Where the f@&! should my tv spot send people agency-spy


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Where the f@&! should my tv spot send people agency-spy

  1. 1. Where the F@&! Should My TV Spot Send People? - AgencySpy AgencySpy PRNewser AdsoftheWorld BrandsoftheWorld more >> People Agencies Campaigns Social Media Jobs Search Mediabistros AgencySpy SEARCH Enter your email for updates and your Z SIGN UP New York University Press is looking for a Advertising and Direct Marketing Specialist. next job Send an anonymous tip SEND OP-EDS Where the F@&! Should My TV Spot Send People? Twitter Mobile RSS By Kiran Aditham on September 23, 2010 1:02 PM As part of our ongoing series of op-eds from agency folks, we bring you this contribution from Shaun Quigley VP, Interactive Practice Director at Brunner, who says that brands know how to make a strong impression online, but where exactly? Despite the fact that 40% of America is time-shifting their TV habits, broadcast TV remains the most efficient way to grow or defend a big brand—and for some—initiate a quality engagement on the web. But for advertisers who are serious about using TV to drive online, the decision about where to engage is tougher than it was a year ago.  Simply sending to the “web” is officially up for debate. And brands, regardless of category, face social scruples on where to direct traffic. Facebook is killing the corporate website, says AdAge. Toyota drives, Klondike screams, and Old Spice is cleaning up on YouTube. And BestBuy continues to tweet for Twelpforce. So should spots point to social media or a brand site? Annoyingly, there’s no right answer. The hub-and- spoke model that made sense on PowerPoint ten years ago seems to have fallen apart. “Spokes are the new hubs,” say the social media boutiques. “Fish where the fish are.” Interested in advertising on AgencySpy? But will Facebook really kill your brand site?  There are plenty of opinions here, here and here.  But what does it matter, really? Here’s what we do know: Find a Job Audience is paramount. Advertising and Direct Marketing Specialist Where do they participate? How do they behave there? Facebook should no doubt be considered, but New York University Press should not be the automatic default for every social experience. Challenge your agency partners to New York, NY conceive ideas that connect with your audience in all relevant media. Not just bought—but also owned, and earned. Public Relations Account Executive Vitamin (PR/Branding Firm) Be seen, be heard. Baltimore, MD Budget constraints have forced many TV advertisers to reduce spots to fifteen seconds. And as a result, Specialist - Communications, New Business traditional spot writers hesitate to allot any time for a closing voiceover that drives to the web. Fifteen MiresBall seconds is barely enough time to cram in equity claims, they say. This is a big mistake. Site and sound San Diego, CA have more impact. Use both voiceover and super to bring attention to the URL you are promoting. Media Planner Get mobile. Quickly. Deep Focus New York, NYhttp://www.mediabistro.com/agencyspy/where-the-f-should-my-tv-spot-send-people_b7500[9/23/2010 4:02:05 PM]
  2. 2. Where the F@&! Should My TV Spot Send People? - AgencySpy U.S. mobile Web usage grew 110% last year. There are already 70 million Americans surfing by phone. And by 2013, mobile web usage will be more common than any other form. Does your mobile experience See all jobs | Post a risk-free job listing for $279 deliver something interesting? Does it even exist? When they arrive, the old rules still apply. Ensure that your web experience—social, mobile or otherwise—answers these questions: AgencySpy Staff 1.       Where am I? What is this place? Kiran Michael 2.       How do I get around?  (be courteous, and don’t make me wait) Aditham Musco Editor Contributor 3.       What do you want me to do next? 4.       How can I easily share it? The days of the brand site as sole engagement vehicle are over (forever). The web gets more social every day, and brand sites should continue to find ways to harness the viral AgencySpy on Twitter effects of social. Connect all your properties (give me one reason why not). Set aside an innovation budget to experiment, track and measure new things.  And don’t let the brand site’s content collect cobwebs in the look ma, we got a makeover http://bit.ly/V2Dv about 3 hours rush to swing the digital budget toward social. ago Look at what the leaders have done. Toyota, BestBuy, Old Spice and Klondike all have well–conceived, goodby boasts that itll have 700 full-staffers by years end..oh integrated experiences that go beyond social. How did they decide which to pick for TV?  I’m not sure. But yeah, and they promoted a few folks to ECDs I’m guessing each brand assessed the most valuable way to drive engagement, and simply promoted that. http://bit.ly/bW3pBU about 5 hours ago mccann lures kbs+p creatives...take that, MDC You can email Shaun at squigley@brunnerworks.com or @squigster. http://bit.ly/dfXY6b 2 days ago RELATED: our collab with the denver egotist network continues, this time they look into their home turf: http://bit.ly/bt0FTj 6 days ago Comment Now! Share 13 Follow AgencySpy on Twitter << PREVIOUS NEXT >> Chuck Tso Joins R/GA as Executive Creative Director Budweiser Giving Away Free Samples for ‘National Videos Happy Hour’ Loading comments...   MEDIABISTRO.COM COURSES DIY Editing Every writer needs an editor. But sometimes, because you’re on deadline, or you’re a freelancer, or the fates have conspired against you, you have to be both writer and editor at the same time. Which sounds like a prescription for schizophrenia. There is a solution that does not involve medication. Check out the quick tips in the video Learn How to Line Edit Your Own Writing. The instructor is June Casagrande, author of Grammar Snobs Are Great Big Meanies and It Was the Best of Sentences, It Was the Worst of Sentences and the language column "A Word, Please." And right now you can watch this helpful video and hundreds more with a free 2 week trial subscription to Topics all the other good stuff on Mediabistro On Demand. Linkshttp://www.mediabistro.com/agencyspy/where-the-f-should-my-tv-spot-send-people_b7500[9/23/2010 4:02:05 PM]
  3. 3. Where the F@&! Should My TV Spot Send People? - AgencySpy Archives Partners mediabistro.com | Member Benefits | Jobs | Freelance Marketplace | Courses | Events | Forums | Content mediabistro Blogs: Media News | TVNewser | WebNewser | SportsNewser | GalleyCat | eBookNewser | UnBeige | AgencySpy | PRNewser FishbowlNY | FishbowlLA | FishbowlDC | MobileContentToday | mediaJobsDaily | SocialTimes | AllFacebook | MBToolBox Site Map | Advertising/Sponsorships | Partners | About Us | Contact Us/Help Jobs | Events | News Copyright 2010 WebMediaBrands Inc. All rights reserved. Advertise | Terms of Use | Privacy Policyhttp://www.mediabistro.com/agencyspy/where-the-f-should-my-tv-spot-send-people_b7500[9/23/2010 4:02:05 PM]