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Testing tools online training


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Fundamentals Duration: 4 Hrs
• Introduction to Testing
• Importance of software Testing
• SDLC models
• Verification &Validation
• Reviews, walkthroughs, inspection
Types of Testing
• White box testing
• Black box testing
Levels of Testing
• Unit Testing
• Integration Testing
• System Testing
• Acceptance Testing
Initial Level Testing
• Sanity Testing
• Smoke Testing
Manual Testing Process Duration : 6Hrs
• Test Initiation
• Test plan -
• Test Design (Test data preparation, Test case design)
• Test Execution
• Defect Tracking Life Cycle(DTLC)
• Bug Report
• Test Closer
• Manual Testing vs. Automation Testing
• Web Application Testing
• Categories of Tools

QuickTest Professional 9.2/10.0 Duration: 12Hrs
• Introduction of QTP
• QTP Testing Process
• Recording
• Object Spy
• Object Repository
• Object Identification
• Active Screens
• Key Word View And Expert View
• Reusable Actions
• Transaction Points
• Check Points
 Standard check point
 Text /text area check point
 Bitmap checkpoint
 Data base checkpoint
 Xml checkpoint
• Data Driven Test
• Virtual Objects
• Out Put Value
• Working with Environment & Random variable
• Descriptive Programming
• VB Scripting
• Frameworks in QTP
• Over view of QTP
Quality Center Duration: 4 Hrs
• Introduction
• Defining Test Requirements
• Analyze Requirement Risks
• Test Planning
• Test Execution
• Defect Tracking
• Reporting And Analysis
• Introduction to Site Administrator
• Customizing Projects at a Global Level
• Maintaining Quality Center Projects
• Customizing Users at a Global Level
• Customizing other Quality Center Modules at a Global Level
• Customizing Project-Specific Entities
• Managing Project-Specific Users and User Groups

• Running Tests:
• Defining Test Steps
• Adding Tests to a Test Suit or Set
• Running Tests Manually
• Running Test Automatically
• Reporting Defects.

LoadRunner 8.1 Duration : 4 Hrs
• Introduction of LoadRunner
• LoadRunner Testing Process
• LoadRunner Architecture
• Virtual User Generator
 What are virtual users?
 Creating VU Script
 Transaction Points
 Rendezvous Point
• LoadRunner Controller
 Design Scenario
 Add Group
 Add V-Users
 Configuring Runtime settings
 Load Generator
• Analyzing Test Results
 Understanding load runner analysis
 Analyzing scenario activity
 Analyzing scenario performance
• Over View of LoadRunner

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Contact number : 248 906 3750 Or 9949020720 ( India)

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Testing tools online training

  1. 1. Fundamentals Duration: 4 Hrs• Introduction to Testing• Importance of software Testing• SDLC models• Verification &Validation• Reviews, walkthroughs, inspectionTypes of Testing• White box testing• Black box testingLevels of Testing• Unit Testing• Integration Testing• System Testing• Acceptance TestingInitial Level Testing• Sanity Testing• Smoke TestingManual Testing Process Duration : 6Hrs• Test Initiation• Test plan -• Test Design (Test data preparation, Test case design)• Test Execution• Defect Tracking Life Cycle(DTLC)• Bug Report• Test Closer• Manual Testing vs. Automation Testing
  2. 2. • Web Application Testing• Categories of ToolsQuickTest Professional 9.2/10.0 Duration: 12Hrs• Introduction of QTP• QTP Testing Process• Recording• Object Spy• Object Repository• Object Identification• Active Screens• Key Word View And Expert View• Reusable Actions• Transaction Points• Check Points Standard check point Text /text area check point Bitmap checkpoint Data base checkpoint Xml checkpoint• Data Driven Test• Virtual Objects• Out Put Value• Working with Environment & Random variable• Descriptive Programming• VB Scripting
  3. 3. • Frameworks in QTP• Over view of QTPQuality Center Duration: 4 Hrs• Introduction• Defining Test Requirements• Analyze Requirement Risks• Test Planning• Test Execution• Defect Tracking• Reporting And Analysis• Introduction to Site Administrator• Customizing Projects at a Global Level• Maintaining Quality Center Projects• Customizing Users at a Global Level• Customizing other Quality Center Modules at a Global Level• Customizing Project-Specific Entities• Managing Project-Specific Users and User Groups• Running Tests:• Defining Test Steps• Adding Tests to a Test Suit or Set• Running Tests Manually• Running Test Automatically• Reporting Defects.LoadRunner 8.1 Duration : 4 Hrs• Introduction of LoadRunner• LoadRunner Testing Process• LoadRunner Architecture• Virtual User Generator What are virtual users? Creating VU Script Transaction Points Rendezvous Point• LoadRunner Controller Design Scenario
  4. 4.  Add Group Add V-Users Configuring Runtime settings Load Generator• Analyzing Test Results Understanding load runner analysis Analyzing scenario activity Analyzing scenario performance• Over View of LoadRunnerContact email id :smartittrainings@gmail.comContact number : 248 906 3750 Or 9949020720 ( India)