of our TRI Students in Helderstroom Prison shared with me recently how he is harvesting the fruits of those very early deposits he made in his life, seeds planted with fear and limitation. He is waking up in the middle of his own creation and deeply impacted by its ripple effect. He is shaken. With different tools he is now expanding on his garden, understanding that he is a puzzle piece in a bigger puzzle - we are all connected and each seed has impact. Today he is conscious about sowing seeds with love, care and understanding. And yes, the old trees are still standing as reminders of deep and valuable learning processes - he embraces those with great humility. It has allowed him an understanding as he has healed and a bridge to those who still sow with fear and live in darkness. He is reaching them with his light. He is a Change Agent in the making!

These processes are touching my heart daily... when we begin to live our light beingness and touch those around us. This is why we are here... to unlock an incredible potential.
Let us be curious about the seeds we plant. Let us understand. Let us share our LIGHT

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Newsletter March 2014 - SmilingOne Foundation

  1. 1. Turquois The SmilingOne Foundation MONTHLY NEWSLETTER March 2014
  2. 2. Our Values LOVE In our experience of Love we find ourselves in a place of unconditional sharing, holding no judgment or expectation. As we embrace Love within, we embrace Love in ALL. LEARNING We enjoy the process of learning. We are Students and Explorers of life, widening our horizon and adding to our portfolio. ADDING VALUE We enjoy adding value to individuals and whole communities. Adding value to the human potential is a privilege and assists the process of building bridges, breaking down the most resistant walls. ONENESS We believe in UNIQUENESS and UNITY. ‘It is about understanding oneself and the role one plays in the bigger ‘puzzle of life’ - the greater purpose. On one hand being tiny compared to the whole – teaching us humbleness – and on the other being highly valuable as each piece of the puzzle is of inestimable value to the wholeness – teaching us worthiness.’ INTEGRITY We enjoy working with our clients and each other openly, honestly and sincerely. We walk the talk and deliver what we promise. OUR ENVIRONMENT We care deeply for our environment and inspire change by our own living example
  3. 3. OUR APPROACH Prisons Western Cape Re-Integration ‘Trial  &  Support’ Youth, Family, Communi ty, Schools.. Job Creation Unlocking Potential Entrepreneurship Personal Valuebased LeadershipSustainable Livelihoods Peer Friend Process Change Agents In the making Utilizing the Potential © 2014 SmilingOne
  4. 4. FOREWORD Letter from the CEO OUR SUPPORT NETWORK OUR PROJECTS YOUTH AT RISK My Graduation Year Bukiwe’s COC Activation Guiding the Youth REINTEGRATION SA Prisons – Jonathan’s Graduation COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT Nyanga Development Program Fencing for Ivy Nyovane SKILLS DEVELOPMENT COC Hiking Workshop Nyanga Report Workshop FUTURE PROJECTS AND EVENTS OUR FAMILY CONTENT
  5. 5. Letter from Franklin’sdesk A couple of years ago someone told me that in order to have a garden you need ‘green fingers’. I fell asleep to the idea that I would one-day love to make my own garden to test the ‘green fingers’ theory, that not all are born with ‘green fingers’. Fastforward to a couple of years later, I decided to have a garden with some great veggies. Little did I know that I was heading to a path of connection. Connecting with not only myself but with the magnificance of nature. I discovered that soil carries so much history in itself, that it can give you an idea of how fertile it is by dampness and colour. Colour indicating ph levels and fertility through rough or fine soil. Not to mention all the nutritions I used to feed the soil until a fertile stage has been reached to prepare it for plantation. I never had so much fun messing around in the dirt(laughing face)! But as much as all processes need nurturing so did the garden. Thus SmilingOne believe that seeds that are planted needs nutrition, for it is a process. Our Prison process gives us an opportunity to plant the seeds of Change with our ‘Change Agents’ in the making. This month we invite you to connect with nature in our newsletter of the first qaurter of the year 2014, giving you a feel of green surroundings, blue skies and soil. Join us as we walk hand in hand with the community of Nyanga at the Ivy Nyovane Créche, walking next to youth at risk and revisiting our change agents in the making inside prison. Let us open ourselves to the essence of nature and its magnificant role in our lives. Love Franklin FOREWORD
