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The Keys to Nurturing Candidates Like a Marketer


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Experts from Glassdoor and SmashFly discuss the candidate journey and nurture's role in recruitment marketing. Learn how to use a nurture strategy throughout each stage of the candidate journey, from attraction to application to hire.

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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The Keys to Nurturing Candidates Like a Marketer

  1. 1. The Candidate Journey & What Affects Their Decision to Apply
  2. 2. Webinar Tips • You can connect to audio using your computer’s microphone and speakers. • Or, you may select call in using the details under the “Quick Start” tab after joining the Webinar. • All lines will be muted to avoid background noise. • You can ask questions at any time by typing them into the Q&A Pane. • Use #GDChat and @smashfly to join in the conversation on Twitter throughout the webinar.
  3. 3. Featured Speakers Alicia Garibaldi Senior Content Marketing Manager at Glassdoor @albagaribaldi Elyse Schmidt Content Strategist at SmashFly @ElyseSchmidt
  4. 4. Agenda • What Nurture Is—and the Role It Plays in a Recruitment Marketing Strategy • How to Use Nurture Throughout Each Stage of the Candidate Journey, From Attraction to Application to Hire • How to Build a More Engaged Talent Network Through Nurture • Why Candidates Decline Job Offers • Key Examples of How Organizations Use Nurture Tactics Pre-apply and Post-apply​
  5. 5. What Nurture Is—and the Role It Plays in a Recruitment Marketing Strategy
  6. 6. Nurture’s Role in Your Recruitment Marketing Strategy Recruitment Marketing is every tactic that a talent acquisition team uses to find, attract, engage and nurture leads to convert them into more qualified applicants to fill jobs now and build a pipeline for the future: • Employee Referrals • Talent Networks • Job Marketing • Employer Branding • Recruiting Events • Recruiting Analytics • CRM • Sourcing • Content Marketing • Email Nurturing • Social Recruiting • Mobile recruiting • Career Site • SEO
  7. 7. So Why Does Recruitment Marketing Matter Now? Candidates demand relevancy, transparency and personalization— and expect it in every interaction before they even see an application. Source: 1Glassdoor U.S. Site Survey, October 2014 4 in 5 Glassdoor users are actively looking for jobs or open to better opportunities1
  8. 8. So Why Does Recruitment Marketing Matter Now? Not every candidate is ready to apply—in fact, most candidates identify as passive, and an average of Source: 1SmashFly, 2015 drop off during the application process1 74% Capturing basic information from these interested leads before they halt their application process will allow you to engage them in the future.
  9. 9. Why Have a Talent Network? Talent Networks Help You to: 1. Build a pipeline of interested leads separate from applicants. 2. Nurture leads with targeted communications. 3. Strengthen your candidate profiles.
  10. 10. Find, Attract, Engage, NURTURE, Convert 3 Important Steps Before Nurture: 1. Find and source candidates with critical skills. 2. Attract candidates through your employer brand. 3. Engage candidates to opt in to communication with your organization.
  11. 11. Let’s Define Nurture What is nurture? Communicating to the right candidate with the right message at the right time. Nurture is what, how and when you will communicate with your talent network to keep candidate leads warm and grow their interest in your organization so they may eventually apply or opt out if they determine they’re not a cultural fit. When does nurture start? Nurture starts when a candidate opts in to your talent network or is sourced by your team and gives you permission to communicate with them during the next several stages of the candidate journey: Consideration, Interest and Application.
  12. 12. The Candidate Journey Awareness Hire Consideration Interest Application Select Recruitment Marketing Recruiting
  13. 13. What Is the Goal of Nurture? 1. Target and personalize your messaging to interested leads based on information they give you and their actions with your content. 2. Drive leads through the candidate journey, from awareness to application. 3. Find the right candidates for the right opportunity without sourcing from scratch.
  14. 14. How to Use Nurture Throughout Each Stage of the Candidate Journey
  15. 15. How Do I Get Leads Into My Talent Network? Optimal placement can capture both passive and active candidates. • Insert a talent network form in the front-end of the apply process to give candidates the option for opting in before completing the application • Promote across different channels and on multiple pages of your career site • Use call-to-actions elsewhere on your career site to capture a different audience
  16. 16. Key Example CH2M’s talent network has more than 300,000 warm leads worldwide
  17. 17. What Do I Include on the Talent Network Form? Customized fields can help capture the right data for more informed decisions. • At first, ask for a few key fields: name, email and job category • Send preference emails after they opt in and track results • Glassdoor offers candidates the option to sign up for targeted job alerts when new positions are posted and employers the opportunity to sign up for alerts when new reviews are left by candidates
  18. 18. Key Example Eaton’s talent network form captures 1,000 contacts daily
  19. 19. What Do I Send to My Talent Network? Personalization will drive engagement. • Understand your target personas • Define “The What” • Understand “The Why” • Research “The How” • Create a candidate messaging plan for the candidate journey
  20. 20. Key Example
  21. 21. Types of Content You Can Send Your Talent Network • Targeted Job Alerts • Glassdoor Ratings • Content From Your Marketing Team • Employee Stories • Industry News Articles • Newsletters • Webinars • White Papers • Recruiter Emails • Blog Posts
  22. 22. What Can I Automate? Automation can help drive conversions to apply. • Using automated email reminders or triggers when a candidate takes a certain action can greatly increase conversions • Recruitment Marketing Platforms can: • Send automated emails to remind candidates to finish completing applications • Send targeted job alerts based on candidates’ preferences
  23. 23. Key Example In 2014, 182 hires out of almost 1,000 candidates that were reminded to complete an application
  24. 24. How to Nurture Your Applicants Into Hires―and Brand Advocates
  25. 25. Treat Every Applicant Like a Potential Customer Job candidates research companies and job opportunities online, looking for an inside view and a competitive edge. Provide a transparent, efficient and organized interview process and remember to close the loop with every applicant. Don’t go dark!
  26. 26. Provide a Transparent View Into Your Culture Respond to Glassdoor reviews to build trust in your company in the eyes of job seekers and current employees alike. of Glassdoor users say their perception of a company improves after seeing an employer respond to a review162% Source: 1Glassdoor U.S. Site Survey, October 2014
  27. 27. Stay Proactive to Reduce the Number of Declines & Renegs Among the 30 U.S. employers with the largest percentage of employee referrals reported on Glassdoor, on average… Sources: 1Why Interview Sources Matter in Hiring: Exploring Glassdoor Interviews Data, August 2015; 2Beyond Employees: Employee Referral Programs Redefined, 2015 3 in 4 (75%) of employees would recommend their company to a friend1 Employee referrals account for 32% of new hires2
  28. 28. Check In With Recent Hires Onboarding is a great opportunity to gather insight that can be used to nurture other applicants. What you learn can help optimize your hiring recruitment efforts, even minimize buyer’s remorse
  29. 29. Not all job boards are created equal. Brandon Hall Group, for example, determined that when compared to traditional job boards… Sources: 1Brandon Hall Group Report, Understanding the Impact of Employer Brand, November 2014; 2Glassdoor Client Case Studies, 2015 Glassdoor as a source typically delivers 2x better applicant quality1 (as measured by applicant-to-hire ratios) at an average 30% lower cost-per-hire1
  30. 30. Questions?