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Mobile insights drive mobile strategy


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Create a mobile marketing strategy

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Mobile insights drive mobile strategy

  1. 1. Mobile insights driveMobile strategy
  2. 2. USA Population: 307mHave mobile: 93%Smartphone: 40%Addressable: 122m
  3. 3. America is  50%  Mobile > Desktop Smart phone Mobile is a “first” consideration Mobile apps Mobilized sales team Mobile is part of Mobile advertising contact plan Mobile content Mobile couponingLay the Mobile Mobile at retail Foundation Mobile website  Mobile search  2011 2012 2013
  4. 4. Mobile toolkit
  5. 5. 60% of Americana spends 3.5hrs each monthsimultaneously watching TV and using the internet
  6. 6. NearFieldCommunication
  7. 7. VisualRecognition
  8. 8. augmented reality
  9. 9. the process of applying game mechanics togamificationnon-game activities to drive partipation
  10. 10. Contact:John Cilli (Pittsburgh)Shaun Quigley (D.C.)Rick Gardinier (Atlanta)