  6. 6. Letter from the CEO As I write my inspiration to you today I am reflecting on the seeds we plant in this very special garden of life. One of our TRI Students in Helderstroom Prison shared with me recently how he is harvesting the fruits of those very early deposits he made in his life, seeds planted with fear and limitation. He is waking up in the middle of his own creation and deeply impacted by its ripple effect. He is shaken. With different tools he is now expanding on his garden, understanding that he is a puzzle piece in a bigger puzzle - we are all connected and each seed has impact. Today he is conscious about sowing seeds with love, care and understanding. And yes, the old trees are still standing as reminders of deep and valuable learning processes - he embraces those with great humility. It has allowed him an understanding as he has healed and a bridge to those who still sow with fear and live in darkness. He is reaching them with his light. He is a Change Agent in the making! These processes are touching my heart daily… when we begin to live our light beingness and touch those around us. This is why we are here… to unlock an incredible potential. Let us be curious about the seeds we plant. Let us understand. Let us share our LIGHT Love & Gratitude Karina WE UNLOCK POTENTIAL THROUGH CIRCLE OF CHANGE ACTIVATIONS
  7. 7. TOGETHER IS BETTER! We establish and nurture relationships with existing and new partners in community building. We all own a share in the shaping of a healthy society! Sponsors 2014/15 Sponsors monthly: GM Childlife - RUC -Dave Thorpe–Aslam Bava -David Watson Sporadic sponsors Karen Sorbo & Francelino Zau, Shawn McGee, Koos & Ilse van Niekerk, Robin Ropp Sohnen, Howard Rosenberg, anonymous... OURSUPPORTNETWORK
  8. 8. My Graduation Year (Siya’s COC activation) by Franklin It is wonderful to see a young man such as Siya being part of the community building project in Nyanga at the Ivy Nyovane Educare. Siya shared with me how grateful he is to graduate from school this year. He knows the learning does not stop there. The years has been challenging in school however it has been the best years of his life with great memories. His journey will enter a new phase after graduation. Siyais preparing himself to apply for the Navy. He explains to me that the Navy is his second option, his first is a business degree. Funding is challenging, which is why he is choosing the second option. Siya is active in two of his COC pillars and is also stepping into his third COC pillar, assisting the community builders in Nyanga. With his love for Mathematics, he is busy tutoring kids on Mathematics and keeping an active role in his church youth. He shares how extra classes at school sometimes does not allow him to be in TRI (The Responsible Individual) sessions as much as he would love to - but he still learns a lot when he is in session. …………………………………………………………… Bukiwe’s COC activation by Franklin Bukiwe shares... “...I always thought that my hopes and dreams to get a degree was over. When I would see friends that graduated school along with me and most of them have what they looked for, my heart would break because we were set on the same path to get higher education and be providers for our families. I have felt that I failed in providing for my family. Thank you for SmilingOne who has activated me in my COC three resource pillar to set forth on my studies. So that I can reach for my dreams. I truly appreciate being in session, as it teaches me a lot about myself and how to face my challenges. I am activating my caring practice by having Saturday Workshops with the kids on how to dance and sing because that has helped me to heal inside. COC, let’s dance! OURPROJECTS–YOUTHATRISK
  9. 9. Guiding the Youth by Franklin A fear less spoken about but more often shouted about. I am speaking about the harm we as human being do to each other and it starts from a very young age. The story that impact me the most this week on the news was that an 8year old girl died after being bullied. Suddenly I remembered my incident who left me more shaken then I could ever remembered. A kid in private clothes knocked on our class door while we were having session and request that he speaks to one of the students in class. Aware of the rules and regulations of the school, I request to see that he have permission to speak to the student. He said that he don’t have permission but will just be short. So I refuse to let him speak to the student and ask that he bring prove from the principal regarding permission and I will allow him gladly. He told me he is a cousin that just want to get a key…so I went and ask for the key that the student knew nothing about, while the boy in private clothes awaits outside. Knowing