10 Reasons why Smartleasing Customers love their new car


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10 Reasons why Smartleasing Customers love their new car

  1. 1. www.smartleasing.com.au Smartleasing Customer Testimonials
  2. 2. www.smartleasing.com.au We asked Smartleasing customers fans why they love their cars Over 200 customers posted photos of their cars, here’s what they had to say…
  3. 3. www.smartleasing.com.au The themes featuring top comments from 200+ testimonials were:
  4. 4. www.smartleasing.com.au 10 reasons our customers love their novated lease…
  5. 5. www.smartleasing.com.au Thanks to Smartleasing I was able to get the car I wanted and not just settle for!!
  6. 6. www.smartleasing.com.au I get to reduce my tax and drive my dream car at the same time. Thanks Smartsalary.
  7. 7. www.smartleasing.com.au So professional and convenient! Always recommend to people it's a one stop car leasing/servicing/support shop!!!
  8. 8. www.smartleasing.com.au Almost 12 months in leasing my car was the BEST decision I made financially. The best thing I LOVE about my car is the fuel card - never having to have to think about having to pay for fuel = WINNING!!!
  9. 9. www.smartleasing.com.au My brand new Smartsalary packaged car. I love it. One payment, no worries. Thanks.
  10. 10. www.smartleasing.com.au Never had a brand new car before. Thanks Smartleasing for making it a reality.
  11. 11. www.smartleasing.com.au Smartleasing allows me to drive a great car and not have the worry about things going wrong, having cash available for fuel, maintenance, tyres, etc. Not to mention the savings. I'm on my second lease and don't know how I survived without it. Cheers
  12. 12. www.smartleasing.com.au Without Smartleasing we wouldn't have been able to replace our 24yr old car with the 2013 small car of the year :)Thanks Smartleasing, you made the whole process of buying a new car, easy and it is all within our budget.
  13. 13. www.smartleasing.com.au Smartleasing has literally changed my life. It has allowed me to purchase a fantastic car (my second one!) that has all the bells and whistles, I don't have to factor in petrol, rego etc. into my weekly budget and my taxable income is nice and low.
  14. 14. www.smartleasing.com.au I have always wanted a HSV. Smartleasing has helped me to achieve my dream. Thank you.
  15. 15. www.smartleasing.com.au Try our free online calculator to see how much you could be saving on your new dream car!