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Infinitive and ing forms

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Infinitive and ing forms

  1. 1. Infinitive and <br />–ing forms<br />Prof. J. Magdalena Arévalo<br />Dpto. Idiomas- Unefm<br />
  2. 2. Parrot, 2000<br />Infinitive and –ing forms<br />Infinitive Forms<br />The infinitive is the simplest or the base form of the verb. We refer to these verbs as “infinitives” when they are not part of the tense of a verb <br />He wanted me to go to the movies .<br />They are planning to travel to the beach.<br />Infinitives basically add more information to what is expressed in certain verbs, verb + object combinations, adjectives + nouns or expressions including these <br />Prof. J. Magdalena Arévalo<br />Dpto. Idiomas -Unefm<br />
  3. 3. Parrot, 2000<br />Infinitive and –ing forms<br />Infinitive Forms<br />After certain Verbs<br />Agree<br />Appear<br />Attempt<br />Expect<br />Decide<br />Promise<br />Offer<br />Need<br />Hope<br />Fail<br />Refuse<br />Want <br />Wish <br />I refuse to keep on working in this condition<br />They need to get out of here as soon as possible <br />Prof. J. Magdalena Arévalo<br />Dpto. Idiomas -Unefm<br />
  4. 4. Parrot, 2000<br />Infinitive and –ing forms<br />Infinitive Forms<br />After certain Verb + object combination<br />Advise<br />Allow<br />Ask<br />Encourage<br />Cause<br />Order<br />Invite<br />Instruct<br />Force<br />Forbid<br />Remind<br />Tell <br />Warn <br />I advise you to follow carefully the instructions<br />They never allow us to eat candy before going to bed<br />Prof. J. Magdalena Arévalo<br />Dpto. Idiomas -Unefm<br />
  5. 5. Parrot, 2000<br />Infinitive and –ing forms<br />Infinitive Forms<br />After certain Adjectives<br />Adjectives which describe: personal feelings or attitudes; <br />Anxious, determined, delighted, eager, sorry, happy<br />Aspects of possibility, probability, necessity or ability: certain, crucial, imperative, likely, possible<br />Is it necessary to make so much noise?<br />It is crucial to make a decision right now<br />Prof. J. Magdalena Arévalo<br />Dpto. Idiomas -Unefm<br />
  6. 6. Parrot, 2000<br />Infinitive and –ing forms<br />-ingForms<br />The words that end in –ing are not only used to complement the information given by certain verbs but also when: <br />We want to use a verb after a preposition.<br />As subjects and complements<br />To list activities <br />In continuous sentences<br />I was thinking I would like to eat some candy right now<br />Prof. J. Magdalena Arévalo<br />Dpto. Idiomas -Unefm<br />
  7. 7. Parrot, 2000<br />Infinitive and –ing forms<br />-ingForms<br />After certain Verbs<br />Avoid<br />Bear<br />Consider<br />Detest<br />Deny<br />Mention<br />Involve<br />Imagine<br />Dislike<br />Enjoy<br />Practise<br />Mind<br />Miss<br />He avoids wasting time in such activities<br />She denies taking that book from the shelf<br />Prof. J. Magdalena Arévalo<br />Dpto. Idiomas -Unefm<br />
  8. 8. Parrot, 2000<br />Infinitive and –ing forms<br />-ingForms<br />After certain Verb + object combination<br />We sometimes use an object between the verb and the –ing form<br />Do you mind me smoking<br />After Prepositions<br />When we use a verb after a preposition it has to be an –ing form<br />Is she interested in dancing?<br />Prof. J. Magdalena Arévalo<br />Dpto. Idiomas -Unefm<br />
  9. 9. Parrot, 2000<br />Infinitive and –ing forms<br />-ingForms<br />Subject and complements<br />When we want to make an activity the subject of a clause. <br />Walking is good for your health<br />We cal also use an –ing form as the object of a sentence. <br />What I really hate is eating cold food<br />Prof. J. Magdalena Arévalo<br />Dpto. Idiomas -Unefm<br />
  10. 10. Parrot, 2000<br />Infinitive and –ing forms<br />-ingForms<br />To list activities <br />Singing<br />Telling<br />Pushing<br />Eating<br />We can add additional information to the main clause using –ing forms<br />She walked out of the room smiling<br />Prof. J. Magdalena Arévalo<br />Dpto. Idiomas -Unefm<br />
  11. 11. To be continued …<br />

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