that he spin me a story I insist that he get prove from the principal. He became really agitated but I kept my calm. In my head I plead with the boy not to do anything to defend myself, I was so scared I was going to hurt him. But all he could see was my calmness. I closed the door behind me for at this time I was thinking that it is gang related. Eventually he gave up on wanting to speak to the student and as he left I could feel my whole body trembling. So I took a deep breath and went back inside to the class. But I was so imbalance that I could not even speak to the kids so I gave them the session task to complete. After a while the security came to me and ask if I’m good. Apparently they distracted him, by the gang standing at the gate wanting to come on school premises while one of them jumped over the fence. And I just replied by he wanted to talk to one of the kids so I asked permission and he did not have any. I called the student to talk to him for better understanding about what happened but the bell rang and we never spoke. The principal wanted to know what happened so I replied the same as I did with the security. The following week I spoke to the student and got more perspective about why the kid was looking for him. They attacked one of the guys from another gang and they were looking for him to take revenge. I explained to him the dynamics of gang violence and how many people get hurt because of the behaviour of beliefs and sub-cultures. And that the road he choose in gangs can either lead to him being killed or he killing someone else. He did not give me a lot of attention until I told him that I know what I am talking about because I lived like that before. And went to prison because of what I believed in (kill or be killed). Little did I know that we do not need to live like that but it is going to start when I believe in something else rather than gangs and violence. I believe now in building the community and violence only destroys it. So he can stay away of dying early or going to prison for a long time by believing in his talent and education, the choice is his. It does not matter what we talk about, it is good to talk but it is more important, what we do with our lives. So go home today and choose the life you want. And remember that it is not going to be easy but it will be worth living for. OURPROJECTS–YOUTHATRISK
  10. 10. SPONSOR
  11. 11. Change Agents in the Making by Karina SA Prisons WORCESTER CERTIFICATE CEREMONY What a SPECIAL day! February 25th we celebrated 5 men who have chosen to live and shine the light in their hearts Patrick Ismail and Christopher Hammers were graduating TRI(1). Marco Simons and Phumzile Salela were graduating TRI(2). Change Agent and inmate TRI Facilitator Daniel Davids was celebrated for his heartfelt commitment to be the change and facilitate change in a highly diverse and challenged environment inside Worcester Prison. It is an honour to journey with these men! Congratulations!! OURPROJECTS–REINTEGRATIONPRIORRELEASE
  12. 12. SA PRISONS – Change Agents in the making - Malmesbury Prison by Karina I am reading a letter that I was given by Jabu, who is one of the highly committed inmates and TRI Students in Malmesbury Prison. He has been with us for two years now. This is his sharing - a Change Agent in the making - I am deeply touched: "I humbly submit this request to you miss K asking you to consider to give a Man an opportunity to grow in the program and train as a Coach and TRI Facilitator. I know being a Student is not going to be an easy task, but a huge responsibility on my shoulders. I am up for it and ready for the new challenge. I am optimistic about climbing this mountain. Coaching to me is not about leading/knowing, it is more about guiding/creating and most importantly listening attentively all the time. And it is more about being myself more than anything. I am optimistic about guiding others to switch on their own lights. I am ready to create tools with those who are still in the dark - just like I was! I hope I don't stumble and fall but to learn from stumbling and be the best person that I enjoy to see. Let me also take the opportunity to thank you for introducing this program to us. I don't think I would have been the person that I have become if it wasn't for this program. I have been living with a 'disability' for a long time and I didn't even notice that I was 'disabled' until I was introduced to the program. The result is that I am in the process of recovery now - I have learnt to understand myself better as an individual. I have equipped myself with great tools that helps me all the time. Thank you for choosing us over many things you could have chosen in your life. You could have been anywhere in the world but you chose to be with us and guide us on our journeys. I really appreciate you for being a genuine person. Today I am being the program and it has armoured me against many wrong choices I could have made in my life. I chose to be the captain of my soul. I am the program and the program is a blessing in my life. Thank you for considering my request" From ‘The Program’ - Jabu THIS IS WHAT WE ARE HERE FOR! TO UNLOCK POTENTIAL... MY HEART SINGS! OURPROJECTS–REINTEGRATIONPRIORRELEASE
