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How to Give Each Customer a Native Brand Experience at Scale


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Gain and maintain loyalty, in any language, all cultures, and every market.

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How to Give Each Customer a Native Brand Experience at Scale

  1. 1. How to Give Each Customer a Native Brand Experience… at Scale Gain and maintain loyalty, in any language, all cultures, and every market. #GlobalReady
  2. 2. Native Brand Experiences At the heart of every native brand experience must be the consumer or buyer’s interests – it is the experience they have with your brand that matters most. #GlobalReady
  3. 3. Five Pillars of Global Marketing and 20 questions retailers need to consider. Timing: What time is it in your target market? Which holidays are on their calendar? Are you offering customers what they want, at the time they want it? Will customer service call at a time that is convenient for the customer? Taste: What do people in your target market like? Which trends and preferences exist there? Are you selling the right items to the right people in the right places? Will your customers want a quinceanera / sweet 16 / prom / bat mitsva dress? Localization: What do you need to adapt to your target market? Which local twists do you need to know about? Are you ‘hitting the mark’ or is it possible you are doing more damage than good? Will your brand, content, and products or services be welcome as a ‘local’ business? Payments: What currencies are used in your target market? Which payment methods are popular and expected? Are you providing the full range of options to ensure ‘payment’ is a non-issue? Will your customers abandon their carts at checkout or stay to purchase? Logistics: What delivery methods exist in your target market? Which delivery options should you offer? Are you losing out to third parties – such as – due to poor logistics? Will your customers purchase your product from you directly or indirectly? Insights from: CARL MILLER Founder, Managing Director The GRIN Labs
  4. 4. Better relationships, better conversion rates 45% increase both in visitors and conversion rates Acquire more customers around the world 75% of people prefer to buy online in their mother-tongue Exponential growth from international markets 95% of consumers worldwide are outside of the US Insights from: WADE ROCCO Solutions Architect Smartling The Big Opportunity and how retailers achieve global objectives.
  5. 5. Consumers everywhere are less forgiving of brands they don’t know... … and how better to get to know someone than by speaking their language! #GlobalReady US App Users Leaving Global App Users Leaving Within 1 Month Within 3 Months Within 1 Month Within 3 Months 88%76% 67% 81%
  6. 6. Translating content the traditional way: (Just ask anyone who’s ever done it, managed it or depended on it.) involves multiple stakeholders is error-prone takes too long increases workloads kills productivity is difficult multiplies problemsis process-heavy #GlobalReady
  7. 7. So, how can retail brands get it right? #GlobalReady
  8. 8. ✓ Command of local dialects and regional idiosyncrasies ✓ Commitment – across the organization – to observing and honoring cultural appropriateness and sensitivity ✓ Detailed awareness of the variables across global markets – from currencies and customs to products and preferences #GlobalReady Native brand experiences
  9. 9. Right strategy Achieve a more dominant global position by enabling a better approach to global content. Right message Create multilingual content strategies that resonate with consumers around the world. Right technology Technology removes the friction caused by traditional translation processes, allowing brands to focus on what truly matters... … delivering native brand experiences.
  10. 10. #GlobalReady The right message: ▪ Brand guidelines ▪ Localization ▪ In-country marketing ▪ Translation The right strategy: ▪ Timing ▪ Taste ▪ Payments ▪ Logistics The right technology: ▪ Seamless integration ▪ Task Automation ▪ Customizable workflows ▪ Translation Memory What does this mean in practice?
  11. 11. How to give each customer a native brand experience — at scale… Technology can enable brands to consistently provide truly native brand experiences… from websites and applications, to documents and more, to allow for enterprise-wide integration. … and that’s why you need translation management software. #GlobalReady
  12. 12. What are the benefits of using the right tech? ■ Brand consistency ■ Complete control ■ Efficiency and reliability ■ Manageable process ■ Predictable costs ■ Real-time translation memory ■ Scalability and flexibility ■ Seamless integration with your existing tech stack ■ Transparent in-context translation processes ■ You choose your vendors (today, tomorrow, and beyond) #GlobalReady
  13. 13. Brands that get it right: ▪ 15 European countries ▪ 7 new languages ▪ In less than 4 months Challenge Ecommerce platform Results ✓ 30,000 words in < 3 months ✓ Now only 1-2 hours a week ✓ 5% traffic, 3% sales non-US #GlobalReady ▪ Users in 150+ countries ▪ Growing global customer base ▪ 6 new languages ▪ < 2 months to holiday season ✓ 6 new languages ✓ In just 3 weeks ✓ Doubled holiday sales (2014 vs. 2013)
  14. 14. Change the way you create global content... 1-866-707-6278 #GlobalReady Contact us: Follow us @smartling for updates.