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My 9th Anniversary | Karina Andersen | Nov 2015


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Published in: Leadership & Management
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My 9th Anniversary | Karina Andersen | Nov 2015

  1. 1. It was November 1st 2006  You greeted me  as I arrived here in Cape Town;  Welcoming me  to my grand adventure!  You had big plans for me... Every single day I give thanks for the gift of being here. I give thanks for every single moment, every single challenge that has brought me deeper into my heart, deeper into my being, fully living into and shaping my purpose! It is less about ME... and so much more about WE!! Oh yes...You have stretched me, and you have taken me beyond! Many times I have walked ‘the planks of my perception', right to the edge to discover …there is no edge.... "You cannot dream as big as it gets” I have listened to the whisper of my Purpose, to what it means to be a Shareholder in the well-being of our world. 'What do I really know!? Possibly one of my greatest lessons! I do not question the puzzle pieces anymore. I trust deeply and allow them to fall into place. Life is my Classroom. YOU are all my teachers. I bow deeply. Did you know... the universe really BENDS!!! I move with the current. Gently and mindfully. I am the River I have welcomed many to my River work. MAGIC has taken place!!! "You cannot dream as big as it gets" And with that I continue to dance in and out of each moment... I shape; I innovate; I co-create... Come dance with me... With Love KARINA MY 9TH ANNIVERSARY