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best Sap Bo online training

  1. 1. SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS(BOBJ) ENTERPRISE XI R3.X AND R4 SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS (BO) WITH BIDuration of Course: 40 HrsCOURSE CONTENT SAP BO 1. Business Objects XI Architecture 13.crystal reports 2008 2. Central Management Console 14.Webi Rich Client 3. Central Configuration Manager 15.Universe Designer (SAP BI) 4. Infoview 17.SAPBO - Dashboard Builder 5. Universe Designer 18.Introduction to SAP BO 6. Webi (Web Intelligence) 19.Introduction: Integration with SAP BI – 7. Import Wizard BO 8. Publishing Wizard 9. Desktop Intelligence 10. Query as a Web Services 11. Live Office 12. Xcelsius 2008 SP31. Business Objects XI Architecture 2. Central Management Console  User, Group, Folder - Creation & Authentication.  Setting User preferences  Access Controls  Voyager Connections  Scheduling3. Using Business Objects Infoview  Infoview - Introduction, Web Desktop Overview, Folders and Categories.  Infoview Using Objects  Infoview Integration for SAP Solutions4. Universe Designer  Getting Start with Universe  Setting Universe parameters and Options  Working with Tables  View column values 1
  2. 2.  Working with Joins  Using Contexts  Solving Join path problems  Creating Classes and Objects  Working with list of values  Formatting Cells  Using the Query Panel  Checking the universe  Setting Access Restrictions  Testing and managing the Universe5. BO Crystal Reports  Cross table wizard  OLAP cube report wizard  Connection using ODBL  ADO  Oracle Server  Universal Connection  Report Header, Repetition Page Header, Footer, Details  Text Objects  Groups  Summary, Cross tables  OL:AP Grid, Sub Reports  Insert Lines, Box, Pictures  Charts, Formula’s  Query Based Reports  Special Fields6.BO XI-R/3 Features  Crating the Universe from SAP system  BW publisher Integrations  Auto generated Classes and Objects based on Dimensions and Key figures  Creating Hierarchies  Exporting the Universe  Creating Desktop Intelligence reports using SAP Universe  DASH Boards using info view  Xcelsius Reports using Excel sheets  Applying conditions Formatting options in Xcelsius reports  Creating the Crystal reports based in Source Info cubes  Creating info Cubes on Existing Bex Queries.7. Query as Web service (QaaWS)  Usage of Query as web service  How to configure and use  Viewing the Universe and Webi reports using web service  Viewing the Crystal XCelsius reports using web service8. Live Office  Introduction  How Data can be extracted using Live office  Extracting data in Xcelcius using Live Office 2
  3. 3. 9.Xcelcius  Introducing Crystal Xcelcius with SAP implementation options.  Create a Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard from SAP data stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet  sourced through Crystal Reports or Web Intelligence  Create a Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard from SAP data stored in a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet  Created through the use of live Office  Create a Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard from SAP data stored in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet  Created through the use of query as a Web Service (QaaWS)  Crystal Xcelsius Dashboards Using Analytics as part of Dashboard Manager  Create an Analytic Dashboard from SAP data through a Universe10.Webi Rich Client (Web Intelligence)  Introduction to desktop intelligence  Report Creation  Publishing the report  Understanding how universes allow you to query database using everyday business terms  Understanding Web Intelligence core functionalities  Creating a document in the Web Intelligence Rich Client  Viewing a Web Intelligence document in Info View  Building a simple query  Working with query properties  Restricting data with query filters  Modifying a query with a predefined query filter  Applying a single-value query filter  Using prompts to restrict data, Complex filters  Working in the Report Panel  Displaying data in tables and charts  Using breaks and cross tabs  Formatting break, calculations, cross tabs and report filters  Using default and custom sorts  Ranking data to see top or bottom values  Using alerter to highlight information  Organizing a report into sections  Copying data to other applications  Preparing document for PDF and print  Document formatting  Exporting documents from the Rich Client  Accessing Info View11.Universe Designer  Understanding how universes allow users to query database using everyday business terms.  Creating an ODBC connection to the course database  Creating a Universe 3
  4. 4.  Populating the universe structure  Defining joins in a universe13.SAPBO - Dashboard Builder  Getting started with Dashboard Builder  Creating Corporate Dashboards using Dashboard Builder  Creating Personal Dashboards using Dashboard Builder  Analyzing Dashboard Content  Setting Dashboard preferences in Info View  Customizing Dashboards14. Project  Complete End to end development of Report Using SAP BO with the help of Xcelcius 2008 SP3.Contact email id :smartittrainings@gmail.comContact number : 248 906 3750 Or 9949020720 ( India) 4