How To Create A Media Kit


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This slide show provides an introduction of what's in a media kit and provides a brief "How To" for "how to create a media kit".

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How To Create A Media Kit

  1. 1. How to create a media kit The first step in getting better publicity from the media
  2. 2. It’s a collection of news, background information about your company or organization, and other branded materials to be distributed to the media to generate interest and buzz about an upcoming product, service, or event. What is a media kit?
  3. 3. How does it help me? ● Give media something to write about ● Grab attention of busy people in the media industry ● Give the media information and images to represent your company accurately
  4. 4. What is insidea media kit?
  5. 5. Backgrounder
  6. 6. Fact Sheet A quick read through of... ● What you do ● How you are different ● Key contact information
  7. 7. News Let the press know what is new and exciting from your company and why people should hear about it.
  8. 8. Bios Provide brief bios for your company leaders. Any information that will help people relate to your leaders. This can include... ● Business experience ● Accomplishments ● Awards ● Quotes
  9. 9. Images Make sure to provide strong, branded images to compliment your copy. ● Company logo ● Relevant product imagery ● Leadership photos ● Workplace photos ● Event photos
  10. 10. How to createa media kit
  11. 11. Package all of your materials in one place. Make it...
  12. 12. Then share it! Email Social Your website
  13. 13. When creating the materials to put into your media kit and the media kit itself, remember your audience is busy and needs a story to write about. Making it easy for them to get the information and images they need can go along way.
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