Kids Club Smilecatch // Family Fun Activities 09


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We suggest fun activities that you can organize with your children in order to spend quality time with your family.

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Kids Club Smilecatch // Family Fun Activities 09

  2. 2. Make a race car How do I make a race car? I’m not a mechanic! You don’t have to be! We’re not talking about a conventional race car but about one you can make with recyled material. Besides it’s really easy! How can it keep children busy? Building “race cars” will be a challenge for the kids and this activity also involves glue, something children love to work with. Once they’re done with the final touches your kids will be able to play with their cars as long as they want.
  3. 3. What do i need? You will need: • 1 cardboard tube • 2 lids of ice-cream • 1 toothpick • 1 bamboo skewer • 1 rubber band • 1 wood bead • Craft wire • Cardboard • Sandpaper • Tube of glue Duration of the activity: Making the race car will take longer than 20 minutes.
  4. 4. pREPARATION Step 1 Cut two strips of cardboard, not too big or too small, as shown by the image. Glue the strips around each end of the cardboard tube, with the stripes flush against the tube’s end. Let it dry and apply some strength so it will stay glued. Clothespins and great options.
  5. 5. pREPARATION Step 2 One you eat the ice cream and you’re sure that you won’t need them again, apply sandpaper to the top of the lids, so the glue will adhere better. Poke a hole in the center of each lid with the bamboo skewer. Apply glue along one end of the tube and press onto the center of the top of one lid.
  6. 6. pREPARATION Step 3 With one of the two lids glued, fold the craft wire in half around the rubber band to create a long needle. Thread the wire through the hole in the lid, slipping the toothpick into the rubber band. As you can see in the image, the toothpick will stop the rubber band from going into the center of the tube.
  7. 7. pREPARATION STEP 4 Now you can glue the second lid to the other end of the tube. Do not forget to apply the sandpaper to the top of the lid as you did with the first one. Thread the second lid onto the wire and, without letting go of the wire, center the lid on the tube.
  8. 8. pREPARATION Step 5 Now pull the wire through the wooden bead until the rubber band appears. With care, slip the bamboo skewer through the middle of the rubber band so you can remove the wire. Unlike the first lid with the toothpick, this lid needs the wooden bead so the bamboo skewer can be rotated, making the car work in the process.
  9. 9. It’s ready! Start the race! Now rotate the bamboo skewer to activate your engine (the rubber band) and watch your race car starts to speed! Organize races with your children and watch who wins. Your kids also can decorate and paint the race cars as they see fit. Let them play and enjoy themselves. More than new toys, remind your kids that it was them who made the cars, an important achievement that will add value to the cars.
  10. 10. See you in next games!