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Sharepoint 2010 content

  1. 1. Getting Started• Introduction to SharePoint• SharePoint Terminology• Hardware & Software Requirements• SPF 2010 & SPS 2010• SharePoint Versions• SharePoint Server 2010 Architecture• Topology Options• Installing SharePoint• SharePoint Configuration• Running PowerShell ScriptsWorking with CentralAdministration• Working with Central Administration• Creating Web Applications• Creating Managed Paths• Creating Quota Templates• Creating Site Collections• Creating SitesCustomizing SharePoint Sites• Customizing Quick Launch & Top Link Bar• Working with Image Web Part• Adding and Deleting Web Parts• Applying Site Themes• Creating Custom Site Templates• Working with Two Stage Recycle Bin• Creating Basic Pages and Web Part PagesDocument Libraries• Working with Predefined Libraries• Creating Document Library• Check Out & Check In Documents• Document Versioning• Versioning Approval• Draft Item SecurityLists• Working with Predefined Lists• Creating Custom Lists• Adding different types of columns to Custom List• Metadata Navigation• LookUp Columns• ListView Web Part and Filter Web Part• Creating Custom Views• Creating List Item validations• Save List as Template• Customizing List Forms• Alerts with Lists• Importing data from Excel workbooks into Lists• Exporting Access Database Tables into SharePoint• Creating Site Columns
  2. 2. • Creating Content Types• List Throttling• Content Type use casesWorkflows• Approval Workflow• Feedback Workflow• Disposition Workflow• Three state Workflow• Creating Workflows using SharePoint Designer 2010• Creating Information Management PoliciesInfoPath Basics• InfoPath Basics• Anatomy of an InfoPath Form• Features of InfoPath• Integration Features• Getting Started with InfoPath• InfoPath Design Tools• Data Connections• Data Connection Libraries• Form Publishing Options• InfoPath Forms ServicesSearch• Basic Search Center• Enterprise Search Center• Federated Search• Restricting Results• Search Scopes• Enabling Scopes for Team Sites• Keywords and Best BetsSharePoint 2010 DevelopmentWorking with SharePoint Server ObjectModel• SPFarm• SPService• SPWebApplication• SPSite• SPWeb• Using SPContext• Object Disposal Best Practices• Using the SharePoint Dispose Checker Tool• Using the Property bag of SPWeb Object
  3. 3. Developing Lists & ListItems• Using SPList and SPField Objects• Creating Lists Dynamically• Modifying Lists and Views• Adding an SPListItem Object to an SPList Programmatically• Modifying an Existing SPListItem Object Programmatically• Recycling an SPListItem Object Programmatically• Deleting an SPListItem Object ProgrammaticallyCreating Lists using CAML• Developing a List using CAML• Developing Content Types using CAML• Developing a List based on a Content Type using CAMLDevelopingLibraries• Creating Libraries Programatically• Selecting a Document Template Programatically• Adding Documents To Libraries Programatically• Navigating Documents in Libraries Programatically• Creating Documents with Open XML SDKDeveloping Content Types• Creating Custom Content Types Dynamically• Creating List Definitions Dynamically• Creating List Instances Dynamically• Creating the Content Type Dynamically• Modifying Fields in a List Instance Dynamically with an Event ReceiverDeveloping WebParts• Creating a Standard Web Part Dynamically• Creating a Visual Web Part Dynamically• Creating Connected Web Parts Dynamically• Debugging Web PartsSetting Up Permissions Dynamically• SharePoint Groups, Permission Levels and Permissions• SPUser, SPGroup, SPRoleDefinition and SPRoleAssignment Objects• Creating Groups and Assigning Permissions DynamicallyEventReceivers• Types of Events• Creating a Custom Item Event Receiver• Attaching Event ReceiversDeveloping a Custom RibbonControl• Developing a CustomAction for a Ribbon Control• Setting the Custom Ribbon Control with CommandUIDefinition• Setting the Ribbon Control Behavior with the CommandUIHandler Properties• Setting the Appearance and Visibility of the Ribbon Control• Setting the Location of the Custom Ribbon Control• Deploying and Testing the Custom Ribbon ControlDeveloping BCS Applications using VisualStudio