  13. 13. REINTEGRATION - Jonathan’s graduation by Franklin What an amazing journey it is for an individual to discover more. More about life, more about the world and most importantly more about themselves. On Sunday the 23rd of February 2014 we celebrated the graduation of parolee Jonathan Tabalaza. The graduation took place in service at the Rondebosch United Church, in front of Jonathan’s new found community. This was special to Jonathan as it is the community of Rondebosch United Church that is playing such a tremendous part in his life after prison, he shares. They were also the ones to refer him to SmilingOne for COC activation. The message of the service, “how often do we focus on the light, when all we can see is the darkness”, was felt deeply by Jonathan. I am so honoured to walk the journey with Jonathan. The world awaits his creativity. When the student is ready the master will appear. Congratulations Jonathan, you have chosen you and made yourself a priority. You shine your light and touch others. • Franklin ……………………………….. Recycle – planting Do you remember mom throwing away the eggshells and egg carton after making a delicious scramble egg breakfast, when Dad wanted a sunny side up? Well with innovated recycling methods throwing away egg cartons or even egg shells is a thing of the past. You no longer need expensive ceramic plant pots, you can use egg cartons and even the egg shells. Melanie Pinola – a journalist who writes on ‘clever uses’, from – reports about the healthy dose of calcium egg shells contain, which protects plants from bottom end rot. Which are cause by a calcium deficiency in plants. Clever use indeed I say! So next time you want to think about throwing egg shells away after a nice omelette, why not go for green afterwards and plant some veggies. More details on how to start a sustainable home garden later in the newsletter… OURPROJECTS–REINTEGRATIONPOSTRELEASE
  14. 14. Nyanga Development Program by Franklin Esau A sunny and bright Friday after noon I walked in the Ivy Nyovane Crèche and was surprised to hear no kids on the playground. Finally I spotted one child with a rug sack on her back, looking at me very intensely “like who are you, Sir”. So I asked Ma Esther “why is it so quite”. From her reply I was inspired to write this article… Ma Esther (Founder): “It is Fridays and the kids go home at 1 o’clock, as for during the week when they leave at 5 o’clock. It gives me a bit of time for me to prepare for Saturdays, which is our biggest day of the week, having the kids from the community building project along with those of the crèche. Friday also means that it is time for our session with SmilingOne, which I’m very grateful for! We started the year very busy as to our registration process for all the kids. We have now finalised our year plan and will be focusing on reports. We have also ordered new utilities was ordered for the kids, I’m just so thankful for Shoprite’s donation of toys. Our menu has been planned for this year and I’m so glad that Child-life and General Motors has aid in that area, I appreciate it very much. We are also starting our garden, with the Wiseman (Care- taker) by our side. Our current challenge is the health certificate – we are busy fixing what was recommended. “Thank you GM Childlife for the recent upgrade and renovations. Our year is off to a great start”. Vuyiswa (Principal) “I know you caught me a few times doing administration on Fridays but it seems to be the most suitable time, seeming that we are awaiting kids to be picked up by parents after one. So I catch up before our session with SmilingOne. Our Mentossori classes started in February, I am excited to learn more innovative ideas on how to drive the crèche forward this year. Our main focus is executing our year plan but I know we have to be smart in executing it, not everything goes according to plan. I’m just very glad at the team of teachers, community builders and the care-taker, who gives great effort into their tasks. I would love to focus more on getting sponsors on board especially to aid in clothes for the kids. As I see many of them wear the same clothes over and over, getting the feeling of neglect. We did however manage to make t-shirts for the kids and teachers of Ivy Nyovane but unfortunately, OURPROJECTS–COMMUNITYBUILDING
