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Melton urban cycling_map


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Melton town cycle map

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Melton urban cycling_map

  1. 1. MELTON MOWBRAY This map is based upon Ordnance Survey material with the permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of the controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office © Crown Copyright. Unauthorised reproduction infringes Crown copyright and may lead to prosecution or civil proceedings. Licence no 100015871 (2011). The representation of a track or a path is no evidence of a public right of way. Spinney Farm Users of all routes shown on this map do so entirely at their own risk. We A6 06 cannot guarantee that all routes and bridleways will always be passable by bike particularly in wet weather. Leicestershire County Council and CycleCity Guides accept no responsibility for omissions or errors. NO TT ING HA M Twinlakes RO AD Amusement Park Welby Grange CAN John Ferneley T ER AY College WS W BUR LO ME ST BARTHO M A NE R D R IVE Y I VE DR N Welby E ANC SD ROAD R TORR BRAMPTON Melton Country DAR YGARD C CLAR Park CONISTON RO ENS K DRIVE Melton Mowbray AY St Mary’s CofE MW D ICKENS DRIVE LYNTO N ROAD AND DR Primary School FR AML DHA MELBR DE L AMA RE RD A Y DRIVE WELBY LANE D A ON NO WYM YM MELBRAY DRIVE Y O N DH AMW A W TT I CAVALRY CL SCALFORD ROAD NG BROWNING CL HAM YSONWAY LO NG FIEL R ANBY ROAD NN DR T The Poplars TE HUN DRI VE G PALMERSTON ROAD OA RO AY NW D HOR SE GU TENN YSO CENT RES AD C CARNEGIE KIPLING DRIVE ARDS A Y NW HU B Y RO GRAN V ABINGDO N ROAD WAY NT D RIVE UE N RD RED WOOD AVEN ALVA STO ILLE R E RE ROAD OAD AY D PE W LOS E LD R DIEP WTREE CRES E C BALMORAL ROAD GR WEL NS F IE UE FORESTC DIEPPE WA Y Cricket YE NT AN BEACO NM E BY VE N ST ROAD ELM HU RST AVENU LA NE ID E A LUDLOW DR CRA TW OOD R Ground HI L LS A60 D IEP Y OAD MB WA NEWBURY AVENUE PPE 6 PE W JAMES LA DIE LEHUR BEECH FIRWOOD ROAD DI E UE B AY HIGHFIEL D AVEN WOOD DOCTORS L D A607 E A U MO CON WAYDRIVE BROCK CRANMERE ROA AVENU PP E REDW E WAY GARDEN LANE Thorpe Arnold NT G ARDENS OOD AVENUE STREET R OA D Playing MAYFIELD THORP ANE E ROA D HAWTHORN D RI V E Field BOWLE E RE Y AVEN UE ROAD H O RS M AY WEL Playing E AN CW