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Coaching Dojo Meetup


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Geir Amsjø sin presentasjon om coaching

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Coaching Dojo Meetup

  1. 1. Sponsorer
  2. 2. Agile Coaching Dojo Geir Amsjø
  3. 3. My main influencers Esther Derby
  4. 4. "In agile we need coaching more than consulting" Why?
  5. 5. People take better care of what they own than what they rent
  6. 6. What the coach do? The coach just "holds up a mirror" so the client sees himself clearer The coach is as objective as possible with no other agenda than helping the client
  7. 7. Coaching relation Confidentiality, time frame, outcome...
  8. 8. Tools 9 Active Listening Powerful Questions The GROW model
  9. 9. Active Listening Don´t talk! Don´t think about talking!
  10. 10. Active Listening Level 1: Internal Listening Awareness on ourselves; "what does this mean to me?" Level 2: Focused Listening Focus on the other person; Empathy, clarification, collaboration Level 3: Global Listening Both at the center of the universe; Listening with all senses Listen to what is not being said
  11. 11. Powerful Questions No right answer Open Stimulate introspection Opens up options Stimulate creativity Avoid Yes/No questions Try to avoid “Why” Try to avoid leading question: "does that mean that ..."
  12. 12. The GROW model 1. Goal What are you aiming to achieve? 2. Reality What is happening right now? 3. Options What different possibilities can we explore? 4. Way forward What will you do? And how will I know that you have done it?
  13. 13. 2 1 4 1. Goal 2. Reality 3. Options 4. Way forward 3
  14. 14. As a coach prepared to dance in the moment!
  15. 15. Nadia Ghouas Introducing Nadia, the coach
  16. 16. Coaching Dojo Coach Seeker Observer(s) Coaching Debrief 10 min 5 min A safe place to practice coaching Remember: 1. Goal 2. Reality 3. Options 4. Way forward Remember: Active listening
  17. 17. Sett av 20 mai! ORSC: Organizational Relationship Systems Coaching Relationship system Coach Systems coaching The team is the client "1 + 1 = 3"