  15. 15. they have to buy the t-shirts and the parents do not have the funds. Our initial idea behind the t- shirts was to create a uniform. In time I’m sure our uniform will develop to more structure. Registration week was quite busy and we opened on a very busy schedule too. So we called in the community builders, for an extra hand”. Wiseman (Caretaker) “I’m very glad for Ma Esther to have given me the opportunity of care-taker, after my role as security during renovations. There is a lot of things I must attend to for good maintenance. Ma Esther told me that it would fall into place as time goes. I used the extra paint from renovations and painted the park and the playground. Apart from all that needs to be done, my greatest preparation is the garden that I’m starting. To aid in our food scheme for the kids. Right now I’m preparing the soil and I’m confident that we will see some nice veggies in the future”. I’m following Wiseman’s garden project as it carries so much sync with our theme for this month. It is a great honour to follow the team of the Ivy Nyovane Educare, in their building of the future of the Nyanga community. We as SmilingOne take pride in going to the people, we live with them, we love them, we learn from them, we start with what they have and build on what they know. When the task is accomplished and the work is done, the people will remark: We have done it ourselves! ………………………………………………….. The Responsible Individual MOMENT OF SILENCE Challenges Symptoms of Challenges Mirror Wind Reactive Patterns The Survivor Pleaser Victim balance Awareness Spectrum Trust Acceptance Allowance Affirmation Personal Balance Profile Understanding Identity Directions Values CHOICE the observer PURPOSE key roles Mission Vision BODY MIND SOUL learning Relationships ENVIRONMENT social responsibility OURPROJECTS–COMMUNITYBUILDING
  16. 16. How to Start a Sustainable Home Garden by Franklin There is no better feeling than pulling a potato from the garden and into the pot before having an ideal organic dish. And what more if the garden is just in your back-yard. With the economic struggle for farmers to stay head above water it is believe that growing your own vegetables, fruits and beans is a big financial challenge.  Well  I  guess  it  doesn’t  apply  for  a  home  garden.  Initiating  your   own sustainable home garden does not have to be complicated, expensive or time consuming. In fact the key is to start small for beginning gardeners. Here is a few ideas on how to make your way to a full-fledged home garden: START SMALL WITH SQUARE-FOOT GARDENING If you have limited outdoor space, begin with one or two potted tomato plants and herbs like rosemary. Mel Bartholomew, author of All New Square Foot Gardening, recommends planting small beds in squares, not rows, and using a grid system. He recommends that new gardeners pick a spot for the beds that doesn't puddle after rain that's free of tree roots and gets at least six to eight hours of sunlight a day. Don't worry about the quality of the soil or dirt in your yard, because you won't be using it in your garden beds. It is recommended that your beds are made out of (compost and moss) plant food mix. The square-foot gardening method is not only manageable for beginning home gardeners, but it's also time and cost-effective. While it can take plants months to bear seeds, you must keep your vision on seeds as it is the key to plant. But for now get a packet of seeds at a store, that can cost between R10-R30 WHAT SHOULD I PLANT FIRST? Onions and beet are really easy to plant, and they grow fast. But keep in mind that whatever you are planting, it is the season for it, you do not want to plant vegetables that needs a lot of water in summer. In early spring, your garden would probably have small greens, tomatoes, eggplant, tomatillos, garlic, onions, beets, celery, beans, broccoli, lettuce, dill and other herbs. Once your home garden is organized and planted, you can spend about 30 minutes each day tending to it, and a few extra hours on the weekend would aid tremendously in pulling out old crops, put down compost, and getting new seeds started. But you will find your rhythm. You can build an irrigation system that helps cut down on watering time, but harvesting rainwater can be an innovative tool to rather hand-watering plants in the rainy season. HOW MUCH DOES A HOME GARDEN COST? Cost really depends on how big and elaborate you want to make your home garden, but to an investment of R200 to R500 (possibly more if you decide to get an irrigation system installed) or so. Costs include: dirt or planting mix and any fertilizer, beds, seeds or plants, gardening tools, a hose or irrigation system.