  4. 4. • Developing Business Data Connectivity Model in Visual Studio• Working with the Service Class and Entity Class• Developing the CRUD Methods with the Design Model• Debugging the BCS Application in Visual Studio• Deploying and Testing Our BCS ApplicationSharePoint Client Object Model• Introduction to the Client Object Model• Loading Object Instances• Using the Client Object Model in Managed Code• Using the Client Object Model in Silverlight Clients• Using the Client Object Model in JavaScript (ECMA Script) Clients• Using LINQ to SharePoint• SharePoint REST APISandboxed Solutions• What are Sandboxed Solutions?• SandBox Solutions Architecture• Sandbox Solutions Monitoring,Management• Limitations of Sandboxed Solutions• Benefits and Other Considerations with Sandboxed Solutions• Working with Sandboxed Solutions in Visual Studio and SharePoint 2010• Deploying and Testing Sandboxed Solutions• SandBox Solutions Full Trust ProxiesDeveloping RESTFULServices• Working with a SharePoint List using REST• Adding Data to a SharePoint List using REST• Updating Data of a SharePoint List using RESTWCF Services in SharePoint2010• Adding a WCF Service Library• Silverlight application consuming WCF Service• JavaScript front end consuming WCF ServiceDeveloping TimerJobs• Creating a Timer Job Dynamically• Scheduling a Timer job Dynamically• Installing Timer Job• Activating Timer Job• Testing Timer Job• Debugging Timer JobFEATURES Development• Features• Capabilities of Features• Features in SharePoint Root• Feature Schema• Feature Scopes• Feature Schema• Installing and Activating• Types of Features• New Feature Elements• Defining Data Structures• Field Element• ContentType Element• List Instance• Content Type Binding• Feature Event Receivers
  5. 5. • Solutions• Solution FilesDeveloping SiteDefinitions• Working with Site Templates• Site Definitions vs. Site Templates• Creating a Custom Site Definition to Set the Master Page URL Programmatically• Deploying and Testing Our Custom Master Page Site Definition• Creating Sites Based on Our Site DefinitionWorkflows• Creating Workflows using SharePoint Designer• Workflow Startup Options• Elements of Designer Workflows• Adding Conditions• Adding Actions• Adding Task Actions• Designing Workflows with Visio• Developing Code-Based Workflow s using Visual Studio 2010• Binding Properties to Activities• Flow of Control• Rules and Conditions• Save Workflow as Template• SharePoint Workflows• Code-based Workflow Elements• Binding Properties: Activities• Flow of Control• Rules and Conditions• Sequential Workflows• State Machine WorkflowsDeveloping a Custom DelegateControl• What is a Delegate Control?• What is SmallSearchInputBox delegate control?• Overriding a Delegate Control with a Custom Control• Deploying and Testing Custom Delegate ControlDeveloping BrandingSolutions• Apply theme to a Web Dynamically• Customizing Master page using SharePoint Designer 2010• Dynamically Applying Master Page to a Web• Deploying Custom Master Page using a Solution Package• Creating a Branding Solution with Visual Studio 2010• Deploying Our Visual Studio Branding Solution and Activating Through SharePoint Designer• Implementing an Event Receiver to Create a One-Click Branding SolutionDeveloping a SearchInterface• Using SPQuery and SPSiteDataQuery• LINQ to SharePoint• Keyword Query and Full Text Query• Creating a Visual Web Part for Search Using CAML• Creating a Visual Web Part for Search Using LINQ and SPMetalWorking with DocumentObjects• SPDocument Library, SPFolder and SPFile Objects• Programmatically Creating a Document Library
  6. 6. • Turn Off Versioning for a document library dynamically• Deploying and Testing the Documents ApplicationDeveloping a CustomDialog• Create a Custom Dialog for Data Entry• JavaScript and the Client Object Model• Modal Dialogs• Creating a Custom Dialog• Controlling the Client Side Behavior and Visibility of the Dialog• Adding Server Side Functionality to the Dialog• Deploying and Testing the Dialog User ControlDynamically Modifying Navigation• Top Link Bar• Quick Launch Bar• Menus and Custom Actions• Hiding the Left Navigation Programmatically• Adding Links to the Top Link Bar Programmatically• Adding Links to the Quick Launch Bar Programmatically• Deploying and Testing the Custom Navigation Feature• Displaying Contextual Navigation with a CustomActionDeveloping UserProfiles• Referencing a User Profile• Referencing and Editing User Profile Properties• Creating a Web Part to Update and Display User Profile Properties• Working with the User Profile Service Application• Activating and Implementing Our User Profile Web PartBackup and Restore• BackUp and Restore• Creating Backup of Server• Performing restoration• Granular BackupsSecurity• Claims Overview and differences between Windows and Claims authentications• Setting up a SharePoint Web Application to use Claims authentication• Setting up a Membership Provider• Editing Web.configs to use Membership Provider