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new Hadoop online training


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Apache hadoop online training course content :
Introduction to Hadoop
The Hadoop Approach
Configuring HDFS
Interacting With HDFS
HDFS Permissions and Security
Additional HDFS Tasks
4.Getting Started With Eclipse
Running a Sample Program
6.AdvancedMapReduce Features
Custom Data Types
Input Formats
Output Formats
Partitioning Data
Reporting Custom Metrics
8. HBase
Basic Setup
Important Directories
Selecting Machines
Cluster Configurations
Small Clusters: 2-10 Nodes
Medium Clusters: 10-40 Nodes
Large Clusters: Multiple Racks
10.Performance Monitoring

11. Oozie
12. Flume

(It includes POC and and some other dependant technology)

Contact email id
Contact number : 248 906 3750 Or 9949020720 ( India)

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new Hadoop online training

  1. 1. Apache hadoop online training course content :1.HADOOPIntroduction to HadoopThe Hadoop Approach2.HDFSConfiguring HDFSInteracting With HDFSHDFS Permissions and SecurityAdditional HDFS Tasks4.Getting Started With EclipseRunning a Sample Program5.MAPREDUCE6.AdvancedMapReduce FeaturesCustom Data TypesInput FormatsOutput FormatsPartitioning DataReporting Custom Metrics6.Pig7.Hive8. HBase9.CONFIGURATIONBasic SetupImportant DirectoriesSelecting MachinesCluster ConfigurationsSmall Clusters: 2-10 NodesMedium Clusters: 10-40 Nodes
  2. 2. Large Clusters: Multiple Racks10.Performance MonitoringGangliaNagios10.ZooKeeper11. Oozie12. Flume(It includes POC and and some other dependant technology)Contact email id :smartittrainings@gmail.comContact number : 248 906 3750 Or 9949020720 ( India)