  17. 17. Fencing for Ivy Nyovane by Franklin Almost four years ago SmilingOne started holding hands with a very special community that attracted us to add our special puzzle piece on what we thought was an amazing project. This was not only about the community in Nyanga East, activating the COC Engine at the Ivy Nyovane Educare. We were not just inspired to help shape a development platform for the community…we were deeply inspired by Ma Esther, an amazing lady who took initiative to start something truly special that gives the kids of the community a foundation for growth. In 1970 Ivy Nyovane Educare was built. Unfortunately due to unforeseen events it was left abandoned in the late 2ooo’s. Ma Esther saw an opportunity of space to aid in her love for children. She had been looking after kids from the community from her house at that stage. In 2007 she approach the City of Cape Town about the abandoned building. With much work and perseverance, her effort carried fruit and the crèche opened, starting with the ten kids she had in her care. In 2012 Ma Esther approached the City of Cape Town to assist with a new fence after the crèche had been victim of crime in the area. It turned out there was due rent from those who occupied the space before her which meant a change in direction in the fencing process. One door closed but another big one opened with settlement of due rent. Ma Esther, who was loyal to her vision went into agreement with the City, took hands with SmilingOne and decided to build further on her vision of Ivy Nyovane Educare. This is what Karina Andersen, CEO of SmilingOne Foundation shared about what the fence represents: It is wonderful to channel funding/opportunities to those in our projects that are truly committed to their COC Activations. That is the core of what we do. A committed responsible individual attracts boundless opportunities - it is a natural ripple effect in the COC. We are here to unlock the potential for this. The fence is symbolic in so many ways!! Symbolic of the past four years COC process in Nyanga. The Ship of Intention has been out there. NOW  they  are  ready.  They  are  not  just  talking  it…  they  are  walking  this  change. Our deep-felt Gratitude to GM Childlife Foundation and THORP Motorgroup for your continuous support. Thank you for walking hand in hand with us and for understanding that it is not just about helping with a fence. The fence is a product of four years of intense COC processing within the Nyanga community. This is a fence/foundation that will LAST! Today the Ivy Nyovane Educarehave 115 kids in their educare programmes and open their doors for SmilingOne community builders’ project and other community initiatives. We salute a woman who in her drive and vision experience a lot of challenges but never gave up. OURPROJECTS–COMMUNITYBUILDING
  18. 18. SKILLS DEVELOPMEMT COC Hiking by Ilse & Franklin There really is no best way to describe the feeling after a mountain hike but what can I say, is that such an adventure is magical. An aroma that no fragrance can match, the fresh breeze of a soothing wind or even the smile that follows after a challenging step on the mountain path gives you new perspective on what a mountain really represents in your life. Especially when you look at it through the Circle Of Change. I am not an early riser and really enjoy to sleep in on a Saturday morning. So when Franklin questioned the weather early that morning, I admit I was so relieved. However –Bukiwe assured us all that the weather was going to be perfect and that we better get going. Carpe diem! Yes, it was steep. And yes, sometimes I was tired and scared of the chains- climb. And I wondered how many times one has to hike around a mountain to reach the top. The view from the top was breathtakingly beautiful. A panoramic (a real panoramic!) view. Thoughts that entered my mind included Depending on one’s viewpoint, things look a whole lot different Distance can sometimes provide a more objective viewpoint Wherever we run to, we take ourselves with A helping hand feels good It is good to spend time in nature and just listen and observe Friends are good Water tastes much better when you are thirsty Look, listen, feel The first 10 minutes of any task is always the hardest It is good to rest a bit when you are tired It is interesting to push boundaries My body is important and I need to really take care of all aspects If one part of the body hurts, there are other parts that compensate We are like one big body – all part of the same whole – which part am I? Thank you team SmilingOne for a great morning of hiking, learning and above all, laughing! It is a gift to be invited to view things differently, a great responsibility as it asks of us to sometimes to distance ourselves and observe. Our surrounding has so many messages – it requires us to be open, to listen and be receptive… Nature can teach us many wonders about ourselves. SKILLSDEVELOPMENT-WORKSHOPS
