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Anne Rød - Systemcoaching og intelligente team


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Fra Smidig-meetup 20 mai 2019

Published in: Leadership & Management
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Anne Rød - Systemcoaching og intelligente team

  1. 1. Rød&Baum global leadership competence Creating Intelligent Teams – a Systems Approach to Change 1 Smidig Meetup May 2019 Anne Rød, BA, MA, MCC
  2. 2. Rød&Baum global leadership competence Anne Rød Bachelor in Communications, UK, Master in Marketing, UK Master NLP, Certified Co- Active Coach, Certified Organisational Relationship and Systems Coach (ORSC) MCC with International Coach Federation 10 years working within strategic communication in organisations UK and Norway 8 years in academia within strategic communication, team development and leadership 15 years as executive team coach, facilitator, trainer and international consultant across four continents 12 years as Senior faculty member CRR Global (ORSC) Author of; Endring- systeminspirert ledelse i praksis, og Creating Intelligent Teams Doctoral researcher in systemic practice at University of Bedfordshire, UK, topic: Organisational change
  3. 3. Rød&Baum global leadership competence MINGLE What is great about using Agile in your work? What is challenging about using Agile in your work? 3
  4. 4. Rød&Baum global leadership competence What is a human relationship (team) system? A system is a group of interdependent people with a common purpose or identity - such as being in family, working in a company, being on a team
  5. 5. Rød&Baum global leadership competence A shift from coaching individuals to coaching the team system...
  6. 6. Rød&Baum global leadership competence The Principles of Relationship Systems Intelligence 1. Every relationship system forms its own powerful identity, known as the Relationship (Team) Entity. 2. Every member of the relationship system is an information carrier and a Voice of the System (VOS). 3. Relationships systems are naturally intelligent, generative and creative. 4. Relationship systems rely on roles for its organization and execution of functions. Roles belong to the systems, not to the individuals that inhabit the system. 5. Relationship systems are in a constant state of emergence, always wanting to manifest and express itself. 6
  7. 7. Rød&Baum global leadership competence Relationship Systems Intelligence Emotional intelligence - relationship with self Social intelligence - relationship with other Relationship Systems Intelligence – is the ability to see oneself, and others, as an expression of the system
  8. 8. Rød&Baum global leadership competence PRODUCTION can include.... • linear plans for target setting • to complete tasks and achieve goals • the monitoring and measuring of quantifiable data • control the progress
  9. 9. Rød&Baum global leadership competence RELATION can include.... • non- linear relationships • interconnected patterns of relationship • interedependent collaboration • sense of belonging ( WE ness, one team) • trust • psychological safety, which enables a learning culture
  10. 10. Rød&Baum global leadership competence PSYCHOLOGICAL SAFETY Enables learning at the group level and is.... • an ongoing process of reflection and action • characterized by asking questions • seeking feed- back • experimenting • reflecting on results • discussing errors or unexpected outcomes of actions • test assumptions and discuss differences of opinion openly • with no failing, only learning • where one is not afraid to be rejected if making mistakes or speaking one´s opinion
  11. 11. Rød&Baum global leadership competence Change process & dynamics Unknown/ partially unknown known (Source: Arnold Mindell)
  12. 12. Rød&Baum global leadership competence Noticing signals • What are the global signals from the system`s environment? • I.e. Changes in governmental regulations, economic recession, or new technology. • What are the local signals that something different is needed? • I.e. Customer complaints, drop in sales, technology failures • What are the internal signals from the system? • I.e. Poor morale, bad performance, gossip, conflicts or role confusion
  13. 13. Rød&Baum global leadership competence – An leaper/enthusiast – A bridge builder – A tradition holders What am I and in which situations?
  14. 14. Rød&Baum global leadership competence Lets get personal for a moment… Imagine a change you are facing… First reflect on your own, and then share with the person next to you, answering these questions… 1. What are the signals that change is imminent in your life right now? 2. What is the ”high dream” (the best future) outcome for the change you are facing? 3. What is the “low dream” (worst case scenario) outcome for the change you are facing? 4. Which dream are you closest to right now and why?
  15. 15. Rød&Baum global leadership competence A CONFLICT IS A SIGNAL THAT SOMETHING IS NOT WORKING AND A CHANGE IS NEEDED IN THE HUMAN SYSTEM (TEAM/ORGANISATION) Conflict and change.... 2019-05-21
  16. 16. Rød&Baum global leadership competence How a conflict evolves…….. irritation frustration/disc ontent locked conflict
  17. 17. Rød&Baum global leadership competence Conflict resolution • Identify the issue that is causing the problem. • Allow each person to express their position at least twice. 1: issues and hearing the voices • Move through these useful questions one at the time, giving each person equal time and space to answer in turn: • “Are you willing to resolve this without blame?” • “Why is it important to resolve this?” • “What do you agree on?” • Reflect common interest and experiences. • Name the emotional field and acknowledge the partnership throughout. 2: Discover common interest • Put the problem out in front. • Engage the people present to become a task team ready to resolve the issue. • Create action steps. 3: Problem- solving
  18. 18. Rød&Baum global leadership competence Some ideas for Scrum Masters 1. What is the level of psychological safety in our team? 2. Lead the team system, not the individuals- build the WE- ness 3. Collectiively assess team strengths and challenges 4. Build team contracts 5. Run regular reflection sessions 6. Do constellation conversations 7. Use circular approach; Meet- Reveal- Align & Act 18
  19. 19. Rød&Baum global leadership competence 19 Some reflection– ELA E- What was my experience of this session? L- What did I learn? A- How and where can I apply this learning?
  20. 20. Rød&Baum global leadership competence Anne Rød author, facilitator, leadership and team development Anne Rød BA, MA, MPCC, CPCC, ORSCC Doctoral researcher in systemic practice University of Bedfordshire United Kingdom Contact: @annerodnorway