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Why Smartsalary

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  • Tax rulings: Asking ATO a questions and getting them to respond formally in writing.
  • Why Smartsalary

    1. 1. Why Smartsalary? Date (20 March 2013)
    2. 2. Our value proposition: The Smartsalary 6Cs –What makes us different Smartsalary Key facts • Over 125 Clients and 92,000 Customers across Australia • Most awarded and fastest growing salary packaging and novated leasing firm in Australia • Employs over 300 staff all over Australia • Financially strong, operational excellence, customer focused, taxation expertise
    3. 3. Customer service is in the centre ofeverything we doOur customer service credentials were We measure ourselves through the Net Promoter score framework –recognised by Customer service institute of consistently perform much higher than financial services benchmarkAustralia: We won the BEST CUSTOMERSERVICE AWARD NATIONALLY in the mediumbusiness category
    4. 4. Our Customer service credentials have beenimproving every year NSW State winner Certified
    5. 5. Choice: We provide a choice of channels for ourcustomers to reach us on Action Ways we interact with our customers Coming soon
    6. 6. Communication: We proactively communicate with ourcustomers for education and operational purposes Communication with Employees Communication with Employers Service centre that is open 6 Every employer contact will days a week have access to an exclusive relationship manager to troubleshoot and send Making salary packaging reports on work involves a lot of customer education – we If customers miss talking to find that more face to face our agents directly, they can An executive sponsor is also time onsite increases uptake catch up on regular given for any escalation and participation of educational webinars on purposes employees in the benefit salary packaging and novated leasing We have instructional videos that explain these benefits – employees can assimilate SMS reminders on any information at their own pace deadlines and reminders We send regular email reminders whenever an important action is due from the employee If emails bounce, then we ensure the message is reached by post mail
    7. 7. Convenience: We make access to benefitsquick, intuitive and efficient Our Convenience: - Best in class mobile app through customers can apply, enquire and even claim expenses completely compliant with ATO rulings - Online claims that make it really easy to interact with customer service - Only salary packaging company social channel for customer service
    8. 8. Mobile Claims: Summary of claim
    9. 9. Our calculators make it easy to communicatetotal rewards and benefits 9
    10. 10. Compliance: Strong internal controlsand expertise in tax rulings Access to specialised taxation advice • Unlike most salary packaging companies Smartsalary employs a full-time specialist in-house taxation advisor to ensure our salary packaging rules and processes are fully compliant with Australian income tax and fringe benefits tax laws – which is good since the ATO is a client of ours! • Our Senior Tax Advisor, Mr Simon Ellis, is a recognised FBT and salary packaging expert with over 10 years experience consulting for Australia’s largest employers and over five years experience focusing on salary-packaging related tax issues. He has sat on the ATO’s FBT subcommittee, is the Taxation Director for the Australian Salary Packaging Industry Association, and is a regular speaker on the payroll and benefits circuit. • Simon is available to work with our clients to prepare taxation rulings where necessary and to consult on curly taxation questions – all free of charge of course! Internal security controls • We have internal controls in place ensuring the safety and security of customer funds including
    11. 11. Community: We believe that sustainability of ourcompany is linked to welfare of our community
    12. 12. We have Customer education and serviceagents all over Australia Queensland • Representatives in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Townsville and Cairns • Service entire state NSW/ ACT • Representatives in Sydney • Service entire state ACT • Representatives in Canberra • Service entire state/ SSE NSW WA • Representatives in Perth • Service entire state VIC • Representatives in Melbourne • 1 x Mobile leasing Consultant (Melbourne) • Service entire state SA - Representatives in Mt Gambier - Mobile leasing Consultant (Adelaide) - Service entire state NT - 1x Mobile leasing Consultant (Darwin) - Service Darwin and Katherine