  19. 19. report interactive sessions (TRI) community buildingproject entrepreneurship Report Workshop by Franklin Reports allow us to look into projects from a whole new angle. Because what we discovered is that as much as a report records a project, it also gives us a chance to reflect on the progress of a project. We started an introductory ‘ice-breaker’ is always good to get the creative juices flowing. It only took us a few seconds thereafter to brainstorm a report format. It gave us an opportunity to build the inner corners of our report. And not forgetting our pillars that keeps the walls standing (the C.O.C). Project aspects – what your project consist of e.g. TRI sessions, drama workshops and teaching classes. This is your content. Activities – refers to your activities within your content. What do you do at drama workshops, TRI sessions and teaching classes? Dividing it between your COC, Pillar 1; Pillar 2; and Pillar 3 will give you a clear view on your full COC activation. This equals your report. Yeah! We have direction. Now for our lay-out on how it would look like. DOCUMENT LEARNING FEEDBACK EXPLORE It is finding your balance in each COC pillar that helps you shape a solid report. The greatest learning we discovered is that “we are our reports”. It is a great view into ourselves. Thank you Ivy Nyovane for your great inspiration and for making yourselves a priority. SKILLSDEVELOPMENT-WORKSHOPS
  20. 20. A look at our future Events and Projects Cook Book for Healthy eating SmilingOne family is looking at a delicious healthier diet which sparked the idea of a recipe book that will contain healthy, easy to make, delicious recipes. We would so love to have your piece of the puzzle...... as together is so much more. So tell us what you consider as healthy food and what you would like to see in a healthy recipe book. SKY GALLERY – coming soon SmilingOne is starting a shop project that will activate our future participants in their Circle Of Change. The shop will consist of clothing and art-work, including books and craft work. We invite you to join us in our new project because together is so much more. Watch our website for further information. Launch We welcome you to be part of the Ivy Nyovane Educare Centre launch! In joining hands with SmilingOne, UTE Force and GM Childlife, the Ivy Nyovane Educare Centre has reinvented itself. It gives us great joy to announce the launce of the crèche on the 26th of April. You are welcome to join us in this monumental moment. .................................................................... The Celestine Prophecy An epic adventure that entails spirituality and psychology. It is interesting to hear about 9 insights that brings you closer to spirituality but was more captivating is the adventure an interest of such can inspire in you. The formal detail is to not what brings you to an adventure but more about where the adventure lies. This epic adventure that is rooted from the Eastern Traditions and New Age spirituality, might sound one sided but who thought that ancient spirituality could teach us so much about the modern world. Build on nine insights from ancient manuscripts in Peru, will have you thinking that the book is in the genre of ancient historymore than spiritual fiction. But as the narrator who goes through a spiritual awaken, the book is sure to bring you to an open spiritual perspective. Surely a best seller in my opinion. •Franklin FUTUREPROJECTSANDEVENTS
  21. 21. BOARD OF TRUSTEES (GOVERNANCE) Karina Chris Nicky Andersen Plam Thorp Founder . CHANGE AGENT COMMITTEE Chris Franklin Plam Esau TRI FACILITATORS/CHANGE AGENTS IN THE MAKING ASSISTING TRI FACILITATORS Ilse Van Niekerk YOUTH COMMUNITY BUILDERS Luyanda Thando Sibabalo Collin Andrew Daniel Bradley Oscar Vuyiswa Shawn Ivan Bukiwe Bulelwa More D Maloh Siya Mama Esther OURFAMILY
  22. 22. WE WELCOME YOUR SUPPORT It is with the loving support of many fellow community members such as yourself that we can truly succeed. Each one of us a valuable puzzle piece! THE SMILING ONE FOUNDATION NPO: Registration 080-470 18A Tax Certificates PBO: 930034417 Earn BBBEE Points Change Agents: Contact us: Chris Plam +27 (0)84 862 6578 Fax: +27 (0)86 617 502 Franklin Esau +27 (0)76 701 5378 Email: Board of Trustees: Contact: PO Box 31153 Karina Andersen Tokai 7966 Cell:+27 (0)83 235 6555 DONATIONS Trust account: Email us for our PayPal details The SmilingOne Foundation First National Bank Tokai Branch 200409 Account 6225 925 3898 SWIFT: FIRNZAJJ CONTACTUS