Use social media to increase your trade show


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We all know what Twitter and Facebook is, but now it is being used to increase your trade show display traffic. Here are some tips on how to use social media to drive visitors to your convention booth.

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Use social media to increase your trade show

  1. 1. Kristin Hovde Smash Hit Displays
  2. 2. Why`s everyone using social media?  Allows you to broaden your horizon and communicate to your target market around the world.  Promote your business’s name, products, and sales  You can hear what people are really saying about you and your business  Can find more qualified leads
  3. 3. How can you get exposure at trade shows via social media?  Use hash tags  Let everyone know what’s going on at your trade show display  Help out your fellow exhibitors  Put it on YouTube
  4. 4. What are hash tags?  They are keywords on Twitter that have a # in front of it  Every time someone searches for this keyword, a list of tweeters using those keywords will show up  They will allow you to keep track of who’s talking about you, your company, and your trade show booth  Here’s an example:
  5. 5. Effective hash tags to use…  The name of your trade show  Your company’s name  Keywords related to your business or the show
  6. 6. Let everyone know what’s going on at your trade show display  Do you have any giveaways or drawings going on at your booth? Let everyone know about it!  Tweet it, Facebook it, or talk about it on LinkedIn  This is a great way to increase the traffic coming to your booth.
  7. 7. Talk to other exhibitors  Your followers will see the conversation you are having on Twitter or Facebook and will see what’s going on at the big show.  Compliment other exhibitors on their trade show booth, presentation, etc. They should return the favor.  This is a great way to intrigue people to stop by your booth.
  8. 8. Don’t forget the camera!  Record a video from the event and put it on YouTube right away.  For an example, check out this clip I found from the CTIA trade show -
  9. 9. For more trade show tips…  Check out Smash Hit Displays’ Blog  Follow me on Facebook  Follow me on Twitter